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started a new website and could do with some advice from those who have been there before

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:07 AM
ok ill try and do this so it doesnt look like im just trying to spam and advertise my site ..

two years ago i walked out of my job been self employed working as sole contractor for a group of scumbag millionaire property developers ,two years on i now find myself trying to make a living ,which is bloody hard in the uk ,anyway i have some friends who run a series of website designing companies and various e-commerce sites that offer advice ,they have entrusted me with a website called ,now im a total noob at online sales and anything other than posting in forums and downloading music ..ive been looking into various things such as search engine optimisation and targetted blogging ,but to be honest its like a minefield of wordy jibberish to me most of the time ..ive managed to make a blog for the site and ive been posting interesting articles and items usually found on sites such as ats ..i figured if im interested in this stuff then so must others ..but im seeking advice on how to get the name out there and create a few sales to keep the roof over myself and my families heads ..i dont normally ask people for this sort of help but i really am stumbling around in the dark with it ..can anyone offer some advice or help as to how to boost the site so i get more than 3 people a day looking at it and hopefully get someone ,anyone to buy something ..its a computer and peripherals website btw ..something i thought might be a go`er in this day and age of technical stuff

many thanks for reading ,and many thanks to anyone who offers me tips or advice ..god knows i need some

thanks :elite .

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by eliteosbo

For a simple advice, when you create links to pages of your website, try including keyword in the link. For example:

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:54 AM
The problem with selling computer parts is the massive amount of competition online

secondly the website name needs to be something easy to remember that one is not

for some reason when i hear sentientcom i don't think computer parts lol.

i would get a link to your webpage and all the forums you go too and include it in yoru signiture with a little messege beside saying computer accessories and more . so that way every forum you go too it will be advertised and people do read signitures at the bottoem of your posts . Sign up for a # load of forums and you'll have to do it daily and just start chatting away about products , new ideas etc and have your signiture and links ready for others to check out

start a news letter that people can sign up for , also i would start a contest on your website weekly that gives away some free stuff to attract more people

check at for mailing lists

advertise in your local paper , go to your local schools and see if you can sell bulk purchases . go to differnt places that use computers and see if you can get bulk order discount sales. make business cards letter heads etc all with your info on it . Start handing it out . Make flyers stick them up in various places . etc

price price price my good man. and your prices are just higher then average .

go online find free licence software/utilitiy/games etc and give away on your website . People will search for software for free and your website will be one of them that hosts it .

start a comment section on the things your selling so people can leave comments on quality . Lots of people base there sale on other peoples onpinion . Hopefully your products are good and you get good reviews

go to youtube find punks who demo products and maybe hook them up with samples and in return they advertise your website

its a tough market out there . it comes down to why should you get to be popular what makes you differnt from all the other guys ?

make custom computer cases and keep those on your front page , thats eye candy for computer lovers , the ones you have there now look BOOOORING lol

check out

good luck solider

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:03 AM
thank you so much for your honest opnions and help ,youve both given me a lot to think about over the weekend ,i truly appreciate your time in replying ..i now have a few things to look at and new ideas ..i was a painter and tiler two years ago so i think you can understand why i know so little of this internet business stuff .cheers

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