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There is no Us & Them...We are all Hungry!

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:44 PM
After traversing & researching conspiracy to plot, from new world order & the irony of war as a means to peace & all the other issues, chaos & difference in opinion that breaches the borders of insanity within the midst of what we call our society, I've reached my final conclusion - There is no us & them, we are all hungry to feed.

Take ATS for example, here we find ourselves drawn & grouped together by the desire (hunger) to learn - that which we don't already know, orchestrated by those we do not know, yet assume to be in the know...hmm sounds like an enigma. So many create separation & herd mentality by making reference to 'TPTB' but what are they? So many times I've read people write "we need to do such & such..." but what is this 'we'?

The human species is full of stereotypes/egos: Racial, religious, ethnic, national, gender, age, physical, cultural, Intellectual, sexual, psychopathic....etc etc etc... we can all be mentally defined as one thing or another & many things in between by ourselves & others but really, what are 'we'?

Of course people can find themselves momentarily aligned when their motives & interests match, they can create groups & cults & hierarchical leaders but at the end of the day, when push comes to shove & desire is replaced with real hunger (the need to feed) we can witness the inevitable truth that it is...every man for himself.

Hunger is a terrible word; it is extreme & incomprehensible to anyone who's never felt such instinctive necessity through starvation. Yet to a lesser extent people can rightfully describe themselves as hungry for love, money, power, fame, success & all manner of preconceived thoughts, ideas or notions that may inhabit the human psyche at any moment in time. Life feeds itself & thrives on hunger in many shapes & forms; it is the driving force of all Life, if it wasn't it couldn't work for lack of motivation. Bacteria as the smallest form of life we know feeds, excretes, reproduces by whatever means possible for its own survival...As far as we can witness, there is nothing beyond that.

Nothing can compare to real hunger & motivation that arises from starvation of a human in the only Life they know in fear of certain Death. My point is we are not a civilised species of organisms, we can't create 'order' amongst ourselves because we're more suited (instinctively programmed) by the R-Complex in our brain to 'control' & suit our own needs, fulfilling our survival & satisfaction of hunger.

We are hungry, if humans were left alone together with no means of distraction & allowed to starve long enough we'd be eating one another. This thread offers no solution to any effects of the cause but I feel it addresses the root. Perhaps rising food prices across the globe may bring some for thought.

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