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Are women all evil?

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 07:17 AM
Cont.. If this is evil then what would jesus do? Feed the hungry children or buy yet another piece of artwork for vatican? If god wanted some huge vatican style monument then why did s/he create garden of eden instead? God said 2 caretake the garden, not bulldoze it 2 build ever more temples & churches. To those reading this watch david suzuki - legacy lecture. Find out whats really happening 2 your world... I may not agree with your post, but at least you didnt go ‘pftt what rubbish‘ & consider that a valid & smart responce. You actually put some effort into your opinion & willing 2 debate my objections & did make a few valid points. Im sorry for you & yours having experienced cyclone. Sadly earth still has more tragedies ahead. As you pointed out your neighbour still learnt nothing from the experience just like so many others. As 4 me i will hope 4 best & prepare 4 worse, & keep up the good fight.. pn:powerhungry delusionals & narcisists responcible 4 state of world, not occult.
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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by Legend121


Oops wrong planet, like seriously dude! So by own admission your sisters a fine example that proves self suffient woman do actually exist.

Oh...yes...they most certainly do exist. But like a good man they are few and far between. The problem with most of these women I have met ...good ones that they conduct themselves as if they are fit to run everyone else and also redistribute everyones else's wealth and knowledge/skills/labors as they see fit. They think they are suited to run everyone else and do what I call...."wealth redistribution." I call it indentured well as high maintenance.

Also ...most of these self sufficient women are not willing to help a man ...except within their female social values and belief systems. They will however take all that he has to give and spend this to their liking and needs. Thus often leaving him last while he gives first fruit and then send him out to bring back more.

I mean..he is getting her body once in awhile .....the best years of her life..what more can a man possibly ask for??? He should be more than happy with this and doing point spreads on the latest sports ..bread and circuses.

As for all the women with kids, it wasnt immaculent conception & where is the daddy? As for all the women with kids, it wasnt immaculent conception & where is the daddy? If you dont want to care for some1 elses kids dont date single mothers-no brainer.

Nice try ..but I am not responsible for this..nor accountable. Do not put this onus on me. But this is textbook of female non reasonsble thinking and having it both ways. It is also an example of what I was speaking of earlier...trying to run someone elses affairs. You do not control who or when I date...nor redistribute my wealth.

You‘re the 1 playing poor victim 4 men here.

are you sure about this..

As 4 supporting men, i had 2 soley support a mans mistakes & failings, which i didnt ask for or deserve.

I raised my child on own merits & wallet. Where was the daddy in all this? Busy screwing up other womens lives & dodging maintenance.

Sounds like the "Victim Dictum " to me.

If he was a freeloader, he‘d be shown the door long b4 it even got 2 be an issue.

And you are lecturing me about this here. This is how I feel about much of what passes for manhood today as well as womanhood. It is how I feel about much of what people try to call humanity. I am not real impressed with humanity.

Your problem is that you are just as opinionated and anti social as am I but you presume to lecture me about my views.

Nice try but no thanks. I will run my own affairs.

Ok nice try but no soup 4 u. Make sure u have a hand pump with a spare if 1st 1 dies, in case no power. Gravity feed is best option, so pay the extra. Also have a way 2 distil water & if radiation is potential go for glass components 4 stil.. What i shouldnt know this coz im a girl?? And answer took 0.5 secs so didnt need 2 google it either. Can i have my lolliepop now

Handpumps are fine if the well is not do deep for the handpump or any other type of pump to draw a suction.
Gravity feed is indeed the best option meaning an above ground storage tank or even some kind of expansion tank with a pressure head on it.
If you have an electric pump..a back up power source is generator.

I have a durastill electric distiller which will distill 12 gallons a day to a five gallon storage tank but am also exploring reverse osmosis filtration systems.

Radiation...I am a nuclear fueler by trade. I've handled nuclear fuel rods..both new ones and olde radiated and contaminated rods. I have also handled other radiated and contaminated components. I own a radiation/contamination counter as well as dosimeters and the equipment to reset them.

I did not need to look this up as well. I have been building/repairing Commercial ships, aircraft carriers and submarines for many years.
I can make my own soup..and have. I also had a woman bring me a wonderful pot of chili this week. Very nice and thoughtful of her. With cold coming chili is a wonderful thing.

Sorry woman lollypop unless you get it yourself. But Equality is a great thing is it not??

Running out of characters down at the bottom of the page.

To be continued....

