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The Now Age Movement and 2012

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 11:52 AM
So i have been thinking about 2012 and the recent spate of UFO clips and movies that have blessed our internet service providers!!

I was trying to project my mind to 2012 and enter into the psyche of humanity to gage what the fear factor would be like...

I had to take into consideration the "Mass Effect" or build up to 2012 and the level of anxiety, fear, apprehension and excitement that would be predominant to us all around that time...

We would have by then digested the likes of Paul, Battle LA, Cowboys and Aliens, Super 8, Unaware, Area 51 and so on... Adding to the conditioning of the masses.

By the time Dec 2012 comes we would be almost ready and indoctrinated to accept some form of global UFO sighting scenario.

I was thinking from a futuristic me viewpoint of the level of fear i would be experiencing internally..
Now i probably wouldn’t be that scared but i would be slightly concerned as the date approached.

I know many people by the time 2012 Dec comes will have some form of knowledge on what 2012 represented to the Mayans and the impact of this date on humanity foretold by the ancients.

Surely this date will raise fear to an all time global high...

With all this fear would it not be a prime time to set in motion the grand plan of the ages...
The great UFO project blue beam conspiracy.. The arrival of the avatar and world saviour...

Surely by then the life blood of planet earth would have been squeezed from the very souls of each individual inhabiting the earth...

What with so many countries waking up to the corruption of their governments.. prices going up to a level where the basic man and woman can not find the finances any longer to keep up with the on going hikes...

Revolution is in the air.. by 2012 i personally believe we will have experienced "Mass" demonstrations in most if not all the worlds capital cities.

So does anyone else think or feel we are being led into a state of mind where the pressure is building and the indoctrinations is so much more in your face... ??

How do you think you will personally feel come Dec 2012... Even the hardest of sceptics must admit to some degree they will be aware of this date.. no??

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