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"Secret History of Extra-Terrestrials" interview with author Len Kasten

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:44 AM
Hi ATS! I am placing this video here with hopes that some of you can tell us about the book that is being referenced, if you have read it. I haven't heard of the author before either, but he seems educated on the topic.

He talks about 'Classified' physics, anti-gravity technology, Iraqi Stargate, ancient civilizations, American military invasions of Iraq, the current Egyptian Turmoil and the 'ET Agenda', as well as other topics. I haven't been able to listen to it closely, but I am and I will post more of my opinion after I listen to it completely through.

I would like to know if any of you have any information on this author, Len Kasten or the braodcast of this show, hosted by Hillary Raimo or the Hillary Raimo Radio. As I type this and listen in the background I heard this guy say 'Steven Greer and how important the work he is doing is'

Is Dr. Greer still taken as a serious proponent for the ET truth or has he basically shot his credibility to the moon?

Also, is Michael Salla(?) a reliable source for information like this, or has he also been tied to sketchy information?

The interview seems to be done in a respectful manner and the show host asks some decently hard question and lets him know when she feels like what he is saying might have a little BS in it. Good for her personally I imagine, but I never have completely enjoyed listening to anything when one party seems they could be biased, but on this topic, bias might not be a bad thing at all.

Sorry I have more questions than answers so far for this thread and it is quickly put together, but I know there is not a better place on the internet to get accurate answers, faster than the 'Alien/UFO' forum at AboveTopSecret

Here is a recent interview with Len Kasten on Coast2Coast am ET Agenda. If the videos do not play for you right away, fast forward several seconds then press play. I had this problem and fast forwarding a bit solved it everytime.

During the middle two hours, researcher Len Kasten discussed his research into UFOs and the alien agenda. Kasten said his interest in UFOs began at Eglin Air Force Base, where one night he witnessed a glowing green and gold craft moving swiftly and silently over the Gulf of Mexico. The sighting was confirmed the next day by radar operators and reported to a superior in the aptly titled 'UFO Office', he noted. Some years after Kasten's initial encounter, he began looking into the extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

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pt 3

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 02:28 AM
Thank you for the interviews and information

I came across this author at my local borders book store,skimmed through the table of contents and the back.
looked very interesting & like it could be pretty good read imo,actually listed it on my "to buy list" (among the piling heaps of books I want to buy or need to read
) here is a link to a couple reviews,if anyone is interested-Link

I will check out the interviews you have linked in the Op.
thanks again.

As far as Greer and Salla go,from what I have gathered,they have both made some very outlandish claims without offering any sort of convincing evidence.

Greer while fronting the Disclosure project in the very beginning showed some sincere promise & interest imo,unfortunately those initial efforts have turned into a snake oil salesmen ordeal
(i.e.- charging individuals a couple thousand to come out to his "sanctuary" and witness ufos/aliens etc.

it is a shame though because his actions from being in the spotlight has put a dark cloud and doubt upon what the Disclosure project originally set out to do.

sincere witnesses with actual true testimonials now are left wading in the shadows of obscurity and shame,if not fear ( being literally ousted out into the open is one theory I have heard proposing the real intention of the disclosure project!? it is possible)

I always wondered what happened to some of the witnesses and those who offered to testify before congress?
there are many who it seems just fell off the face of the earth after the project slowly faded into the obsolescence......really sad,it could of been exactly what ufology was seeking for all these years,instead the majority of it's impact fell on blind,dumb and the deaf it would seem

I am not very familiar with Michael Salla but I know he is the founder/co-founder of

Appreciate your efforts.
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