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Endtimes Black Hole Projecting Weapon

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 09:06 PM
I totally agree that you can't project a black hole


We might be able to create a man made Mini- Black hole.

In familiar three-dimensional gravity, the minimum energy of a microscopic black hole is 1019 GeV, which would have to be condensed into a region on the order of the Planck length. This is far beyond the limits of any current technology. It is estimated[citation needed] that to collide two particles to within a distance of a Planck length with currently achievable magnetic field strengths would require a ring accelerator about 1000 light years in diameter to keep the particles on track. Stephen Hawking also said in chapter 6 of his Brief History of Time that physicist John Archibald Wheeler once calculated that a very powerful hydrogen bomb using all the deuterium in all the water on Earth could also generate such a black hole, but Hawking does not provide this calculation or any reference to it to support this assertion. However, in some scenarios involving extra dimensions of space, the Planck mass can be as low as the TeV range. The Large hadron collider (LHC) has a design energy of 14 TeV for proton-proton collisions and 1150 TeV for Pb-Pb collisions. In these circumstances, it was argued in 2001 that black hole production could be an important and observable effect at the LHC [2][3][4][5][16] or future higher-energy colliders. Such quantum black holes should decay emitting sprays of particles that could be seen by detectors at these facilities.[2][3] A recent paper by Choptuik and Pretorius, published on March 17, 2010 in Physical Review Letters presents a computer-generated proof that micro black holes must form from two colliding particles with sufficient energy, which might be allowable at the energies of the LHC if additional dimensions are present other than the customary four (three space, one time).

As you can see it's still a bit out of our technological range and a mirco black hole wouldn't last long enough to cause much damage

Safety arguments Main article: Safety of particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider Hawking's calculation[6] and more general quantum mechanical arguments predict that micro black holes evaporate almost instantaneously. Additional safety arguments beyond those based on Hawking radiation were given in the paper [19][20], which showed that in hypothetical scenarios with stable black holes that could damage Earth, such black holes would have been produced by cosmic rays and would have already destroyed known astronomical objects such as the Earth, Sun, neutron stars, or white dwarfs. Further, microscopic black holes generated from a particle accelerator are very small in size and are expected to have a high velocity[citation needed], making it impossible[citation needed] for them to accrete a dangerously large amount of mass before leaving the earth for good.

Either way we don't understand enough about black holes. It's all just theories... No facts. And as far as I understand a black hole hasn't been viewed by anyone so it's existence could be argued.
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