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Unbelievable! The UFO Stork has delivered baby Jesus to Jerusalem

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 05:43 PM

Originally posted by Masterjaden
reply to post by DakmindAK

People look at the wrong things as being evil. For instance, killing. Killing is not evil. In fact God's commandment was not "Thou shall not Kill". It was "Thou shall not commit Murder". There is a Gargantuan difference between those two things as often people will claim that God is contradictory becuase he commands to not kill and TO kill almost in the same breath.

That's just not true, He commands to kill and to NOT MURDER.



Sorry, I don't get the Gargantuan difference.

Originally posted by Monts
reply to post by specialdelivery

As soon as that happened, as a result of abundance of resources, then the psychopathic people sought control over them. People naturally look for a leader, and an intelligent psychopath- master of lies and deceit- seizes on that desire and leads them into believing that they are different and separate from other humans. Divide and Conquer- Divide it all Right in Two.

Hmmm, one could assume a desire to be led is just as evil as being led by a tyrant.
Right up there with idol worship.
And the tyrant or non-benevolent leader runs a corrupt government which creates a broken society which in turn creates people who make evil, usually because a broken society where inequality exists creates 'me' centered folks who step on others to get the apples of life and feel they deserve all those fruits to the 'me' in them. (them not me,)
...................................................................................................................................................... .........
If you know truth's that will blow us away OP, tell us, we'll run it through our crap filters, and consider believing what gets through the filter medium.

I agree. evil is in us, a human construct.
I also believe god gets around in a UFO, which is impressive enough to ancient cultures to be considered worthy of worship and to hold barbeques for, er, sorry 'burnt offerings' or at least well done, to avoid salmonella and worms and stuff probably.


posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by IAMSEEKER

The fact that you're asking for something that cannot be given is laughable. There are no proofs in reality, only logical proofs. There is only one true premise, which gets you no where logically speaking, you would need atleast two true premises.

The one true premise is that your consciousness exists. IOW, I can only have proof positive that my consciousness exists. I can have NO proof that there is anything else, because it's impossible to disprove the premise that all I experience is a construct of my consciousness. So the premise that my consciousness exists is true, the premise that all that I experience is a construct of my consciousness is impossible to disprove, therefore the only absolute certainty for me is that I exist. The same could be said from your perspective. So the only proof that I can provide you is that your consciousness exists (although, I myself cannot be sure of this) and anything else is unproveable by the very nature of your ability to experience reality.

You can only experience a proof through your consciousnesses experience of reality, since you have no way of knowing that what you experience is not a construct of your consciousness, you can have no other proof.

So you're not asking for proofs. You're asking for EVIDENCE that you can believe based on your experiences.

The reason that you're not just asking for evidences is that you will reject any evidences that don't fit with your personal experiences. It's often times funny to see how far someone is willing to distort and stretch the viability of alternate explanations of evidences to not interfere with their conglomerate experiences and preconceived notions.

For the vast majority of people that read this, it will literally be incomprehensible to them. That's not me trying boost my ego, that is reality. Those that do understand it, will likely already be aware of it, and then a VERY small minority of people who read the above will have an epiphany in their way of thinking and see that almost EVERYTHING is belief and the arguments we get into over what's more valid than what are petty and the people who ignore evidence and overtly debunk by making up ludricrous possibiliities as explanations for said evidence are really trying to do what many of you will accuse me of, that is trying to boost their own ego. My ego doesn't need a boost, it's high enough all on it's own. I've definitely outgrown trying to convince the unconvinveable,,,

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 06:27 PM
since logical proofs exist I assume you are happy that you've just demonstrated a circular argument along the lines of "only those who already understand what I have said can understand it".

that being the case, why do you try to tell the rest of us?? honestly - why bother??

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by newsoul

I just wanted to point out that the OP did not answer any of the questions that I asked of him. He basically only responded to my having said that I was thankful to be in a different basket. I wonder why he won't answer the other questions???

