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Saskatchewan ~ Canada's UFO Hotspot.

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 09:54 AM
Following on from the Puerto Rico thread about the huge number of localised UFO sightings (link), there also appears to be an unprecedented amount of strange reports coming from the area of Saskatchewan in the Western province of Canada - the accounts date from the present day right back to the 1800's and seem to include almost every aspect of the phenomenon from 'disc/cigar/boomerang/triangular/spherical' shaped objects, highly unusual flight characteristics, radar confirmation, ground trace evidence and electromagnetic interference effects... right through to UFO occupant reports, missing time and cattle mutilations.

Newspaper article:

Saskatchewan residents abuzz at UFO sightings (pdf)

Many of the eye-witness UFO reports also come from seemingly reliable professionals such as police officers, academics, clergymen, doctors, air traffic controllers, teachers, airline pilots, military personnel etc.. and sometimes include multiple or separately located witnessess - here's perhaps one of the most famous cases from the area involving several dome shaped objects and ground trace evidence but there are many, many other reports found in the chronological files linked below - if anyone knows of any others, please feel free to post.

"The color of the machine was like a brushed stainless steel. It was rough and you could see while it was revolving that it was sort of grooved all around; you could see kind of grooves, they were darker grey....a dark it had been hot at one time, like steel that gets hot and cools off."


Related links:

Annual Chronology - see bottom of page

2007 Saskatchewan UFO Sightings Summary (pdf)

Canadian Ufology - Mufon Journal (pdf)

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 09:58 AM
Free E-books on Canadian UFO reports:

The Canadian UFO Report: The Best Cases Revealed By Chris Rutkowski, Geoff Dittman.


UFOs over Canada: personal accounts of sightings and close encounters

By John Robert Colombo:


posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Interesting report. I used to live 10 minutes away from a family that had one of their cows mutilated. It was a little less than 3 years ago. This was in Stockholm, Saskatchewan.

“Anything that could make that kind of incision took a little bit of skill,” said Francis, who has been a vet for 11 years. “There was absolutely no blood anywhere around the carcass which was really weird, you know, to be able to make those kinds of cuts without losing blood somewhere on the ground.”

Francis discounted predators as a possible cause of the cow’s death, noting there were no bites or claw marks on the carcass. She said the bloodless wounds could mean some kind of electric cautery unit was involved. “I’m not so convinced I believe the alien theories, but I could certainly go for the cult or that kind of thing happening...” she said. “It kind of makes you think -- strange things are out there.”

Harris said the experience has left her shaken and unwilling to go outside by herself at night. But after reading up on some of the theories, Harris says she still isn’t sure what to think about the bizarre occurrence.

I've seen a couple of weird things up in the sky, one was a large star that I had been watching for a lot of the night, it expanded and disappeared, while I was showing it to my husband, remarking about how big and bright it was. I thought that it was Sirius, until it vanished. Both of us said at exactly the same time: holy crap, did you see that?

The other thing I was looking at, was a darkened triangle shape behind a cloud in the very early morning when you could still see some of the stars. There were 3 stars, creating a triangle shape, but the mind can play tricks on a person, so I figured that was all that it was. You never know though, it's a weird world, for sure.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Great thread

The 1974 Edwin Fuhr incident is one of my favorite trace evidence cases !

relevant blog page

and thanks for posting this link -

it helped me to find these documents





i have a ton of good cases from Canada i could post but

most of them aren't from Saskatchewan

like this case from Manitoba

The Carman, Manitoba, Canada 1975 UFO Incident - "Charlie Redstar"

Charlie Redstar was a name given to some UFOs sighted across Manitoba in 1975–1976, many of them near the town of Carman, Manitoba. It was described as a red fireball, sometimes stationary and sometimes speeding off rapidly, and similar fireballs were also dubbed Charlie's "friends" and "cousins". Other similar UFOs were reported as flying saucers or "Ferris wheel"-shaped. It was often described as playful, friendly, or mischievous by witnesses.

Several sightings were reported of a red glowing UFO, sometimes described as "mischievous" or "playful", sighted in Southern Manitoba in 1975 and 1976.

