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MUFON Director's being replaced...Why?

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Well do you know any more about Bigelow?

Originally posted by Allred5923
Great contribution's Primander!!
A lot of true grit in conversation!!!

Glad you noticed the British grit I throw in from time to time (takes a bow).

Originally posted by Allred5923
Zorgon is greatly respected by me, I understand his input of thing's of this nature, and I also believe he knows the implication's of dis-info and how fast it spreads to the multitudes which leaves the proverbial table of argument's wide opened and centered around such attacks and reiteration of such said theories.
And thank you Zorgon, your opinion's are greatly and respectfully accepted. But not without some research!!!

Respect to Zorgon

But I'd love to hear if any of you know more on Bigelow? Most of all Zorgon.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by Pimander

I think Bigelow is more of a self appealing financial type of investor, though his interests of the UFO phenomenon may be genuine, his "Possible" agenda for wanting to finance MUFON may be a rather speculative action, it could go either way on the scale of good or bad for public knowledge and awareness and disclosure to potential UFO sighting's that would be able to back up these events with tangible evidence.
On the James Clarkson- UFO Investigator website, Cliff Clifton announced his resignation as the WA senior director for MUFON due to his inability to accept the changes that were being made by the bureaucracy that was put into place with Bigelow's appointed Marie Malzahn who had replaced Chuck Reever. Being's that MUFON was a secular group of voluntary individuals from all walks of life, which by the way had a rather "Open Door Policy" as far as it goes with recruits for the MUFON organization, started getting more and more bureaucratically with regulations and implementation of such thing's as "Criminal Back round checks" and "Finger printing protocol" too be a member of MUFON after the take over had taken place. Bigelow did give his word on the "Not changing Protocol" with MUFON organization, but it seems as if his promise and across table rhetorical agreements to this matter were and currently are shattering his initial intervening with the funding to the MUFON organization.

But there is one space-related issue troubling Mr. Bigelow, one on which he feels the need to obtain, even at potentially great cost, the best counsel available: UFOs. It is not clear whether he fears that UFOs will interfere with his future orbiting hotel chain or if he believes that UFOs harbor some secrets of propulsion or anti-gravity that his engineers might someday be able to put to good use. Whichever it is, Bigelow has contracted MUFON, the largest UFO group in the U.S., with potentially very large sums of money for the pursuit of first-hand UFO information. Indeed, longtime UFO activist Ed Komarek is suggesting that Bigelow’s goal is nothing less than an “alien reengineering project.”

The above quote is an exerpt from the article called "Bigelow's Aerospace and Saucer Emporium" Though the article was written back in 2009, the ventures he usually undertakes are much more terrestrial in nature. Hotels, businesses and property buyouts. In the article he is clearly not understood as to "Why" he would want to retain the MUFON organization for any particular reason, but three reason's did come to mind when the article was written. 1.) Bigelow wants to investigate UFO phenomenon to reassure that his ventures for a a "Space get Away Hotel" wont be inadvertently targeted by Extraterrestrial invaders. 2.) He wants to get the upper hand to produce new and more advanced propulsion systems by means of reverse engineering evidence's that come through report's and the investigation's of those report's through the MUFON organization. 3.) Bigelow wants to make vasts amounts of money from Government military projects with the reverse engineering results and technology. Bigelow Aerospace has many alternative probable reason's for interest in the MUFON Org. and here is Bigelows brainchild of "Next Generation Commercial Space Station" with over all view of artists rendition and applicable potentiality. Their hopes are to get it up and going by 2012, but then again, we will have to wait and see if the funding/buying or merging with MUFON isn't just a ploy to think out side of the box for some sort of higher technology. There could be much learned from testing new propulsion systems in a vacuum of zero gravity..
wikipedia offers some of his ventures and his status, just Link here. But for the most part, Mr. Robert Bigelow is a rather private kind of fellow it seems when it comes to disclosure of any of his financial or investment disclosures, as you or I would be with that kind of money and clout at the ready when ever one would need it.
And for as far as contacting him directly via an EM or contact information? This is as far as I have gotten , if someone wants to go farther with it, feel free. Though it would be nice to get some kind of validation to his effluents to the MUFON organization investments, with out the man himself declaring his motive, we can only speculate at best, but at least we have three very feasible and practical answer's for his interests in MUFON and it's potential implications for deepening the pockets of this entrepreneur and space technology guru.
One thing I would like to add t this thread is a direct link to IsaacKoi's ATS Thread , Isaac really didn't get a lot of hits with his thread, but his research and posting of such research has made my job a bit simpler... "Thanks IsaacKoi!"

If there is any more information of these events progressing to a new level of information, I would love to hear about it!! Hint-Hint to all that read this post.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:11 AM
I was doing some updated research on the why's of the MUFON organization being disbanded by the powerful Bigelow enterprises after acquiring a large financial contribution to the group. It turns out there was some rather shifty dealing's going on and for those of you that have posted to this thread, I though it only prudent to share the reason for these events until the very end of explanation, so, here you go:

he mystery of why Colorado State Director Leslie Varnicle was fired has been solved. For starters, it had to do with James Carrion and whether he was to blame for MUFON losing its contract with Robert Bigelow. James resigned in January 2010, and after that the view circulated in MUFON was that James’ “mismanagement of the funds” had been the cause for Bigelow terminating the contract after $334,000 of the promised $672,000 had been paid.


So, it seems Mr. Carrion was taking the MUFON contributor for a financial ride. Too bad for the people involved, and shame on the organization for not keeping a better census of their potential importance to the rest of the UFO follower's respect.
If Mr. Bigelow was shunned for his actions and the taking over of the organization, then ridiculed by persons such as myself, "I apologize for the unwarranted thoughts of this being nothing short of another conspiracy to derail UFO investigations and disclosures around the globe. This I truly regret."

With that said, we have concluded the mystery of why all the MUFON chief organizers were being removed or replaced. It was from shear greed and unimaginable lack of etiquette.

Thanks for all your guy's feed back with this thread. It took a while to get the answers, but truth has surfaced. Now all we have to do is hope the new management has more respect for their constituents now and in the future.

"Thanks for funding MUFON Mr. Bigelow."

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