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Assagne going through some hard time

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:19 PM
Sry if already posted

I feel for the man, he is going through rough times..

WikiLeaks defector blasts Assange in book

It seems that an ex Wikileaks spokesman is turning against the tide..trying to make some money on the way by selling the book...quiet a good idea

Berlin (CNN) -- WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange went from being "imaginative, energetic (and) brilliant" to a "paranoid, power-hungry, megalomaniac," a former colleague charges in a new book out Thursday.

Assange also has "a very free and easy relationship with the truth," Daniel Domscheit-Berg claims in the book, "Inside WikiLeaks."

Inside Wikileaks..what a bastard lol

Also on the left of the article..

Assange: Box marked 'rape' to be opened

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