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14yr Old Rape Victim Beaten to Death by Islamic Court

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:10 AM
Jesus H...whatnis wrong with the ppl over there D:

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 11:29 AM
I wonder why the major news media does not report on such events????

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by John46562

They do on occaision, but one problem is that one of the US's best friends in the region, Saudi Arabia, is one of the worst offenders.

Saudi Arabia supplied the pilots for 9-11, spawned Osama bin Laden, and is the most oppressive and backward in terms of their treatment of women and use of Sharia law. And they are our best friend. You can see the Bush's grinning like chimps posing with them, buddies for life.

You just dont want to draw too much attention to the fact that our leaders really dont give a rats ass about human rights, communism, etc. So, you try to keep things that make your people notice that their leaders are raging hypocrites and liars of the highest order off the television.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by resistancia

We can not change their ill conceived ideologies and views on women (and other aspects of law) but we must
ensure that Sharia Law is NEVER allowed to be introduced into our western societies where Moslems have integrated.

I need to amend this comment I made earlier in this thread.

They do not integrate...they infiltrate.

sad res

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by lee anoma

Originally posted by nightbringr
I dont think we can read too much into the arrests until we know how they are dealt with.

There were plenty of people calling for the perpetrators arrest and how they got away with this murder, now that they have been arrested, the goal post is moved to "punishment".

Sharia law is nothing more than insecure men wanting to keep their women on a tight leash, and those advocating its use should feel the sting of the whip they would so handily use against their own wives, daughters and others.

I agree.
I'm glad they made it illegal.

I have to wonder how the apologists here treat their wives and daughters? To not see how terribly wrong this is is so beyond my comprehension.

I have to wonder at the mental state of someone who blames an entire race, and religion on the actions of one village. Consequently those actions were illegal and lead to an arrest.

I also call into question your judgments on who or what is an "apologist".
Carefully reading my post would show my feelings on the matter.

Carefully reading seems to be the main problem in this thread.

I think the problem is the rush to anger when it comes to Muslims, Jews, Liberals, Conservatives or whatever enemy we have up for the week. This thread has called for the area to be bombed, the race wiped out, and every there dead because they assumed that the preps were congratulated for their actions and not arrested.

- Lee

Yes, it has moved to the "punishment" catagory, but that doesnt mean anything. What if they are released with a slap on the wrist? We cannot assume anything until we know the punishment served.

I think the point you are missing is how women are treated as a whole in these countries. Its savage and backwards, and if your issue is we are blaming Islam, then maybe we need to blame the culture. You will go on to point out that Islam is not responsible, when if you backtrack a few pages, someone has posted many lines from the Quran that show how Islams advocates violence and intolerace towards women. Telling followers that "god" condones these acts then pointing it out in their holiest of holy books is a very powerful tool.

Yes, violence and racist/sexism occurs here too, but what you are again failing to see is the glaring differences between an entire village and family doing this to one of their own, and the isolated incidents we see here. It simply would never happen here. You dishonor the victims of these crimes by trying to rationalize it away.

And yes, it is the entire culture which allows this to flourish. A week rarely goes by when i do not read about Iran executing homosexuals, Saudi Arabia whipping a girl for the crime of being seen in public, or Yemen circumsizing young girls. Barbaric in the extreme, and while Bangladesh could be called "moderate" for a Muslim country, so could Eqypt, and if you would like ill tell you a little story about how my wife was treated in Cairo on a Mediteranian cruise we took several years ago. I will never visit Eqypt again.

After all that is said, there obviously are good Muslims, but these are the smart ones who realize the difference between wrong and right. Unfortunately this common sense seems to be in short supply.

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by 15FORreal
Jesus H...whatnis wrong with the ppl over there D:

Dirt poor, ignorant, brutalised and scared. No excuse in any part for what happened of course. Extremism is reason, and the Capitalist global system the cause.

To end extremism and backward religious fundamentalism we have to end the nation state system and end the capitalist system. End both by realising these are people and they are lost and brutalised. Their country is brutalised, under the yoke of a corrupt ruling party supported by the powers only interested in conquest and profit.

Look at Afghanistan, once the France of that part of the world, before the WW2. Look at Iraq, before the sanctions of the 1990's and the invasion it was the most progressive country in the ME, had problems sure, a dictator in place for one, but women could wear open necked blouses, and mini skirts, more importantly they had one of the best infrastructures in the ME, clean water, ample electricity, good hospitals and universities.