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 05:28 AM
I call nothing but pure CRAP! so what are you mr "special delivery?" If you are a "non human" then why are you here? IF we are such bad beings and what you claim to be "demons" and are so evil then why stay here on our planet for as long as a month? (which is when you joined this site) why not just go back to wherever you came from and just let all things happen as you claimed to be "scheduled?" Do you have a name? why don't you just answer my questions directly when you actually get around to answering them... I agree with new soul on her take about feelings. I to have feelings of compassion and there is NOTHING evil about that. have you considered the fact that you have become judgemental in telling new soul that she is going to die and wither away like the worm she is? oh no that would make you a HUMAN!! I am having trouble believing that you actually believe everything that you wrote. Your post sounds like nothing more then just a good story that was thought up from a very active imagination. You even claimed that it was just a "writing".. also if you have all the answers and that is a big IF then why even bother coming on here and posting, seeing as how having all the answers would mean even knowing what the outcome of everything would be which defeats the whole purpose of even posting anything.. after all you have all the answers remember.. you wanted some attention and now you got it

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 01:11 PM
That was definitely an interesting read, thank you for sharing that.

(Interesting? yes, truth? Almost, Important? Mathematically probable. If op stayed on the original path before the post was written without getting infected with ego then he might have found a very different ending to the story and middle for that matter.)

1. What would they hope to gain with a fake Messiah Stunt, if the World is going to Re-Boot/Be Upgraded/Or Whatever?

If you lived in hell, would it really be hell if you knew that it was. If you actually began to learn from your mistakes would you deserve to remain in hell? Would the ones who have the power through knowledge in hell benefit from the masses realizing truth, heading towards forgiveness, and gaining passage out? The simple response is they gain more confusion.

2. Is their hope to still control after the Re-Boot/Upgrade?

They don’t control anything now and wont then either. We are here in groups categorized by our crimes and thus subject to the lives that will be able to teach us the lesson we are to learn in order to regain our sanity. Most are here because they lost the ability to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Some are here because they agreed with the confusion. Some are here because they fought to defeat the confusion. Some are here because they simply challenged authority. It began with St. Lucifer making the statement of “there is a fine line between right and wrong”. The intention wasn’t out of confusion but to create it thus he was cast out and placed here for a different lesson to learn. Anger keeps him here and the confusion fuels his desire for revenge simulating the image of him in power along with his followers. Temptation is no excuse to become confused. Confusion comes from allowing the chance for truth to be a lie based on someone’s perspective other then the only one being that can know full truth.

3. Or is this just a hopeless attempt to stay in control on their part?

Our categories are what dictate our level of power on earth because the majority of our crimes against god are not because we know something which leaves those in power only with a sense of power and us with no sense of power to seek out the source of true real power. Its because we don’t know something so we wonder and speculate instead of trusting and having faith. Blind love is what our god/s need/s because it doesn’t mean as much if he told you the truth because he had to prove something to you. There was a time when you did know and that wasn’t enough for you either. I would be very hurt if my child doubted that I was his father and demanded I prove it to him or he will deny me. The reboot is another version of saying that the percentage of our race who witness the truth with their eyes instead of prior with their hearts must stay behind because they are still too deep in confusion. Granting them passage would only infect a peaceful environment “like a heaven” thus they still need to learn their original lesson of which is the reason for being here in the first place. We are here because every single day we commit the same crimes that got us placed here in the first place. The problem is that we don’t realize that what we are doing is actually wrong.

4. Was this Character that really was not named Jesus really Human?

A human is a word created by a human. Life is all that exists.

5. What was his original purpose?

To watch, evaluate, and decide. He also will plant as many seeds as possible in hopes to aid more of the inhabitants toward a certain realization.

6. How did he come back?

He chose it.

7. Why did he come back?


8. If this Character supposedly existed, what about some of the other Characters told through other Myths/Religions that came Way Before Christianity/Judaism?

Whisper down the lane mixed with well thought out misleading information placement in order to maintain this reality for those that are convinced in the existence of wrong leadership (of the spiritual sense). The shell appearing different doesn’t always mean that what’s inside is any different than the one before. The message be it, missed every time, was always the same. It is confusion that thought it correct to establish religion. God is no stranger to our hearts and beliefs as it is his to know thus we put on a religion display for our own benefit and not for him. Religion has only one result. (Separation from non believers of that particular belief system.) We were given our rules and they are planted inside of each of us. We can not deny a higher law. Our actions should be a display of religion because words are meaningless when they are infused with ego. The second we believe that we know all there is to know on any subject, is the point of infection.

