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Big Corporations in the midst of Small Towns: Equal Partnership?

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:59 AM
OK, so I'm in need of a replacement footswitch for my (guitar) amp so I go online to see if I can find one. The company that makes my amp used to have distributors and retailers in the U.S. a few years ago when I got my rig...but they've since been closed and now only distribute in Europe and especially Germany, where the company is from. So never mind the subject of me forking over $100 for a metal box with 4 buttons to step on that's probably one of the simplest circuits ever, I go online and find a retailer that I end up ordering it from. Afterward, I browse more of the site and come across a "Virtual Sightseeing tour of Treppendorf" Here I find out that the website that I just ordered from has a headquarters in a tiny German town, but the picture was really weird...The size of the buildings that the company occupies dwarfs the rest of the tiny village..
this is a decent picture that i found off the site:

the better picture i first found is flash, and on
on the right margin near the bottom is the virtual tour.

what does ATS think of this kind of scenario? The company's site says the town is only 500 people deep, most likely most if not all of them work for this company. Is this okay for an entire village to depend on a corporation like this? The company relies on the village as well, and I do see the good aspects like they have better and more stable incomes...But there are deeper implications to scenes like this...

First of all, just the sight of the town with those huuuge automated warehouses and bullcrap is sickening, and makes a mockery of the beautiful nature around it, and to the entire idea of aesthetics, man living in harmony with nature, it just doesn't fit at all. It really highlights the unnatural, pretentious and potentially dangerous implications of corporate life and industrialism on Earth. You know the only reason these companies pick their headquarters to be in these tiny towns is 1. cheaper to build in rural areas instead of urban areas 2. cheaper to pay less to the tiny village full of very low income inhabitants. The only thing big companies that do these types of things care about is money. Only money. Nike keeps track of their sweatshop employee hours down to the thousandths of seconds. that looks like 5.003 seconds if you're not familiar. Of all companies, Nike should be able to afford to pay it's employees just fine, but instead, the biggest companies like Nike set the business standards by being greedy as f@#k.

This may be getting tangential, and I don't mean to rant, but If these sort of "collaborative" partnerships between innocent, naive towns in the middle of nowhere and multinational, multimillion dollar, megalomaniacal companies are allowed, It has a serious negative effect on the psychology of man in nature, IMO.

It is a complicated subject, because we can definitely find pros and cons to both sides of the spectrum...
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