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Former Fox News employee: "Stuff is just made up"

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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 03:05 AM

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 05:55 PM
I just made a thread on how to retaliate.

How to retaliate to MSM disinformation and lies

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 03:35 PM
This is an entirely ludicrous thread i agree.

Every media outlet is owned by someone. Strip away all of the bull, supposition, conjecture, partisanship, partisan spin, management and directors, and you will have ONE entity with a controlling interest that dictates policy and agenda within any media source. You will find that to be international bankers, think tanks, and round table groups in every mainstream media empire. The rothschilds ... the roosevelts ... the morgans ... the hearsts ... the harimans ... the warburgs ... the rockefellers ... the Council on Foreign Relations ... The Club or Rome ... The Bilderberg Group ... The Royal Institute of International Affairs / Chatham House ... The Trilateral Commission ... The Order of the Knights of Malta ... and so on ... in other words The Globalists who want to change the hearts and minds of the worlds populations in order to institute a world of debt slaves controlled in a totalitarian fashion, with no nation states but one police state, with no constitution, with global free trade to kill the middle class, ruled over by them.

An Unbiased Mainstream Media ???

Give me a break - it does not exist. It nothing BUT indoctrination with a little truth added to make it appear legitimate, all to change the hearts and minds of the worlds population toward their agendas.

They own own the media and can do what they want with it - I don't care what it's called. Call it CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, Reuters, FOX or whatever name you want ... there is an agenda, and let me tell you folks that agenda is NOT unbiased news reporting to inform the populace. None of it is unbiased.

Someone sold it to them for them to build their media conglomerates.

Blame the people who sold it to them ...

Stop watching or listening to it if you have a problem with it.

The only right you have to an unbiased free press is to decide whether or not to watch, read, or listen to it.

Unless you own it, have a controlling interest in it, or have a contract with it forcing them to print or air what you say or write, they are under no obligation to you whatsoever.

The people who own it have a Free Press ... not you.

You want an unbiased Free Press, then start a newsletter or newspaper, or start watching and reading alternative non-mainstream media sources on the internet, and support all those that do.

You want a free radio, then start one or a podcast, or listen to alternative non-mainstream media sources on the internet, and support all those that do.

You want a free tv, then start a cable access show, internet stream, or or start watching and reading alternative non-mainstream media sources on the internet, and support all those that do.

No one is under any obligation, rule, or law to print or broadcast the unbiased truth. If you disagree, ask yourself how far you want government infringing on your rights. Ask yourself who should be the decission maker of what is accurate or unbiased. Ask yourself if you want government censorship. Because if you want laws making media print the unbiased truth thats exactly what you are asking for, which is a slippery slope to which there may be no end. What is the threshold where it becomes bad.

Our common bond is FREEDOM.

In order to have FREEDOM we must let others be FREE even if you do not agree with them.

When you ask for censorship or laws limiting freedom or speech and expression you limit you own rights.

It's a two way street.

Be careful what you ask for - you just might get it someday.

By the way, the poster who stated reuters and associated press as bastions of unbiased media are misinformed and better think again. Just look who owns them. The Rothschilds bought Reuters in the 1800's and soon thereafter they aquired the Associated Press.

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