Look at Afghanistan and Iraq now. Both filled with extremism where fundamentalism after a generation or two can find fertile soil to take root. We reap what we sow.

Before you point at the brutality of stoning 14 year olds. Remember that the US has the highest incarceration rate amongst the industrialised nations and to boot the highest execution rate of any Western nation infact probably only exceeded in the industrialised world by China. In the US the intellectually handicapped are regularly executed. And if you think the electric chair, and death by chemical injection are quick and easy take do some research. They are brutal ways to kill and often errors are made with prolonged and painful results.

You who wish to cast the first or even second stone take some timeout to consider your own backyard.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 08:04 PM
This is not an every day occurrence and the Bangladesh authorities are aghast at what happened. The girl has been exhumed for a thorough post mortem and the perpetrators have been arrested. Fatwas were outlawed in the country last year, maybe nowhere near soon enough, but done. Source: Guardian newspaper U.K

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by Honor93

Doesn't qualify ... 14yr old not married, merely promised ... adulterer/male adult is married to his former victim (age 13) by order of the court.

Besides, she was ordered 101 lashes ... What is that about?
when i first read it, the infamous phrase "and one to grow on" crossed my mind ... sure would like to understand the emphasis of the 1 extra, which she never survived to endure.

If you been following the discussion from the begining you will notice that we were debating if the punishment was actually done according to Sharia Law, AmatuerSkyWatcher said yes and brought those verses from Quran to support what he/she is saying, i gave the explaination of the verse which sets very hard conditions to prove adultery, if someone believes in islam and wanted to punish sinners then he should follow Sharia Law literally which is not the case with all those fanatics, they may accuse someone with adultery based not on Sharia Law then pick whatever punishment they want, it is very clear to me here that the girl was killed because they wanted to kill her (she became a shame to her family) not because Sharia Law is saying so, you did notice that from the article:

Next, the local Sharia (Islamic) courts ruled that yound Hena should receive 101 lashes for the crime of adultery

and you wonder why the extra one, the answer is very simple, this is what they wanted to do, the verse in Quran clearly says 100 lashes not 101, this is a very clear proof that they don't actually follow Sharia Law.

if they really follow Sharia Law then they would have considered the girl as a victim and punished her cousin not her, this what i've been trying to say, not defending Islam not by any chance, but truth must be told.

the verse says "Married women" but it applies for both married and single women, Quran gave a much greater priority to married women because the consequences of accusing a married woman with adultery are much greater than those of a single woman, Quran losses more than %50 of its meaning when translated, even Arabs need to be specialized in Arabic language grammers and literature to interpret Quran.

these were quoted by the previous poster you claim misunderstood.
again, why wasn't the adulterer punished equally and immediately? even you posted the commandment ... "you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes." --> am i missing something here?

Sharia Law actually states that you punish both women and men adulterers equally, the verse in Quran states this directly and very clearly, another proof that the court that claims it rules by Sharia Law in fact does not, this is what i am saying, they just murdered the girl because she is a shame to her family, they stick thier actions to Sharia Law.

you are missing the fact that i am not defending Islam but i am showing that the court and scholars are not following Sharia Law.

so, are you saying his wife (at 13 or 14) actually had a choice?
what you indicate is that she could have refused him but would eventually marry AN adulterer sometime in her life. ~~ I don't believe that for a NY minute.

Allah says this in Quran not me, i don't believe that too, i am an ex-muslim, seems like you didn't know and think i am a muslim defending islam.

ok, a culture built around, ruled by and manipulated within the confounds of Islamic practices, some extreme, some not. In many dictionaries, this type of activity is referred to as a cult.

all organized religions are complex, that is how they maintain control, whereas spirituality is natural, never forced, seldom rigorous, occasionally challenging yet always fulfilling ... each day, every encounter (good and bad) leads to a learning experience which hopefully encourages each individual to learn more about themselves within their spirituality, their dimensional boundaries and their willingness or lack thereof to be a conqueror of those boundaries.
yes, we are magnificently complex creatures indeed

no religion is as complex as Islam, Mohammad the founder was either a very very intelligent man or a very very sick man or both.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 08:43 PM
I read the title: "14yr Old Rape Victim Beaten to Death by Islamic Court". Then as I looked at the name of the forum I read it as "Heart-Breaking Alternative News".