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 08:35 AM
Continued unto Legend,

I guess jesus said it best “forgive them for they no not wot they do“ perhaps they are drinking too much flouride water. Yes some peeps take kindness & decency as a sign of weakness. With others u give an inch they take a mile. You did well actually with that couple. If they pulled that crap here they may well have found themselves buried with the a/c. But no doubt the generator would have been stolen b4 then. Idiots are global, not confined 2 any 1 place sadly. U get rid of 1 & 3 more take their place. But if u let them turn u bitter, they win. I refuse 2 sink down 2 their level, raise it or FIFO. But compassion never erodes. Feed a fish & live 4 a day. Teach 2 fish & eat 4 lifetime. I hate seeing what parasites are doing 2 our planet & they just dont get they r cog in wheel. They will only care when its all gone, but despite its futility i will keep doing what i can. I wont sink in2 cant beat em so join em mentality. As for occult, its the intent that makes any religion good or bad.

We are from among the salt of the earth ..not the sugar. I have no use for sugary and sweet type peoples. Dont particularly care to have them around me as many of them tend towards "High Maintenance." as well as "Entitlement Thinking and Values."

As for the generator being stolen...after that hurricane I fashioned a chain and securing system and chained it to a pole I had driven deep into the ground with a sledge hammer and done the same at my parents house. You see my mothers has medicines which need refrigeration. I maintained an Ice cooler at their house as well as this generator for their frozen and refrigerated stores...their house in the daytime and back to mine at night. My first priority was my mothers medicines.
Stolen indeed. Many of those who did not prepare...went around as two legged wildlife looking to prey on those who did.
Many of these are the point spread types. I have no use for these types.
We were without electricity here for some nine days. This hurricane..Isabelle was a very easy hurricane as these things tend to go. Not that bad things did not happen..but overall it was very mild..and people who did not prepare well ahead were losing it and becoming predators. I do not like two legged wildlife.

But if you observe such wildlife and think for yourself....think ..not can take steps to not become like them. From such ..I choose to separate.

The Bible is a guide .to help prevent us from becoming Wildlife..for the record of wildlife is to be found there if one is awake and understands what one is reading. Most of this world ..even among the veneer of civilization has always tended towards self indulgent wildlife.

This is why Salt is important and I choose the Salty path..not the sugary sweet path. For Salt is what holds back corruption..not sugar. Slugs cannot withstand Salt.

It is not a matter of turning is a matter of Salt.

as for this...

As for occult, its the intent that makes any religion good or bad.

The word Occult means hidden, concealed, not known by those it intends to control or gain favor over. It also implies that which cannot stand in the Light of day. Even Esoteric..known only by a chosen few..adepts not the profane.

Women are more naturally drawn to occult and occult methods than are most men. The men who do this are a very select bunch.

Politics is very much occult as it is practiced on the public purse. Politics and the feminine agenda are very much a occult match. So too is Islam and politics.

So what we‘ve established then is that people, not women, are evil.

I do not believe in "I'm Ok Your OK" Another version of this is "We are all good people."

My thinking says we are all bad exceptions. This levels the playing field quite well. Equality.

This also happens to be the Bible position.

Women tend to work subtily...privily ...just as do many politicians...occult. Most males are not trained in this and most women do not teach it to the males....they don't dare. They might lose a useful tool to control a male while taking his substance such that their RISKS can be substantially lowered and his raised while claiming equality. This is why I often say..what a bunch of ignorant males there are out here. Neither public education nor a television/movie education will teach one to see out of and away from this.

I am not very interested in mixing leven with wine with olde.

As to churches...the church is the assembly. The church meets and the church goes home. The church is not a building or an organization. I have little to no use for such.

Gotta go now..lots to do here today,
No one to "flashdance " me through these tasks,

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 09:08 AM
So a woman bought you soup & you didnt say no thanks i can make my own coz equality & all that. This post is very much hypocrypt, contradiction, ilogical, warped etc then u explained what you did & i realised you have most like suffered brain damage from work fumes, so may need 2 cut u a break -not! You sold out your world & soul 2 the devil 4 bits of silver. Cogs in the wheel-by doing the work you enabled the process. So keep telling yourself whatever helps u sleep at night. You sir are a traitor 2 your species & world! Hope u get a nice bowl of chilli from chenobyl or fukishima. That will keep u all warm & fuzzy 4 winter. Let the ats crew put their own take on this debate. I hope your $ brings u sum solice when earths a dead rock! May u live in interesting times sadist! U deserve karmic backlash thats gona whoop your sorry ass. You prove the theory only complete nutjob would get involved in such things & try 2 justify it as a good thing. You‘re an oxygen thief! Safe efficient alternatives idiot-look it up!! Cya-Wouldnt wana be ya!

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by Legend121


So a woman bought you soup & you didnt say no thanks i can make my own coz equality & all that.

LOL LOL was chili. In your haste to go drama queen on me with all the scorn you can are getting lost in the details.

