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4th October 2009- Witnessed something that will never be forgotten

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:16 AM
I have added this information and Hijacked other peoples threads due to the date in which we saw this being awhile ago and is not current so didnt bother starting a new thread, but noticed a few others coming forward on here going back as far as 2007 so here I go.

Basically I was on my way to my grandmas house at 8pm at night on the 4thoct2009, drove onto the drive way got out to see an object circling the village over the M18 motorway. It was like a ball which looked asthough it was on fire and looked asthough it was dropping hot molten blobs! wierd yes but i dont know how else to describe it. It was bright yellow in colour and my brother and I watched it slowly circle for around 10-15 minutes. Its funny because I ran inside to tell my grandma what i was seeing and she instantly said ive seen it and she had been apparently watching it half an hour before we got there. Then the object began to elevate in height asthough it had some sort of propulsion system and as got higher it turned red.

We both tracked the red object climb in altitude to the point where it looked like a little red dot! then all i can describe it as were multiple random small red dots lit up asthough the object we tracked was being directed to that area by something, and we were right because the lights went out and it presented a disc shaped object which must have been huge becuase it was high up. The disc began to move across the sky over the m18 motorway and almost looked unstable in a wobbly effect as it moved, it dissapeared then re appeared and looked like it was on its side then became flat again. ill describe the disc it almost looked a gun metal grey that seemed to contrast in the nights sky you could see it clearly it didnt shine it looked really blurry!

(yes its on youtube but from police in longbeach) The video shows the same kind of object acting exactly in the same manner as what we saw, obviously in different lighting/setting etc. But this gives an insight into what Im trying to describe when we saw the object releasing the hot molten looking blobs....

It went over the motorway and never came back - 5 to 10 minutes later a military helicopter which was a merlin cirlced the village for about a few minutes then went off in the direction where object went.. they must have known something was there ? on radar ?

Its either advanced craft that we have which is under wraps (Highly unlikely due to nature of the orange fire ball) or ET life ... and we are lucky to have seen it i wish i could transfer the images in my brain to video so you could all see what i actually saw that night.. you'd be freaked out!

I know they put alot of rubbish on here but if you read this you'll be reading something that really happened to us without having any video or photo evidance thats the best description i could give someone.


L n D

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:56 AM
Its funny. Around midnight yesterday, as i was walking to the store to get a pack of cigarette, saw two red glowing objects heading south rather slowly. What stopped me on my tracks was, as you have mentioned, molten globs dripping down on one of the object.

Of late, I have been seeing clips on youtube of objects dripping molten globs of something. This dripping molten thingy ,to me anyway, is a fairly recent phenomenon. Its like they are doing welding in mid flight.???

BTW, I am reporting from malaysia. Consequently, I decided to head down to the beach and waited. Within the hour, I counted nine red objects at intervals of five to eight minutes each, heading south across Straits of Malacca towards Java island. And I know they are not planes.

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