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 09:00 PM
In regards to RicoMarston's comments...

Rico you are partially correct, I feel something, not sure if it is exactly remorse, but something along that line. While reading that I started to get tunnel vision, my heart tripled in rate. Destroying that country would mean destroying that same victim or many other like her. I see that in the Muslim religion it's accepted to capture innocent people that in some cases, are there to help rebuild your wreck of a country. Then preceding to saw there heads off with a knife. Getting back to that girl, I would have either killed or been killed, but I wouldn't stand by and let it happen. How many people stepped in since you say it's illegal out there? There is something very uncivilized about that race of people. They may very well be where our race was say 2000 years ago.
Am I guilty of wanting to destroy millions to save one? Passion runs like that in my veins, maybe not always for greater good. So I apologize, but my heart is in the right place, just misdirected.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 09:09 PM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
I just cannot imagine it. It is really beyond normal comprehension.

Even if I could wrap my mind around the motivations of the rapist and the twisted logic of the court, I could never get my mind around the father going along with the punishment. Any father that doesn't die trying to stop something this absurd is un-human. Mother's too. Sure, the mother is indoctrinated into the culture, but it should be humanly impossible to stand idly by and watch this happen, especially for the parents of the girl.

It goes beyond religion and culture. I don't care where or how you are raised, all humans know that you do not allow this to happen to your off-spring. Wild animals wouldn't even allow it.

Sorry, it's a big thread and I really don't have the time or inclination to go through and see if this was covered or not.

But, the father did not stand idly by and allow this to happen. He was, in fact, beaten himself and has now left the village. He still weeps when he talks about his daughter and all he has to remember her by is the mobile phone footage of her being beaten.

Please review this story, which is an interview with her father. It pays to know all the facts before having an opinion.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by John46562

It does, just maybe not the insular American media which is slow to pick up on anything that happens outside the 50 states.

It has been on the BBC.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia
Is this true?
They invested billions in promoting this form of Islam OUTSIDE of Saudi Arabia too?
Can you supply a link with some information on that?

I'd love to read about it
I know you didn't say outside, but I assume that's what you meant. - thx

Oh yes, most definately. The Saudi's spend lots of money promoting Wahhabi/extreme Islam throughout the world. They even do so in Europe and the UK, with financial support for groups that support Sharia Law and the imposition of Islamic states. These groups go so far as to actually rig elections, co-opting proxy voting systems and basically block voting for entire communities to get their people into councils.

There is a Channel 4 programme in the UK called "Dispatches" and they have gone into great detail about all of this. I would recommend looking it up.#

EDIT: Recently, there have been quite a few convictions in the UK with regard to vote rigging, something that just didn't happen until recently. All of the accused were Muslim.
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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:02 PM
This is sickening. all the more when you consider it is commonplace amongst these backward cultures.

It is so rage inducing to me. If I had a nuclear missile I'd give serious thought to using it on some of these useless oppressive backward cultures, governed by the mentally ill, a drain on the economys and reputation of the entire planet.

I quote Steven Fry. 'A cancerous pollock on the anus of humanity'

That's the kind of people who would do that to a young girl.

If anyone who actually follows these antiquated doctrines would like to justify this pish to me I'd love to hear it, I dont think any of you can. I believe you are all MENTALLY ILL. and any answer I get would doubtless be some quasi-religious mumbo-jumbo at best.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:35 PM
Re-reading this thread since my last view, I think it's pointless for those of you that are truly angry, to perpetuate more violence out of your frustration.

Rather, I think it is very important that every western nation make it clear that Sharia "court" not be allowed in any civilized nation. Anyone administering Sharia law and doling out their religious "justice" outside of a Muslim nation, should have the book thrown at them, and be prosecuted to the fullest of the law. No exceptions. I honestly don't care what rights Muslims think they are being refused, if they dislike the native court system of whatever nation they immigrate to, they can either love it or leave it.

I would demand immediate deportation for anyone caught practicing Sharia law, and long term imprisonment for anyone caught exacting Sharia penalties upon other Muslims within their western country.

I'm looking at you, Britain. If the Muslims will not conform to the native laws and courts, then they shouldn't be welcomed into the country. It boggles the mind how many extremists happily live safe and prosperous lives within European and American neighborhoods, but harbor so much violence, even at extremely young ages, at their non-Muslim neighbors. Are they not offered higher education here? Unbelievable better paying jobs? Safety? Opportunities to pursue their interests in complete safety?