It was CKY-TV cameraman, Alan Carr who filmed the UFOs over Carman. The UFOs were seen by Carr and four other witnesses.

Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology in May 1975 with a sighting of an object which became known as Charlie Red Star. The main area of sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of sightings occurred during the 1975-76 flap

Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology in May 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of other people sighted objects at the same time during a prolonged flap of sightings.

Over the next 18 months he had many sightings of large objects and small (monitor) objects in the area. He spent countless days in the area photographing a series of strange objects and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were involved.

April 10, 1975; Carman, Manitoba, Canada
9:35 p.m. Mr. Robert Diemert sighted a UFO. Diemert was at his airfield, Friendship Field, when the object was sighted. The object was flying in a north-westerly direction at an approximate altitude of 300 feet. The UFO was described as being approximately 50 feet in length, and was flying too slow for an aircraft. The color was all red and was pulsating. There was no sound emanating from the object. Mr. Robert Diemert is a well-known aviation expert.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by karl 12

cheers matey... great thread as usual...

Originally posted by easynow
i have a ton of good cases from Canada i could post but

most of them aren't from Saskatchewan

like this case from Manitoba

thanks easy....

thought of plugging in here another case from canada...

tho norad is exempt from the foia in the us.... the black vault had managed to get various cirvis reports via 'access to information' from the department of defense in canada.....

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 04:47 PM
Thanks for all the replies -there's an awful lot of reports to go through on this one but it would be interesting to see if any of them match the object descriptions (or dates) of the cases already mentioned - there's a good link below which cites newspaper accounts and government documents dealing with the Melville UFO wave of 1975 - it's also got more information about the Langenburg case and some very bizarre testimony from Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers taken from the National Archives of Canada:

This page is always under construction and I plan to scan just about every newspaper in southern Saskatchewan before I get through. As of November 14th (when the archive reopens) I will begin scanning three more south Saskatchewan newspapers, as the microfilms have just arrived. I am also in the process of converting the gifs to text files using OCR software, which would make for an easier read. This should be done shortly. Check back every now and then if you are interested in these sorts of things... I currently have on order the Esterhazy, Yorkton, and Moossimin newspapers, and I have access to the Star Pheonix and Regina Leader Post.



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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by easynow
i have a ton of good cases from Canada i could post but

most of them aren't from Saskatchewan

like this case from Manitoba

Fascinating stuff mate, had never heard of the Manitoba sightings before and will certainly go through all the info on that one - it realy does make you wonder just how many other cases are out there.

It's from a few years earlier but this incident from Bengough was also in the NICAP files and involves a close range sighting description and reported physiological effects/animal reactions as the object was making a 'high pitched whining noise':

Disc emmitting high-pitched whine maneuvered around farm,frightened animals

This object, seen very clearly and distinctly at close range, consisted of a base approximately eight feet wide appearing like two saucers placed edge-to-edge, surmounted by a dome about four feet wide. A series of ports, round on top, extended straight down to the base of the dome. Atop the dome was a smaller structure, above which was an antenna-like superstructure topped with a small sphere.The color of the body of the UFO was dull aluminum; the second-story dome was entirely vented, in appearance somewhat similar to a radiator grill. The ports, six or seven in number and encircling the lower dome, were slightly indented and white in color, giving the appearance of frosted glass.No light shone through.

Case Directory

NICAP - New Look Report

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by karl 12

The Manitoba sightings flap is an excellent case and nice find on the Bengough report

i finished checking the pages in this link -

i found there's all kinds of different reports mixed together and they include everything from ghost sightings to strange creatures, paranormal events, missing persons, missing time incidents, numerous crop circles, animal mutilations, endless ufo reports, abductions and Alien-humanoid encounters !

(lots of ufo reports but not many ufo pictures)

things of possible interest

Aliens are regularly visiting Saskatchewan

They've been doing it for decades, probably conducting experimental medical research on the humans they abduct.

They could also be developing a hybrid, with more human-like features.

They growing number of people who not only believe this, but have been personally involved in CE4s (close encounters of the fourth kind), talk about the visitors as easily as most others talk about the constitutional referendum.