LOL LOL LOL...thank you for the entertainment quality. As you attempt to paint me so too art thee.

No!! I did not turn the "Chili " down for I know that this woman's "Chili" skills are definitely more advanced/superior and refined than are mine. I also thanked her sincerely with a kiss and patted her lovingly on her derriere. And she loved it too!!!

When our schedules were suitable I took her to see this latest Sherlock Holmes movie at a local Cinema Cafe.
I love it when a woman who cares is able to prepare a fine meal for me. This skill is on the wan with many women today who are mostly in the fast food lane of life. Some are so sorry they can barely microwave.

And so too with many of the males out here. They are not far removed from the females in this.
A male should know how to cook and take care of himself in this arena. This frees a man to come to a woman for love only. So too with a woman who can do many things for herself. She too is free to come to a man for love only...but do they?? What so are your attempts here at scorn telling me about how you really think to a man who knows the difference. Mind you now ..many men do not. So to with many women.

Oh..and going back to one of your earlier posts...I prefer older women for most of my life.for this simple reason alone. Most of them can do much more than microwave.

A woman who can love through cooking as well as other skills is one of the dying arts today. This is part of that Peace of which I spoke..not just Piece only. Got it now??

But that would take understanding of Commitment to know that. Not just a value and belief substitution plan.

Peace can take some real genuine commitment...Piece does not.

You sir are a traitor 2 your species & world!

From my youth as well as my time in uniform..I have been to many places in this world..east as well as west.

I am not impressed with it. I prefer to let it pass by..both east and west.
I do not owe the world and species because I live. I am not indebted to it or to you because I exist.

I do not nor will I carry the world view. I got over a television, movie, public school education along time ago.

Public school today has become a television/movie education majoring in emotions.

Don't get me wrong here..I am not against emotions per se..but I try not to let them run me to the point that others can come in an substitute their beliefs and values for you are attempting to do. more thing about this manner of also means I don't try out for approval in the framework the rest of the world takes for granted as to how things should be.

This is not like baseball or soccer try outs. I am not in the tryout business for "world approval." I am not interested in joining that team or being a member of it. Nor being taken for granted. If I wanted that I would have remained in the military as a career.
Such default settings do not work on me..nor such drama approaches. more thing of importance here..This...

Hope u get a nice bowl of chilli from chenobyl or fukishima. That will keep u all warm & fuzzy 4 winter.

This is not worthy of your considerable debating skills. It shows textbook female drama in an attempt to get in the last word. Predictabale. It also means to the perceptive that you can easily be put on the emotional puppet strings by those with the ability and desire to do so.
I for one..think you can do much better in debate and persuasion techniques than this.

It also makes me ask myself what you know about Peace verses Piece. Because you most certainly come across as if you deserve and are entitled to your pound of flesh. I just happen to not think so.

Oh...and additional informations cover charge.

I will be working in a glove bag tonight ..handling radiated and contaminated equipment.... as a member of this team ...which we must decontaminate. I dont have to go to Cherynobyl or Fukushima to get it ..there is aplenty here locally.

Once again..gotta get ready to shove off,
Thanks again for your post,

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posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
reply to post by Legend121


So a woman bought you soup & you didnt say no thanks i can make my own coz equality & all that.

LOL LOL was chili. In your haste to go drama queen on me with all the scorn you can are getting lost in the details.

LOL LOL LOL...thank you for the entertainment quality. As you attempt to paint me so too...
do not presume to know me or what makes me tick from a few posts. I stand by what ive said & more. If mankind ceased today, nature would thrive & flourish. If nature ceased today, mankind would soon follow. Man is so superior that if the bees die out, man would be lucky to survive 4yrs. Not one single gvnt, corporation or person has rights to claim this world as their own or act as tho they do or try to justify such action. The world belongs to nature & we were given the privelige to share in its bounty, as guardians. Those who do not learn, those who continue to participate in its demise arent just playing god with their own lives. If they were, its none of my concern. But they are also playing russian roulette with my life & our world. Why do i need to suffer for anothers ignorance? Im self sufficient so i have a right to speak. I work with nature not against it. I cant stop the insanity of power hungry morons, but i will not be silent. I will speak my own truth as it applies to me. If you work for the system, you‘re part of the system, so share in the blame of that system! The world doesnt need to be this way, people have made it this way. The scientists who discovered the power of the atom, dedicated rest of their lives trying to stop its use. But still the morons dont listen & learn nothing. You are 1 of those morons. I cant stop, or educate the likes of yourself, but i can call a spade a spade! You & many like you are destroying this world & for what? Money!!!!

