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Rare meteorites reveal Mars collision caused water flow! Scientists say

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 02:56 AM
The scientists of the University of Leicester, Space Research Center, of the Astronomy and Physical Department, have analyzed five rare meteorites (Nakhlites are a form of meteorite known to have originated on Mars) discovering that the water flowed on the Mars surface. There was Oceans, rivers and lakes on Mars.

A vein through which water has flowed. Credit: University of Leicester

Nanometre scale atomic lattice spacings (measured by high resolution TEM) in serpentine. Credit: University of Leicester


By comparing the five meteorites, they showed the presence of veins created during an impact on Mars. They suggest that this impact was associated with a 1-10 km diameter crater. Buried ice melted during this impact depositing clay, serpentine, carbonate and a gel deposit in the veins. This work closely ties in to recent geological discoveries of clay and carbonate on the surface of Mars made by NASA and ESA probes, and shows how some of it probably formed. Serpentine mineralisation is associated with the production of methane. It is the purpose of the 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter mission to search for and understand the origin of any methane in the Mars atmosphere as it can be a biomarker. This work shows one of the ways that methane was probably produced.

Water and Methane....

Where is all the Water once present on Martian surface before the Cataclysm?
How, an huge and seasonal amount of methane, can reform in martian atmosphere?

The secret is Underground?

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