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Uncle sam's sitting in a corner somewhere, paranoid!

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 05:04 AM
Watching Obama on the TV in the days leading up to The Egyptian Revolution, I couldn’t help but get the feeling he didn’t quite believe in what he was saying... For the first time he looked unsure and under pressure.

How do you react when a populace proves you can stand up to your government if your jacked off over the government’s handling of your affairs.

An Arab nation, one which understands the meaning of bloodshed.. managed to peacefully nullify the military, and remove a dictator...Yes, people died... but what sort of life ahead did these people have?

Unemployed youths, no money, no welfare, crime and corruption everywhere.. youths who'd seen how good it is when your government provides for the people instead of using them.... these youths wanted change!

Now uncle Sams wondering just how jacked off the American population could be...

Perhaps handing the bankers, the bank account number and the pin number to the nations bank account.
Withdrawl Statement
... I wouldn’t trust on them being the real figures too..

Perhaps when Government employed corporate companies influence political affairs for big profits.

Perhaps when the nation lies to you, kills you, then forces the people to ignore it.

Perhaps when the government murders foreigners, in what they explain to the world is 'in your best interests'
The middle eastern morgue

Perhaps something......might push us to demand some answers.

And perhaps the government realise this.......

I’d be willing to guess there's a million unemployed youths in America, who are watching their neighbourhoods fall down around them while the rich and elite drive around in lambo's and hummers.. at the expense of the youth.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:44 AM
well put my friend
i think he did seem a little nervous as of late.
but theres so much going on to say why is a stab in the dark
but im sure we will find out someday

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