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Political Shift

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 07:19 PM
There is something wrong in the universe, something has lost its balance. This could be millions of possibilities from things as mystic as the force to something as real as the check book. When will things balance out? I cannot predict that. It can only happen when it needs to. Maybe it's December 2012, maybe it's next week, or maybe it's tomorrow. The words and actions which have to be exchanged in order for the balance to be restored all depend on us. Us includes you, the reader. Homeostasis must be restored.

The effects of not restoring it will be detrimental. Nature relies on balance. Without it, we would have been weeded out of existence. How do we fix this issue? The world needs heroes, people to stand up for the right and just. Our villains are already winning. They have created our fiber footprint, consumerism, capitalism, and continue to conspire. This should go without saying, if we do not stop them, nobody will. Our generation is already falling into the degradation of society. It's not that we're lazy, we just don't see the point in caring.

Things are as #ed up as they'll ever be and will continue to travel this downward spiral until we just implode. People are afraid the end of the world is coming, whether's caused by ourselves, nature, or something far worse. It can happen. It will happen. We are allowing it to. The best way to make something happen is to believe in it. Most people believe will all of their heart that the world is going to end and that's just not helping the overall and objective goals of society and the social agenda. It's selfish. Just because a life sucks in this universe doesn't mean it would be better in a different one.

Which brings me to reincarnation: Why in the hell do people think they can do whatever they please in this life only because they believe they'll start over in another one? One of the main principles behind reincarnation is karma. If anything, their life will just be even worse. If they're not #ed, they're #ing. This tangent may seem irrelevant, but it all comes back to the battle of balance. The general karma of the world is out of whack.

How? Too much selfishness. I try to combat this with as much truly altruistic selflessness as possible, however I don't even believe in true altruism. Maybe that just means I'm too distrustful, but as Agent Whats-his-Face always said on The X-Files "Trust no one,".

Maybe I'm just delusional and the world is a perfect place where everyone gets along. I'm sure Cairo would agree. It's not like their fundamental rights as human beings are being infringed upon. I was thinking this morning about how it seems I have an allergies to the policies and sneezed. Where have we gone wrong, America?

I think to the days of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, they seem like pretty rogue dudes. They were sticking it to the man on the throne in England, starting revolutions, and building a countries based on those ideas during the process. In fact, looking at them in this light, they were total bad asses.

Now it's all about control and economics. In a simple phrase: bull #. None of the democracy has any meaning what so ever. It's all government agenda. If you want to try to change things they shove you in a corner until you learn your place. Which is no where in their system. I may seem cynical, but allow me to share the moment in which I lost all faith in the government:

When Obama was running for office, he had admitted to smoking marijuana and even supported its medicinal use. This was unheard of from a presidential candidate to actually support it and I was a Facebook official fan of his from that moment on. I continue to go about parading about how great things will be when he wins the election and he even won. Several weeks later Obama allows for an open forum with questions voted upon to be asked. The subject of weed comes around and a look of disdain spread across his face.

He snuffed the idea (which he later reformed on) because some government official told him something along the lines of how he represented the United States of America and had to represent the government as a whole, blah, blah-buh-buh-bull# at its finest. I clicked off the station and haven't cared about politics since. In a way, he has tried keeping his promise, but seriously Obama: buck up. Look at FDR. The guy didn't have legs to walk with and he got more done than you. Seriously?

So what happened? Are we just going to give up and let the man push us around some more? That's exactly what they'd like, for us to hide in submission. However, they don't realize if we don't strengthen then America will fall as the Romans did. They're only hurting themselves. The Romans could have gone through the same cycle, but gave up without a fight. There are too few patriotic Americans, but with good reason. Our government acts like they're not mentally capable of running a country.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 07:25 PM
I don't understand.

What is your point?

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:09 PM
Ignorance is not bliss, it never was, real power has no power, it never did. even fear, fears death, as always.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:21 PM
I used to work for the man. But then I found a different guy, and we decided to become "the man" together. Now there are other guys who work for "the man," which is us. It's the cirlce of life.

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