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Comet Elenin Reaches Perihelion on 9/11/11 And It Is Estimated To Be 31 Miles (50 km) In Radius

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by nataylor

Whenever someone uses the JPL data to somehow show and prove that its not perihelion on 9-11-11, assumes that the JPL information provided is accurate and truthful. Fixating on a random date in no way negates my discussion and while you yourself make note of gaseous tails and such for the comet you refer to, that alone in no way proves that we have a comet alone to worry about. This is why quoting my short sentence and somehow showing that the 9-11-11 date is incorrect according to JPL is in itself a poor attempt at any meaningful discussion on this subject matter. It is however a reason I dislike shallowness.

As I stated, we may in fact have a comet in the mix, but no comet of the size this posting states has the necessary mass to cause earthquakes and other planetary effects. This is an undisputed fact among those that make a living in this field. While a comet of the size mentioned may in fact exist, it is not that comet and its insignificant size or specific date of perihelion that I was attempting to inform about.

You can believe what you want because until you have read the many peer papers on this subject matter, your opinion is further down the totem pole than my opinion which is based on actual science discussion and not some JPL program that is programmed to show you what they want you to see and believe without question.

Seek the truth out at all costs if it actually matters enough to discuss, but trusting the JPL program for science fact is about as noteworthy as trusting what NASA tells us is science fact.

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 10:28 PM
To MaxBlack and OutLooker - You're both on the money. I applaude your abilities to TRY to inform people of what this truly is, but the truth of the matter is is that people are scared of the unknown and will choose to spear any ideas that threaten their comfy everyday lives.

To the folks who are attempting to debunk ELEnin/Nibiru/Planet X, stop inferring that it's going to hit the Earth, kill everyone, etc.

Most likely the Earth will not take a direct hit from the ELE. Reread MaxBlack's post about the solar radiation threats.

To those who think that it's going to kill everyone - of course not! Humans are like roaches. Some of us will always survive and live to repopulate. Just as those who were around when Atlantis suffered.

Everyone needs to educate themselves and decide if they need to move to higher ground or remain where they are already living.

Me? I'm planning on moving to higher ground, but if I don't get there prior to September, that's O,K,, too. I'm not afraid of being delivered from the material plane by a natural force.

Humans will always fear the uknown, which is exactly what ELEnin is - the unknown.
Learn and prepare.

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 10:48 PM

Originally posted by MaxBlack

Whenever someone uses the JPL data to somehow show and prove that its not perihelion on 9-11-11, assumes that the JPL information provided is accurate and truthful.

So please show your calculations that show perihelion is on September 11th. The JPL calculations are based on the 1700-odd observations as logged by the Minor Planet Center, the arm of the non-governmental International Astronomical Union. They catalog all the observations, made by both amateurs and professionals. Anyone can calculate the orbit if they think JPL's calculation is incorrect. But of course JPL's calculation lines up exactly with where astronomers are finding Elenin in the sky each night. If JPL's orbit was wrong, the actual observations would significantly diverge from the calculated orbit.

And you're absolutely right that an ordinary comet wouldn't cause earthquakes. There is no evidence that Elenin has actually caused any earthquakes.

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