9. Is there no Female Character/Characters, Goddess/Goddesses?

op responded perfectly to this.

10. If we have an eternal consciousness/soul/spirit what is it really?

Quiet proof and the reason behind the fight to overthrow love. If we are to have faith and believe without the actual knowledge and be rewarded with unconditional love and forgiveness yet have proof of it as well, it is argued that every other being ever created should have the same luxury. Love sees further and disagrees and is in power because in time all will be revealed. The difference is that some want it revealed on their schedule and not the way it needs to be unfolded to become reality. It’s a process and thus posed the question from some that if a process exists then all powerful would not. The truth will be so intricate that even the most unholy will bow in awe.

11. How is it formed?

We are not to know this for we do not have the understanding it takes to have this ability and will destroy as a result.

12. When is it formed?

When it is needed.

13. Is it a type of Matter of the Natural World, but just one of many things we Humans have a harder time detecting and/or can not detect at all with our normal senses?

Our scientists have “created” instruments to reenact what the human body can already accomplish. You have already detected it and you know it but some would like you to forget it. Some believe that if you forget about the proof then there will be nothing to be jealous of. This will be seen to some as manipulation. They would be correct and which is why they are here as well making up another category of “the means justify the ends group”.

14. So the Planet and all Life on it will be physically destroyed/transfered and Re-Booted/Upgraded?

I pose to you another hypothetical situation similar to this. Let’s say that you had a family pet just brought into your home. You fall in love with this creature right away. You want it to be happy and live a perfect life. As this “part of your family” grows older over time there has been one problem that you have tried to teach it to learn. Let’s say it eats from the garbage and spreads it all over your nicely clean home, left for others to walk on it, and grind it into your floors. You have tried as many ways as you can, to teach it that this action is not okay, trying to avoid physically striking them in the attempt of implementing the lesson into their knowledge base. Many years pass with no success to date and this family member of yours continues this action everyday with no regard that some day there might be someone that puts something into the garbage that will kill that creature if eaten. Maybe not on purpose but the family member will die none the less even after all these years of warning them of the danger. What are your options?
The response to your question is YES but by our own hands and none other. We can only try to learn our lesson in time and regain our worthiness to stand beside those who have never swayed from the truth. Those that never seem to learn their lesson will be given chances to get it right once. (Because that is all it takes to remember it forever) Those that have will be granted access before that ever comes to pass. Those that haven’t will be recycled because its still suicide.

15. So Humans are a type of Demon/Or Something?

Demon is a word also created by a human. The reason for its original creation is out there to find but wont fit in with your motive behind this question. If heaven has angels and hell its demons then YES we are demons. If the word demon is thought of in the respect that “we are here to cast out our demons” then a demon is only the fact that we are confused and thus is not a noun.

16. Where did Humans come from?


17. Where are we going?

Depends on our choices that describe our beliefs but hopefully back to where we came from. Which is not that far.

18. Do we even have a Purpose/Meaning or do we have to each make our own?

To realize that what we need to atone for did not happen after our birth here but before, what it was, and why we were wrong.

19. Who or what are other Non-Human Human-like Beings on this Planet and where did they come from?

This can fill an infinite amount of novels but we here are neither the final creation nor the first. That is ego to even think that, even if it were real, when we don’t know the truth either way.. We all begin the same way and that is all that should matter but different environments have proven to accelerate and decelerate the evolutionary process and even alter it. Some are further along and some are behind us but it all is for the purpose to find the perfect formula. Creation is not simple. At this point space travel to the extreme is not possible with our knowledge extent and mineral base yet another planet may have a mineral base that can support speeds out of our reach and have the knowledge that resulted in a higher evolved society. Another planet may have had such an accelerated evolution that they have mastered the astral projection and realized then that its final result could be teleportation physically. Who they are is simply a member of a puzzle playing their part as are we. Their purpose isn’t even for them to fully grasp.

