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When is WHITE history month?

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 12:42 PM
In my opinion, it's all bulls***. I agree that there should not be a black history month, white history month, or any other (insert color here) month. However, that being said, there is. I don't consider myself a racist, but it's things like this make me have feelings of racial bias. I'm white, and I'm proud of it. Does that make me racist? If I were to wear shirts printed with WHITE PRIDE across the chest, would that make me racist? You bet your *** it would! I would be tagged as a white supremacist, neo nazi, hitler wannabe, etc. Blacks can preach black pride, hold marches, and have any number of organizations that support African American culture, but as soon as any white pecker-wood stands up for his heritage, then he is flagged and labeled racist. **** that! It makes me very angry, and it makes a lot of other people angry as well. It does nothing to promote peace among different skin colors, but furthers segregation. Bottom line is this. There should be no designated days, weeks, months, etc that cater to any one skin color, but try to take that away and see what happens. Peace. Unless that's not an option, and if that's the case, then bring it on!

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by caf1550
reply to post by BlackPoison94

my friend culture has nothing to do with a persons skin color

This is true. However, once again, when we say "Black" in "Black History Month" we are not celebrating the Zulu warriors of South Africa or Nigerian agricultural technology of the late 1100s AD, or Aboriginal Petroglyphs, for that matter. This is because "Black" in "Black History Month" is not referring to skin color, though the concept may be confused because of the English word.

"Black" refers to a culture - namely, the culture of African-descendant Americans with a cultural syncretism that has evolved partially out of the diaspora, partially out of European norms and to an extent out of Native American roots. This Black (the American subculture) is not all black (worldwide skin color designation).

i agree with this topic about how there is no white history month, i am sorry for everything that the black race went through but it has happened to all people jewish people were slaves in roman times white people where serfs in medevil dark ages.

Yes, be we are taught about serfdom and fiefdom and Medieval Europe extensively. Aspects of the diaspora are largely skirted over. This is seen as a remedy - right or wrong - to a cultural/ethnic issue. If "White" history were to exist, it would require a "White" cultural group. Such a group does not exist, while "white" - on the other hand - could be any culture from Lisbon, Portugal to New Delhi, India and back up through Moscow and all points westward to the Atlantic.

i feel the thing that keeps racism alive is that people cant let it go, by making a black history month or hispanic history month your breeding a reason for racism to be around in a country that is suppose to be equal you would expect that there would be a white history month because that would show equality.

Agreed. It should all be taught in context, both in reference to the chronology and the geography. It shouldn't be singled out. The fact that it is lacking in this nation's educational system is clearly evidenced by the vast majority of postings (pro and con) about this subject, in this thread.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 08:01 PM
white history is rated R for extreme violence

why does it need a month?

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by tom goose

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not here in this thread .... but ....

Isn't July and August named after Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar .... TWO White guys that have entire months named after them??

Sep = 7
Oct = 8
Nov = 9
Dec = 10

Hell, seems like they messed up nearly half the calendar by naming their months after themselves....

Happy Black History Month,

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