All I can remember is that they were all the same shape. They had huge heads and were bald. They didn't have a hair,"

Little Green Men

The first recorded alien encounter seems to have taken place during the summer of 1933. In those days the term "alien" was unheard of and so these beings were referred to as "little green men". Though this was not due to the colour of their skin.

One can only imagine what it must have been like to have seen a strange craft land with these strange looking beings. Having nothing really to relate it to, a witness could only describe what they had seen as best they could. Imagine how difficult that must have been. How could something so utterly out-of-place and bizarre interrupt their lives like that?

Saskatchewan records two known encounters with "little green men" during the summer of 1933. After a week-long period of strange lights in the sky, a woman and two men decide to investigate the area around Tobin Lake. All three witnessed a craft and about a dozen humanoid figures in silvery suits, helmets and ski masks, who appeared to be working on the craft. Several days later strange impressions were found in the ground at the landing site.

Not too far away on a farm near Cudworth, a young girl about the age of 6 was alone in a field by a pond when she observed a number of little green men in silvery suits across the otherside.

Two years later another encounter occurred around Nipawin by a woman and two men; quite possibly the same three who came upon the 1933 sighting. Again traces of the landing were discovered afterwards.

February 1938, a lone man walking along Sinnet Road saw a figure approaching. He thought nothing of it until the figure suddenly transformed into a fireball, flew high over the cemetery gate and telephone wires and then disappeared among the tombstones, still in flames.

It appears there was quite a lot of activity in late fall through to December that year. A pilot who flew the night mail between Regina and Moose Jaw, reported seeing lights from a ghost plane. November 30th, a scoffing-unbeliever sees fire in the sky over Regina. Reports of the Tabor Light occur throughout December and on the 29th of December a farmer in Mossbank reports seeing a strange light.

In 1954, a farmer in Bengough hears a strange sound and then sees a craft. He is able to see two occupants and describes them as wearing helmets and goggles.

Saskatoon September 19, 1963 four children had a strange encounter with a bright object and a 10 foot tall man wearing white robes. He had no face and appeared to be semi-transparent. One of the girls had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks for the trama.

Esterhazy 1966, a three-year-old child experiences a visit in her bedroom. The being appeared normal except for very bright eyes. Melfort October 30, 1967 a man observes a craft and three small beings about the size of ten-year-olds coming from the craft.

1974 Moose Jaw, three witnesses were parked in their car when a lighted object landed outside. Two human-like beings came from the object and then proceeded to walk around on their hands. The beings wore silver clothing and helmets. One of the witnesses suffered extreme fright and had to be treated by a medical doctor.

1974 was busy as numerous crop circles had been discovered throughout the province. This was also the year that Langenburg farmer Edwin Fuhr encountered five saucers spinning in his crop. This would become the most famous crop circle case in the history of Saskatchewan.

In Peter Pond Lake 1977, a scaley creature, reptilian in nature was seen exiting the water and a glowing spacecraft was seen landed on a farm in Alvena. In January that year, a Weyburn woman experienced a visitation by coloured lights inside her home.

1987 Regina, a man was dozing off to sleep in his bed when in a dream-like state he saw three beings in the room. Later, a metal object resembling a bone chip had been removed from the man's hand.

Meadow Lake 1990, a child woke feeling the need to look out the window and then saw a tall bright white human-shaped figure soon disappear. Investigation in the morning revealed strange tracks in the mud which looked to be of human origin except for an extra toe.

1967, Canada

Crop Circle - Viscount, Saskatchewan, Canada - November 1999

"Everybody in town has been out there at one time or another looking at it," said Harold Fisher, a retired farmer who lives north of Viscount, which is about 70 kilometres east of Saskatoon. "They're rather peculiar but perfect circles. I've never seen anything like it in my life, it's really something."

Map - Viscount Canada

UFO over Regina International Air Port in Regina Saskatchewan Canada

UFO East of Neilburg Captured On Video (June 19, 2006)

June 19. YouTube clip by William Bartlett of North Battleford.