20. When a Human Dies/Is Temporary Disconnected where do we go and is each person's Near Death/Death Experience suppose to be different?

Picture you looking at your reflection. Your eyes are open. Your brain is telling your mind what your eyes should see thus your mind thinks that your eyes are open. This is not really the case but close. Your eyes can be tricked meaning your mind can be tricked into believing that it sees something that really isn’t there. I will not go further into this.

21. What are Dreams all about exactly?

Assistance, deception, and perception.

22. So Basically: There Is No Escape?

What are you trying to escape? Its all perfect yet doesn’t mean that some won’t get lost along the way. Perfection will show you the way home. You need not fear that which is really in control. Your perspective can be changed by outside forces only if you allow it. You need to make up your own mind from what you have experienced. If you have come to a negative result my advice would be to retrace your steps and see where a good thing could take the place of something you have deemed wrong. Some things are made out to seem wrong when in reality in its pure form was good. Only when right is accused as wrong, does right seem wrong. The two can not coexist in harmony and we are on our way to realizing that in deed we do not need wrong for right to exist because those that facilitate and spread wrong will eventually be shown the error in their ways. They too will renounce their allegiance.

I could think up many more questions, but I will stop for now.

An open soul gives way to truth and welcomes its story but when mixed with ill intent (by requester or sender) it becomes tempted or temptation itself. Try to quiet your inner monologue to listen if there is someone other then yourself telling you what to do. Sometimes we do things that we feel is going against what we believe to be right but we believe that we told ourselves to do it so we do it anyway because it’s in our voice. Naive much? Know thyself.

I responded to this because I care and try.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:33 PM
Thank you for those. they were some really thought provoking questions. I appreciate any other assistance/ seeds that you can offer to aid the rest in expanding our perpectives in search of truth. I'm under the impression that any response to my prior post would be coming from the same depth so any additional, contradictory, or question based information is most respected. I anticipate reading more topics like this one because I am new here. Stimulated, deep conversation is the key to attracting the pieces of the puzzle to come together forming the eventaulity of the truth. I am searching for truth. Have you seen it? Well if you find it let it know that we are getting close. At the moment I responded to the questions from what I've gathered about truth thus far. I have been known to prove myself wrong. At the moment that is what i believe but I still havent met truth yet so I guess time will tell. I wish you safe journey and I also can be contacted if anyone needs an ear or two.

If we are made in anothers image and in that of our creator then it is to say that we are to one day be a linked creator by the creator to become a cloned creator when linked. So how bout we try to agree so we can get started already. sheez. We can't even agree on whats right and whats wrong. Got a long ways to go, not that we can even agree about where it is that we are going.

posted on Feb, 16 2013 @ 01:23 PM
I thought threads like this were not aloud on ATS.

This is disgust, Israel is Satan , just like the rest of the people on this God forsake planet, forgive me but most of the people on this place are stupid , evil , animals, going around sniffing arses.
Oh, yea and the pope finally was able tto quite his job, and what the church was doing laundry for the Mafia, no way, the Church is Satan.

Sure there are good people on Earth, but most are so afraid they would never stand up for the Truth, much less their self.

The Earth is going to Hell, most of you know nothing of the Christ or what is going on, not that I know that much but it still amounts to a thousands times more than what most of you do.

Forgive me, but keep doing what you do you lie to your selves and you lie to your friends wive's, what ever alot

got a rude awakening when the housing bubble busted, just wait see if you can keep up with the Jones. Now

If anything was delivered to Jerusalem it wasn't Jesus The Christ, it was the Antichrist.

The Earth isn't nothing but a tiny little crap hole in this vast Universe and these lying people in charge gloating on how great they think they are, well all they really are is another piece of crap in this tiny little crap hole called Earth..

Now everyone have a nice day, quit taking about The Christ and try doing what he told you, to do.

posted on Feb, 16 2013 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by ANClENT

How little faith you have. Do you truly believe your God to be so weak that he needs you to defend him?

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