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what we have become

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 04:08 PM
You are the girl I’ll always dream about.
You are the eyes I can not see without.
You are the life I live without a doubt.
You are my voice when I wish to shout.
Can I be within your every breath?
Still with you when I meet my death.
Am I pain with your dissatisfaction?
Or am I figment you no longer imagine?
Could I be love when you feel passion?
Or clothes in your closet, no longer in fashion.
Am I peripheral when you see distraction?
Could I be your mirror when you need attraction?

I am the tears running from your eyes.
I am your soul walking alone in disguise.
I am your lips when you tell a lie.
I am the cigarette when you wish to die.
I am the poison in your glass of wine.
I am the stitch in your side when you should feel fine.
I am what hurts when you must deceive.
I am the truth that you won’t believe.
I am the child you will never conceive
And you are the life I can not leave.
I am everything you have thrown away,
And this is what I must retrieve.
All of these thoughts expose my demise.
Only now speaking my mind is all I despise.
My head keeps on spinning, my heart ceases to try.
What of you in me, not allowed to die.
What’s left is me wishing I could fly.
-jkidd 03-09-98

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