Time: 2:22 AM MDT
Location: east of Neilburg
Object: white lights
Duration: 10 minutes
Witnesses: 2

"We turned south towards Cranberry Flats when I saw two very dark objects speed over us. I ignored them, thought they were birds (maybe they were). Then I started noticing streams of light going over the road, at first they looked like falling stars and kept going from left to right. Then they starting sort of going back and forth, like two of them swirling, but I rationalized it as the reflection of our headlights against power lines. They also kept changing colour, the ones we noticed were purple, green, orange, blue, yellow, and white. I should also say they started out very thin, and slowly swelled up into the size of large ovals. The further we got to Cranberry Flats, the brighter they got, two white ovals slowly circling each other. At this point I was trying to rationalize it as spotlights. Neither my friend or I were saying anything to each other, I didn't want to say something in case I was totally hallucinating, and I didn't mind it if I was hallucinating. Anyway, the further out of town we get the brighter it is. Total silence, we miss the turn off to Cranberry Flats and she pulls into a side road to turn around to go back to the Flats. At this point I notice that the lights hovering and swirling in the sky are staying in one place. I think at this point I said to her "What are those?" "You noticed them too." We turn around and start driving back into town, neither of us wants to look back. This time back into town I realize: There are no power lines going across the road. They are all along the side of the road. We're starting to compare notes and realizing we've seen exactly the same thing. Both of us are terrified. Then my friend stops along the roadside to get out and see if they're still there, and they are, so she freaks out and jumps into the car. We keep driving until the turn off going east, and we look back and they are still there, still glowing white ovals."...

it realy does make you wonder just how many other cases are out there

UFOs are Real so the Answer is -> Millions

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by easynow

Hey mate, good to see you've been having a rummage around in the files and there's certainly some very strange accounts in there - that airport video is pretty darn peculiar and I also found it interesting that Saskatchewan had possibly one of the first accounts of 'little green men' - with landing trace evidence anyway.

Here's the RCM Police case mentioned above taken from the Canadian Government archives - the object does sound rather strange, especialy when one of the officers describes it as having 'portholes':

Files Obtained From National Archives of Canada

RCMP Officers Chase UFO - Southern Saskatchewan (1973)

This has to be the most interesting report that we came across in the
National Archives of Canada files. Three of the officers involved filed
reports and the following represents the highlights of their collective

* At just before 8 pm on a clear November evening a citizen
telephoned the local RCMP detachment to report that he had
seen, what he believed to be, a large 150 foot (45 metre)
red and orange, fast moving UFO.

Two RCMP constables were dispatched and arrived in the area
where the citizen reported that the sighting took place. At
first they saw nothing but decided to drive around some of
the grid roads to have a look. After driving a short while,
they noticed, what one officer called "an odd set of lights"
west of their location so they drove in that direction.

After driving a ways (and we gather from the reports that
they did not have the light in view all time), they crested
a hill and before them, no more than a mile (1.4 km) away
was a very bright light. As they drove toward the light
with the headlights on their police cruiser on, the object
(UFO) disappeared. Turning off the their car's headlights,
the UFO then re-appeared again. The object first appeared
to be on or very near the ground and the two constables
watched as the object changed color from orange to red then
fading and becoming bright once more. The officers
estimated the size of the object to be about 150 feet in
diameter (45 metres).

After a short period of time the UFO appeared to gain
altitude to about 100 feet (30 metres) and started to move
toward the two startled police officers. As the UFO got
closer, the officers were able to make out what one
described as a "mushroom shaped object" and the other
explained as an "upside-down saucer". Both agreed that the
UFO was quite large and had red and orange lights completely
encasing it. At no time did they hear any noise coming from
the object.

Now another RCMP officer arrived with 15 civilian E.M.O.
(not absolutely certain what this acronym stands for)
members on snowmobiles. The snowmobiles were able to move
across the farmer's fields directly toward the UFO but each
time they would get close, the object would quickly move
away. A number of individuals, including at least one of
the RCMP officers had a look at the UFO through a rifle
scope. Their comment in the report of one officer was that
through the rifle scope... "It appeared to have portholes!"

The UFO then gained some altitude and flew off quickly to
the east following the contours of the terrain

A check with both Transport Canada and the Canadian military
airbase in Moose Jaw revealed that no aircraft were in the
vicinity and no other object was tracked on radar.

