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Voices Of Shattered Gulf Oil Victims - Rense Radio Network Special [February 1st 2011]

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:47 AM
Jeff Rense has put together a radio program with 30 victims and specialists to expose the health care fiasco and cover-up in the wake of the BP Gulf Coast oil disaster.

He aired this 2 and a half hour special on February 1st 2011 and has made a special PDF file available to download for free. The eBook is called Coming Clean: From Denial To Detox. posted an article about this in-depth exposé - which can be read here.

You can stream or download mp3 copies of the Voices Of Shattered Gulf Oil Victims HERE.

Here is an excerpt from the Examiner article:

Voices From The Shattered Gulf

Talk show host legend Mr. Jeff Rense has publicly announced a three hour special program, Voices From The Shattered Gulf, inviting Americans and listeners around the globe to Rense Radio Network Tuesday, February 1, 7-10pm, PST to hear poisoned people, their advocates - and the truth.

Mr. Rense stated that he has gathered a host of Gulf Heroes to reveal Gulf Truth and give listeners the opportunity to stand in solidarity with them.

Increasingly, Gulf state residents are struggling to survive illnesses and poisoning from the so-called "oil-spill," while their advocates, independent scientists, doctors and frontline workers, are fighting to survive often vicious extremist persecution, murder, assassination attempts, death threats, stalking and infiltrator actions.

Due to the mainstream media consistently covering-up Gulf Truth since the very beginning of the Macondo Well Explosion in April 2010, Mr. Rense has equally consistently presented Gulf Truth experts and victims whose health crises are being exposed by heroic, independent doctors, scientists and researchers on his famous website and radio program. He has run a non-stop stream of hard news about the injured and dying in articles and videos on his home page of and on the Rense Radio Network program he hosts nightly, Moday through Friday from 7:00 to10pm Pacific Standard Time.

Before starting his own news and information talk program, Jeff Rense was a network affiliate television on-air news Anchor and News Director for a decade and witnessed what he called "the disintegration real 'news' in the face of big money and corporate agendas."

Rense stated today to this writer that he decided he "would not be used a vector for such tainted 'product' as dictated by the money and power organizations controlling the television news industry."

Rense left a successful tv news career and created his own talk radio program in 1996.

"I have never looked back," he reported.

The Jeff Rense Program may well be the world's most listened-to and quoted radio news and information program on the internet, and the Program Archives are considered unmatched in true broadcast journalism.

Through Voices From The Shattered Gulf, Rense is gathering people mainstream media have suppressed as part of its Gulf news coverup operation.

The Voices From The Shattered Gulf event is for the American public, and Rense Radio Network listeners internationally, to stand in solidarity with those suffering and living in a heightening reign of fear along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere on the planet revealing the truth about the Gulf.

Dr. Tom Termotto, in a telephone conversation with this writer on Sunday said Voices From The Shattered Gulf is the best insurance for those being persecuted due to revealing truth about this ongoing mega disaster.

During the broadcast, Mr. Rense will unveil an unprecedented collective effort, making available, absolutely free, life-enhancing health information to the many millions being impacted as a result of the BP disaster in the Gulf.

More important than the music, Voices From The Shattered Gulf will provide listeners with testimonies by Gulf victims, the true Gulf Heroes and colleagues of Mr. Rense. Slated guests include poisoned "clean-up" crew workers and Gulf Coast residents who will give testimonies.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:56 AM
just like 9/11, 7/7, mumbai shootings, bali bombings, madrid bombings, arizona shootings etc.etc. the gulf oil spill was a psychological operation(with very few if any deaths, like the other psy-ops) orchestrated by the men behind the men in power. any sicknesses are the direct result of unnecessary toxins being purposefully dispersed, for whatever nefarious reasons(sort of like chemtrails in the water(watrails)), in and around the areas of a non-existent oil spill. i won't also being ruling out the possibility that these reported affected victims themselves are actors.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:22 AM
There have been quite a few reports of the health implications and cover ups that have been going on in the gulf since the spill and corexit use. It is good to see some strength building with the number of people reporting these events. The handling of the whole situation has been criminal. Admitting it has been a difficult challenge, but the conflicts of interest and disregard for life (human and animal) over the PR campaign has just made the situation worst for the people that live and work in the region.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 05:07 AM
If you have a spare couple of hours on a weekend, I highly recommend checking this radio show out. It is deserving of more attention, I believe.

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