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BOOM! were dead...Life goes on?

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 11:14 AM
There is so much that is being spread, but all in all it falls under propaganda and fear tactics that the "Elite" are trying to use. They want us to fear them, we know this. Now imagine that 9/10 they come up with the scariest,craziest things ever, like Haarp being a weather machine, or the fact that the tectonic plates are shifting means its in operation, or the poles are shifting. I'm not trying to debunk anything but what if our governemnt wanted us to fear them so much they spread things about themselves so we forget about things like CODEX and the FEMA camps what about HALIBURTON pumping chemicals into our oceans? We get shows like Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory I mean on the BP oil spill episode he says -
"I like what he had to say, he sounded very scientific" WTF?! your a moron, yes the things people in his showscome out with alot of cool info but Jesse and Alex Jones make all conspirators look crazy so the general public call us crazy. Which could work in favour of government tactics because this way we won't be believed by those who haven't seen government for what it is.
I want to stress I'm not trying to debunk anything but our gov. sure does blow everything out of proportion and for these conspiracy sites they could do real damage. The UFO stuff is cool, but there are so much theories and B.S on ATS now its crazy, Were entering a new conciousness feburary 11th, or the poles will shift march 15th. like common? prove this please? but still ATS goes on applauding these HOAX's like please do your research and don't believe everything you read. Think of what benifits our government intellegence agency's that control the internet would have in writing what your reading.

I don't want this site to become any less credible than it already is.

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