Webmaster note: 20 years after the above incident we spoke with one of
the officers involved. He stated that this was the most unusual event
he had ever experienced, either prior to that or since then... not
just for the high strangeness of the incident itself, but for the
number of highly trained individuals who all witnessed something that
none of them could explain.


There was also this pretty recent report from Saskatchewan taken from the water thread which involves unknown objects landing on a lake:

"It's kind of like a Frisbee, two Frisbees on top of another, like an orange in the middle," he said. "And they were turning at an incredible rate. It was just like you could see the windows turning one way and the ship, the bottom part, turning the other way. And whatever way on top it was like glowing. I don't know what it was but it was beautiful." Lapratt said he saw several objects landing on the lake, then zipping away at high speed toward the treeline."


Originally posted by easynow
UFOs are Real so the Answer is -> Millions

Yes they are and it's probably a lot more than that.

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 02:20 PM
Great thread, and closer to home. There are crop circles in the prairies, and some good research done, including in the lower mainland BC. Here we have quite a few sightings and reports as well.

Its odd for this one there is mention of Paul Anderson of CCCRN, a link I was going to include, and the research was very good, the articles, and the scientific evidence, but he's suddenly decided to retire and I am searching for the backlog of this.

I found information on crop circles in Saskatchewan:

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by mcrom901

Mcrom, that's a great post mate and I'd never seen that report before either - considering they're not meant to exist, flying discs do seem to pop up quite a bit in government documentation.

Silver rotating UFO over US Atomic facility

Flying discs over Hanford Nuclear plant

Flying disc over Topcliffe

Circular objects over Langley AFB

Rotating saucer shaped object over Georgia

Maxwell AFB Emergency Report - Flying Saucer

Disc shaped object over Minot AFB - 1966

Flying disc over Chicago's O Hare airport - 1952

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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 06:53 AM
Another strange UFO report from Saskatchewan taken from the National Archives of Canada:

19 July 1969 RCMP Report from Library and Archives Canada: Canada's UFOs: Search for the Unknown regarding a sighting in the Assiniboia District of Saskatchewan.

"On Saturday morning, July 19th at 4 minutes to 3, I was standing on the step on the East side of the house. I saw an object that looked like a star to start with, this is what made me notice it, but it was a different color. The more I looked at it, the bigger it got. It came from the East at a terrific speed. It started low on the eastern horizon. The front was a cherry color and looked like a ball, a beautiful color. The second part, the cone shaped part was a purple color, and then the exhaust was a white,which came out in straight lines. The exhaust which I saw, this is what made me think it was an object, which had come out at a terrific force. This object came directly overhead at a terrific speed, no noise and I couldn't smell anything. About the size I would say, of a 5 gallon pail at about 100 feet away. As it went over the house it went out of sight. I ran to the South corner of the house, about 18 feet and it was too late. I couldn't see it anymore. The object did not light up the area. I saw it for about 3 or 4 seconds as it was travelling at a terrific speed. I have seen a satelite and it looked like a star, a speck, but this object, there was no comparison. I immediately 'phoned Moose Jaw and Regina. What puzzled me most was the exhaust."


posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by karl 12

I've always lived in SK and have a few stories to share.

I was in western SK camping in Cypress Hills & it was just getting dark out when my brother, my stepdad, and I looked up and saw a saucer UFO in about 1999 or so.

I live in Regina, SK, and see UFO activity all the time.. Most remarkably is when I am walking to the bus every morning. I see UFOs nearly every week, the most interesting was one morning when I saw a UFO flying (could only see lights and a dark saucer shape, it was still dark out, no clouds) over my street, but quite high up, and it suddenly, with no noise, completely disappeared as it flew off.

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by karl 12

Hey Karl,

As you know am investigating the 1947 wave of sightings, and at this point I am looking for some Canadian expertise to help guide my investigation of the link between sightings and nuclear capability at that time.

