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Hues and Cries Of People Living In Third World Countries !

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by Rockpuck

If they stop breeding, who will you blithely condemn to slavery to make your Levis twenty years from now?

Maybe if you paid them more, they could afford some education, maybe some trojans.

Maybe if you stopped paying preachers to tell these people that Jesus needs more babies, with every nickel you put into the basket on sundays...

Maybe if you were first in line to get your tubes snipped so that you don't add another 150 pound diabetic freak of a child who will spend his entire life raping and pillaging the third world by proxy to the world?

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by vinay86

Many people from rich countries visit third world countries to only see how people are living in slums with filth all around them, they find it funny and highly entertaining. And then they share those filthy pictures from our countries with their friends and families to have more fun.

I completely empathize with your message, but I also think the above statement is REALLY unfair and stereotypes people unnecessarily. I have NEVER met anyone who laughed at the misfortunes and poverty of 3rd world countries, nor took pictures to pass around and snicker at with their friends back home. I don't know anyone like this, and I do donate to organizations that specifically HELP villages become self-sufficient, not just give them food off a back of truck and then make them wait until the next shipment. Your assumption makes zero sense, since those types of people would never visit a 3rd world country for "fun" to begin with. All those who would go, are there for humanitarian or missionary purposes.

Again, I understand and empathize with your plight and frustration. I also want to point out that the United States is THE most charitable country in the world, by far, whose people DO care and give exceedingly to those who are suffering. I just felt it wrong to bash and accuse the very people who give and volunteer the most. We do have issues with "trust" when it comes to non-profit organizations, so there are only a handful that I would personally give to.

It breaks my heart to see people living in filth, disease, and starvation. The problem isn't money....well, to a certain degree, yes, but it's not even about food or corrupt organizations making a buck off of all of us. It's about education. Villagers need to be educated in proper waste disposal, sustainable gardening practices, basic construction, proper animal care and husbandry, and any other number of trades that will ENABLE them to stand on their own! I can't tell you how many pictures I've seen where trash lines the streets where children play, and people bathing in trash littered waterways where animals are allowed to defecate. It doesn't take money to make a stand and care....pick it up, burn it, and clean up the neighborhoods! Education....learning proper hygiene to keep disease and illness at bay. Education...picking 2 or 3 of the brightest students every year to send off to study to be doctors so that they can come back and give back to their communities....these could be sponsored programs! Education...learning about sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence, monogamy, safe sex and responsible parenting.

It's not all about, nor should it ever be all about just what others can do FOR them, but what others can do to help enable them to do it for themselves. I urge everyone everywhere to consider what I just posted the next time they consider donating.

For everyone reading this....

A few of my favorites that I continue to donate to that help those OUTSIDE of my own country:

Charity Water


Holt International

World Vision

Those I donate to that help those within my country include Veteran's Groups, Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army, and various random conservation and animal welfare groups that pop up from time to time. The point is, just do it. Sure, do your homework and find ones that have more good reports than bad, but if you wait until you find one without faults, you'll never give and no one gets helped. But do try to find those that ENABLE self-sufficiency and not just random handouts.

My two cents worth, and God bless all those in need.
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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by Gseven

I completely empathize with your message, but I also think the above statement is REALLY unfair and stereotypes people unnecessarily. I have NEVER met anyone who laughed at the misfortunes and poverty of 3rd world countries, nor took pictures to pass around and snicker at with their friends back home.

Thanks for posting, and for your genuine heartfelt concerns about poverty stricken people in third world countries. I agree, I have stereotyped few people and I apologize for hurting emotions of people living in first world countries. I like people from first world countries, as they have offered many great things to the world. People of US are very good hearted and are donating large sums of money to alleviate poverty from third world countries. I thank them for their efforts. And this expression of love and support should prosper and grow in the future.

I am from India, I posted that statement, because I was highly distressed after seeing the portrayal of Indians and Asians in some Hollywood movies like the recent one slumdog millionaire, you will say they are just movies but I think it gives a negative impression of us to the world. But I know who owns Hollywood, and the common man In US has nothing to do with it. I also felt bad after reading some comments on this thread, Filthy Pics From India.

I agree with you, proper education is very much needed but it requires large amounts of money which sadly people don't have. Govt. runs some education programs that are affordable by people but they are only limited to school level, and as we know for getting good jobs higher education is required which is quite costly. And due to this people have a basic notion that education does not adds much towards earning their livelihood, so they don't enroll their children in schools. If I had the power I would have made education free of cost.

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by stephinrazin

I am in the first world. I realize the reality that for me to live well it means that some one else in the third world must not. During Christmas time I watched my society binge on material objects with no comprehension of the suffering that such excesses are born of. It made me make this threadabout globalization, and how the economic systems pillage the third world.

Your globalization thread was great, Sadly globalization has not achieved what it should have i.e. open and free trade between people of various countries, and a raise in the standard of living of the people around the globe.

On the contrary it has resulted in foreign corporations to enter third world countries, to pollute and pillage in those countries and reap huge profits at the expense of the horrific suffering of others. This is not globalization this is Americanization, Westernization. Today the definition of globalization from a third world perspective, includes the measure of how many international food chains, pharmaceutical companies, Pepsi, coke, McDonald etc. are present in various third world countries. This type of globalization must stop.
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