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

if the powermongers want to play with # thats beyond them, let them climb in the tank & clean the # themselves. Coz peeps like you are willing to do the dirty work for them, for a price, they can get away with the # they‘re doing. It benefits a few, at the expense of the world. Has 3mile, chenobyl, fukishima etc taught you nothing? And dont try spouting that propeganda bs that its clean energy. Im not as ignorant as some. If theres no safe way to deal with the refuge its far from clean. If a meltdown means put your head between your legs & kiss your ass goodbye its far from safe. Theres no need for it. enewable energy makes it redundent. Geothermal, solar, wind, water, wave, magnetic etc dont put the entire world at risk when things go wrong. As long as you partake in the bounties of this world, that allows you the gift of life, you can lie to yourself all you want, but the truth is you do owe the world something. You owe her for providing you a safe sanctuary in this vast universe. To abuse such a gift, you are nothing more than a ungrateful, selfish, obnoxious, spoilt lil brat! I dont care if you find my words offensive. I find your attitude offensive. You may not appreciate this world, but you will wail like a baby when its gone. Do you think you can justify the role you played when it comes time to answer to your maker? Yes you are just 1 of many, but this in no way diminishes your own actions. Am i perfect-noone is! But i will be able to look my maker in the eyes & say i did the best i could with what i had & i kept my promise, as I was a guardian not a destroyer. You may not have to answer to men, but you do have to answer to yourself & your creator.. How sad that you are unable to truly appreciate the gifts of nature & wont until it is no more. How sad you are willing to join with others & play the risk of destroying it all, just for the greed of $$ So damn straight i won

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

cont... So damn straight i wont be silent!! I wont be polite!! I certainly wont be shaking your hand!! I will say what i mean & mean what i say... Sadly i dont wear blinkers like many do, and am fully aware of what is happening to this world. I work with the land, so i can see first hand the toll modern mans having on the planet. Why cant those contributing to the demise of this world grasp such a simple concept that their money, toys & luxuries wont help 1 iota when theres no food or water to sustain their life? Ask those living in japan if fukishima was worth it. Obviously not, as the other nuclear plants are now in the proccess of being decommissioned... Do you really need to personally live thru such an experience before you can learn? So you do not impress me with your career choice - your ignorance & stupidity sickens my heart. There are better ways to earn a living that does not involve sickening & destroying our planet. Peeps like you have to be given a fish to eat for a day... Coz if you‘re taught how to fish you wont stop till you‘ve stripped the ocean bare & thats the sad truth of it. As for your remark to suggest i am the same as you, nothing could be further from the truth. I wouldnt sell out this world for any amount of money. I appreciate the fact that we only have one world, & as such it deserves to be treated with respect & reverence. You do spit in the world, you are merely too arrogant to admit it to yourself & others. As i have to suffer from the ignorant likes of you & watch our earth choke & struggle from all the toxins & #, i do say shame on you & all those who work with you. You are traitors to your mother earth, & dont deserve the gift of life she bestowed to you. Mother earth provides what you need to live, and how do you thank her? By bringing death & destruction to her...

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Legend121

do not presume to know me or what makes me tick from a few posts. I stand by what ive said & more.

I don't have to ...but I will for the other readers out here who may not catch on to it. I am not making these posts exclusively for you Legend 121. I too stand by what I have said about the nature of many women. Even self sufficient women.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for confirming and verifying to the readers here, who can see hear and understand, your propensity to attempt to change my positions into yours and failing that use guilt techniques to further attempt to shame me into adopting your position. No thanks. That technique does not work on me. I have spent a lifetime disciplining my emotions in order to accomplish certain tasks. I do not necessarily come in here on ATS to let my emotions go and turn this into a Jerry Springer/Phil Donahue format
as you seem want to do in Drama.

Train Wreck formats do not work on me...but once again thank you for demonstrating such methods so prominent today attempting to pass for reason and logic...even the moral high ground. I don't think so.

So damn straight i wont be silent!! I wont be polite!! I certainly wont be shaking your hand!! I will say what i mean & mean what i say...

Enough said here...You have demonstrated the moral ethical high ground even in civility here on ATS.

You have also demonstrated the standard beliefs of many who would demonstrate against the OP's title here by showing that you are Sitting On The Only One In Town. Another of my points in my debates here.

"Are women all evil"

I do not consider all women evil...I do consider you as a bench mark or standard by which many can be measured for you follow and clearly demonstrate the pattern of which I have been speaking.

Thank You again for this confirmation.

Don't waste your time heaping the world position for everything and anything on my head. I am not interested in switching your belief systems for mine.

Same thing with guilt manipulation and the victim dictum.

I will however point this out whenever I see it happening. It becomes nauseum.

Thanks once again for you have done a textbook job of confirmation of what I have been saying all along.


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