While it is fairly easy for me to see why in 1947 they would be seen at or near:

Redstone Arsenal - Missile range
White Sands - Trinity test and Missile research
Hanford, Washington - Hanford Atomic Plant
Los Alamos, New Mexico home of the atomic bomb
Montgomery, Alabama - Maxwell Air Base
Burlington NC - Nike Radar Testing and Manufacturing Plant
Roswell, New Mexico - 509th Nuclear Air Wing

However in tracking Canadian sightings during that year, I am not familiar with why they would be visiting any certain areas, what with my not being familiar with Canadian government facilities, and was hoping those on this thread might be able to shed some light on the following sighting locations, as to what interesting government facilities might be located nearby.

What I have managed to find so far as a clue to nuclear activities is General Grove's plan to scatter locations of production of the A- bomb research project to different facilities for safety and security:

"The Chalk River, Ontario site was established to house the Allied effort that was going on at McGill University at the Montreal Laboratory. Since the site was 120 miles (190 km) west of Ottawa, a new community was built at Deep River, Ontario to provide residences and facilities for the team members. The site was chosen for its proximity to the industrial manufacturing of Ontario and Quebec, and access to a rail head adjacent to a large military base, Camp Petawawa. Located on the Ottawa River it had access to abundant water. The first director of the new laboratory was John Cockroft, but he was later replaced by Bennett Lewis. A pilot reactor known ZEEP (Zero-energy experimental pile) became the first Canadian reactor, and the first to be completed outside the United States, when it went critical in September 1945. A larger 10 MW NRX reactor which was designed during the war was completed and went critical in July 1947."

Here are the sightings I have located so far (please let me know if you have more) during the 1947 period:

June 29 1947 - Associated Press reported dozens of flying saucer sightings from Vancouver,

British Columbia to El Paso, Texas.
The stories all involve:

-fast moving objects shaped like discs or saucers,
-traveling at high rates of speed.
-They made little or no noise
-and each of the objects were said to have a surface that gave off a blinding reflection from the sun.

10:00 P.M. a UFO report came out of Ottawa, Canada, describing an object bigger than an aircraft with a bright light on it.
(Toronto, Canada, Daily Tribune, 8 July 1947.)

July 1, near Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada: Case 133
Montreal Star (CP, Summerside), 7/3

July 1 1947
-At 3:00 p.m. a woman in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada saw a small silver colored, disc-shaped object three feet in diameter. It flew off toward the southeast with a wavering motion.

(Sources: Edmonton Journal, July 2, 1947; Jan Aldrich, Project 1947: A Preliminary Report on the 1947 UFO Sighting Wave, p. 70).

July 3 1947A cluster of another three reports came from Prince Edward Island, Canada at 5:45 p.m. including the sighting of a black cigar-shaped object in Charlottetown.

London Daily Telegraph, July 8, 1947
The phenomenon has also spread to Canada where many people in Western Ontario have reported seeing two large formations of discs moving across the sky in a wide arc. Estimates of size vary from six to eight inches to the proportions of a five-roomed house.
Most observers describe the objects as luminous. Some insist that they emit varicolored fire.

July 8 1947 - Around 9:50 P.M. PST a huge formation of luminous "flying saucers" were spotted over Fraser Valley, British Columbia, heading west at great speed. 152 - (Vancouver, British Columbia, Sun, 26 July 1947.)

July 9 1947 - Kincardine, Ontario, Canada - 5:40 a.m.

A farmer out plowing his fields in Kincardine, saw five disc-shaped objects criss-cross the sky three times in different formations. The objects were silent and had no lights.

(Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 1094; Loren E. Gross, UFOs, A History. 1947, p. 44).

July 9 1947 - Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia - 10 a.m.


Four women said they watched a flying disc in the northern sky for several minutes before it fluttered out of sight. The women, Mrs. M.E. Bateman, Mrs. T. Moore, Mrs. Sheridan and Mrs. R. Beecher were standing on Lurline Road when they noticed the object.
Mrs. Bateman reported the object appeared to fall toward the earth, then fluttered, and rose.

(Jan L. Aldrich, Project 1947)

July 9 1947 - Honeymoon Bay, British Columbia. 6:20 pm


"Big as houses" Seen at Honeymoon Bay.