What's the root of all this destructive behavior? Claims that the west bombs and kills their people "back home"? Is this not their home now? Do they really have nothing more important to do in their life than to seethe about a war "back home", that they have little stake in if they're living here and enjoying the freedoms of their current country?

Or are Muslims never truly "free"? I'm starting to feel like if you are Muslim, you're at war with the world, everyone is your enemy, unless the world is completely Muslim is there no safe haven for the typical Muslim?


posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by nightbringr
Yes, it has moved to the "punishment" catagory, but that doesnt mean anything. What if they are released with a slap on the wrist? We cannot assume anything until we know the punishment served.

We can assume every criminal arrested in the entire world could get a slap on the wrist.
If you want to toss and turn over that particular fact I won't stop you.

The main fact is that these men were arrested because they committed a crime.
That is a good thing.

I'll leave the "but what if's" to you guys, and wait for sentence before I start ranting and name-calling.

I think the point you are missing is how women are treated as a whole in these countries.

I really haven't missed any point in that regard because I wasn't addressing that fact but rather THIS case.

I know all to well about how women can and have treated in most Arab nations. I know the same level of inequality is taking place in China where the one-child family planning program and the pressure for women to have sons have lead to disastrous results, or Israel were quite a few American Jewish women who went over there to get in touch with their roots ended up assaulted for trying to sit in the front of the bus, or in Africa, or the Balkans...

I mean you don't need to lecture me, based on any preconcieved notions of me being naive to the plight of women worldwide. I haven't even delved into the subject in this thread.

That wasn't even the point I was addressing that you decided to respond to.
My point was that people are claiming these men acted under the law of the land and they did not.

Plenty of people missed the fact that the article stated shariah was illegal and the men were arrested until other members pointed it out.

That was the point I was driving home.

If you want to start a thread about the mistreatment of women in Arab countries I'll be there to take a read.

As I said, I was discussing THIS case, not Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Iran.

Making Shariah illegal is a step in the right direction, but I think too much anger is keeping people from even acknowledging this fact.

Even an arrest isn't good enough.

Unfortunately this common sense seems to be in short supply.

I problem so easily found all across the world, and yes even in this thread.

- Lee
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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by SecondComing

Happens in the largest church in the world -- the Catholic Church. Priests rape little boys, girls, women, men. Rarely is it acknowledged. If it is found out, the Chruch buys its way out of the scandal. With the thousands (probably millions) of priests who raped their "flock", I'm not sure that anyone has gone to Jail.

Why would anyone continue to go to the Catholic Church???

Your post is utter bollices, complete #e and ridiculous libel.
There are not and never were 'millions' of priests raping their congregations.. but obviously you get on believing that. Studies have shown that the percentage of Catholic priests accused amounts to fewer than 1% of priests, which is actually fewer than the percentages of Scout masters, teachers, sports coaches and step-Daddies accused and actually found guilty!
Furthermore, you know (or ought to) that many priests found guilty, have gone to jail.
(Here in New Zealand, a man who made a lying accusation against a priest, and who asked for and got thousands of dollars in "compensation" was also sent to jail for fraud when the fact that he had lied was proven.)

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by angus1745

Backward cultures?

What about Jim Jones and Jones town.
All the priests raping their parishioners in the Catholic Church

All the crime and murder in America
Serial killers all over the place

Imagine if all that had happened in an Asian country what you bigots would be saying?

You never look at yourselves.

Sure some of these countries are backward, but that’s because ALL of the third world was raped and colonized by European plunderers.

You know those guys who murdered all the Native Americans and enslaved millions of Africans.

I would take a look at this so called western civilization if I were you

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by inforeal

Oh puhlease Inforeal. Of course it's ok for Bangladeshi tribesfolk to rape and murder children because the West raped Bangladesh!


Guess what, if this happened in Detroit we would be raging about it here too.

Any culture who treat their women as animals ARE backward.

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by nightbringr

Where did I say that it was alright to do that?

America has more vicious crime than any place in the world.

You want me to go over the number of serial killers this wonderful CHRISTIAN WESTERN CIVILIZATION has produced?

Or the number of rape-murders that go on in this country? And I mean of CHILDREN!

So before people start calling others names

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