Mr. George Clayards, company Policy Officer for Honeymoon Bay, glanced into the sky and was somewhat taken aback when he observed four large light objects careening across the sky. In Mr. Clayards own words, he described them as being as large as a house, about three to five miles away and travelling in a westerly direction. Most reports claimed that the "flying saucers" were heading either north or east. The `saucers' sped across the heavens in a dipping and undulating motion and must have had terrific speed.

(Jan L. Aldrich, Project 1947)

July 10 1947 - Rossland, British Columbia - 12:01 a.m. local time


-Now they've been seen over Nelson area - the flying saucers, of course-

A trio of Rossland fishermen, bound for main Kootenay Lake, arrived here after midnight Friday morning to report excitedly that they had sighted a fast-moving oval about 15-feet in diameter flashing across the sky just as they were driving up Taghum hill on the Trail-Nelson highway.
"It didn't look very high to us," said Dick McLean of the party. It seemed to give off a light as though reflecting from the moon, although the sky was cloudy.

(Jan L. Aldrich, Project 1947)

July 10 1947 - Victoria, British Columbia - morning


George Bateson, former flier with the Royal Air Force who did considerable serial photography in the service, and who is now a photographer with Campbell studios, "shot" a flying disc this morning while strolling through Beacon Hill Park.
He was not prepared to say it was "a flying disc, or saucer" but declared "it's flat, round and was airborne, so naturally it's a disc."
Of course the shot did no damage, the "shot" being from his camera.
On being pressed to say whether it was saucer-shaped Bateson remarked: "Lord, I don't know." "It was wavering a little and shining and seemed to be going fairly fast. I can't estimate the speed. I saw it for about a minute and then it disappeared behind tall trees."

(Jan L. Aldrich, Project 1947)

July 10 1947 - Mission, British Columbia - 9:50 p.m. local time

A Woman and three boys report seeing "mysterious flying saucers."

Mission - Mrs. R. f. Lock's three sons brought the objects to her attention exclaiming, "Look, look at the ducks." No other persons observed the strange phenomena, and Mrs. Lock stated that approximately two dozen objects flew in first a V formation and then into a straight line at a terrific speed - before disappearing".

July 11 1947 - Nanaimo Free Press (British Columbia) day

Flying Saucers Over Nanaimo

The Record of this city as one of the few spots devoid of "flying saucer" reports was broken today when Mrs. R. H. Leighton and her father reported spotting one overhead in a telephone call to the Nanaimo Free Press.
"It appeared to be scintillating when in range of sun rays, but its travelling speed was too fast for a balloon," Mrs. Leighton said "It seemed to turn, so that while at times it appeared to be round, at other times it was flat and disc-like. It travelled West, toward Ladysmith, at a maintained speed."

(Jan L. Aldrich, Project 1947)

August 10 1947 - Forrest Station, Manitoba, Canada

Forrest Station - A 26 foot diameter domed metallic disc followed a car near Forrest Station. It then hovered over some power lines, then blinked out.

(Sources: Jan Aldrich, Project 1947: A Preliminary Report on the 1947 UFO Sighting Wave, p. 113; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1947 (volume 6), p. 7).

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 01:25 AM
I live in Regina, SK... Seen about five UFO's this month... First experience was intense, my brother's have seen many more... Definitely a hot spot... There is no denying that, before I had my first experience I was very closed minded about the whole thing when my brother's shared their experiences with me.... One night changed my life about the whole thing forever, I will never see things in the sky the same to be honest.. Every night I go out for a cigarette I will be looking for a UFO now... Fascinating stuff really... Saskatchewan is the place to be for UFO's ... Not sure why, but we get too many!

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 01:16 PM
Apologies on my last post, I was not thinking straight when I was typing it really.
I said five UFOs this month, when I meant to say five UFOs this year.
It seems everywhere that I've been in Canada I've seen at least one UFO when I was there.
When I was in Cypress Hills, which is a provincial park at southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern Alberta... At a very young age my family was camping outside next to the sort of cabin we were staying in, my step-dad pointed up to the sky when he saw something strange flying around. Of course I have no memory of what it looked like or was shaped as, it was so long ago and I was very young. Either way, he said that night that he's seen lots of them before and that was definitely one of them. Was very strange for me to be thinking of such things at that age, but it was so interesting.

Then about a month or two ago, maybe three... I had my first experience alone. I actually have posted a thread about it on here but I am too lazy to try finding it at this point, if requested I may go look around for it because it has more information throughout it than I can remember and type up.

I was outside having a cigarette at maybe 11:00PM or so (thread has accurate time). I was just smoking the cigarette minding my own business. There is a train yard behind my house just across a busy street (avenue), I watch the trains a lot if I am outside just because it's mostly the only entertaining thing out there especially at that time of night... They always are doing stuff at night. Not that night though it seemed, so I just stared at the trains and smoked my cigarette. All of a sudden a big light shone on the ground separating the avenue and the train yard. I looked up and saw something flying, it was hard to make out the shape and it was out of my eyesight within only three seconds.. I mean, this thing was going FAST!
When it was out of my vision I ran over to the fence to try to see it again, and by then it was completely gone.

That was the very first real UFO I've encountered I think, and it was very close to me at that point.. I mean, it was not very high in the air and it was just... Close to me. The strange thing is I couldn't hear any noise from it.

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 06:05 PM
I am going to post this here rather than start a new thread, but would like opinions please! Seems to be genuine footage and comments, was posted on a Canadian new site a few hours ago.
Thanks for taking a look.

ETA: lolol...ahh, OK. I have noticed that this Vancouver is probably the one In the USA NOT Canada.
Man, this can get confusing for a furriner, but take a look anyways!
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 04:53 AM

Originally posted by A51Watcher
Here are the sightings I have located so far (please let me know if you have more) during the 1947 period:

Hey mate, thanks for posting those very interesting Canadian 1947 reports - I found it relevant that many involved multiple witnessess and it realy is quite surprising just how many incidents are out there from that particular year - I don't know if you've come across this FBI document before but I had a look through your thread here and couldn't spot it - it's quite an interesting one and deals with flying disc reports from August..

Memo to the Director of the FBI referring to the sighting of 'flying discs' by the Fourth Air Force, Hamilton Field, California - August 26th, 1947:

Document -PDF

There's also an interesting report below from Saskatchewan (dated 30th July) which was reported in this book about Alfred Loedding and the great flying saucer wave of 1947:

30 July. To Estevan from Torquay:

"A motorist driving close to daybreak with his headlights on was watching storm clouds in the northeast. As he watched, something swept out of the clouds and passed overhead moving in a southeasterly direction. It glided down near the ground and then rose again and disappeared at a rapid rate of speed. The unidentified object did not seem to be very high in the air. "At first it looked like an aircraft wing that was on fire at both ends but when it passed overhead I could see that it was circular in shape. It looked to be about the size of a tractor wheel and about four foot thick. It was revolving and appeared to have flames or fire at the outside edges." I have laughed at the stories of these things, but not any more; I was scared. The object was real. I kept looking around for someone else to witness it but there was nobody else in sight at the time." The motorist said the object was silent and remained visible for about 20 seconds.


posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 07:22 AM

Originally posted by GraveDigger

I was outside having a cigarette at maybe 11:00PM or so (thread has accurate time). I was just smoking the cigarette minding my own business. There is a train yard behind my house just across a busy street (avenue), I watch the trains a lot if I am outside just because it's mostly the only entertaining thing out there especially at that time of night... They always are doing stuff at night. Not that night though it seemed, so I just stared at the trains and smoked my cigarette. All of a sudden a big light shone on the ground separating the avenue and the train yard. I looked up and saw something flying, it was hard to make out the shape and it was out of my eyesight within only three seconds.. I mean, this thing was going FAST!
When it was out of my vision I ran over to the fence to try to see it again, and by then it was completely gone.

That was the very first real UFO I've encountered I think, and it was very close to me at that point.. I mean, it was not very high in the air and it was just... Close to me. The strange thing is I couldn't hear any noise from it.

Hey GraveDigger, thanks for sharing your account, there's a good link below which lists similar reports from the area and it appears there's quite a lot.

Recently Reported Sightings in Saskatchewan


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