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A letter to all you letters and messages to all us Americans!

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 03:45 AM
To whom ever this may concern,

As an American that has read endless messages and letters to us blaming us and ridiculing us for being the people of a country just as you are to yours. i was compelled to write this because i responded to another message to Americans about the same dead horse that has been repeatedly beaten and thought i should just generalize a response, written in my opinion as an American, to the name of the elephant that everybody in the rest of the world wants to know.

First off, we are not the only people that live in a world of content with the current system of government in their country and there are other people that put up with quite a bit more before they jump up to arms. Would you like me to list examples of countries with governments that are currently not congruent with the local residents' views and/or morals?

i will try to answer the most popular questions i have come across. The first and most general question seems to be, what is the problems with our system that allows and tolerates the agendas of a few? Well, our government today is set up as a curtain in the name of freedom. Behind this curtain lies the architects of our paradigm, but this curtain is made up of our corrupt congress and weak presidents.

The first problem is that the man that is supposedly the most powerful in our country is not. The president is the leader of the country and should there for be the most powerful. The current system makes our president weak, and if our leader is weak, we as a people are weak. Why is our president weak? Term limits pure and simple. If another great leader such as Ramsey, Augustus, Ghengis Kahn, Elizabeth, or any other golden age natural leader, was born today in our society; we would never know. Why? Because after 8 years we would be done with them and on to the next roll of dice of presidential canidates. Give me an Obama, Hard Ways! or a Hopin Bush! If a president is doing a great job and/OR the people love him or her, then why can't a president be up for re-election every term? Allowing a president to run every term would magnify our great leaders and weed out the bad ones. The presidents would then truly be the people's representative. We should not be scared of great kings and emperors. We should be scared of the spineless shady career politicians that hide the slide of hand behind the curtain.

Career politicians in this country is the door lock and key to the corruption and greed of big corporations with in our government. Think about it. If somebody that is too weak to lead as president, but is slick enough to stay in congress for their whole lives; how long would it take for them to be eventually corrupted or for the sake of innocence, naively influenced when their weaknesses are exposed behind this curtain? Term limits on congressmen would keep representation fresh and views current. Career politicians are the problem. They are the ones scared to lose power and that fear is what allows and tolerates the agenda of a few.

The greed is displayed right in our faces. The abuse of power is all across the board. Are we all in a agreement? Is there any one that does not see the corruptions in D.C? Strong leaders are what we need. If FDR would have made it through his 4th term he probably would have made it through for a 5th term. Would that have been a problem? Who immediately became scared of him and put a term limit on the presidency? Our fun loving congress. As soon as FDR dropped dead, congress did their thing and put a term limit on the executive branch. Fear comes from our insecurities in my opinion and i would rather put my faith in a strong leader than a bunch of insecure senior citizens scheming on each other.

The next question is usually along the lines of, why are you Americans not revolting? Why should we? My number one concern is my family, not yours or anybody else's. i am here to make sure my kids are fed and raised right. For now the system is still stable enough for most Americans to do that.

So why is it such a surprise that the majority of Americans have not stood up and said enough? Our system is tolerated because we are kept fed pure and simple. Revolutions start with the stomach. Why is it our fault that we are being oppressed? Should we say the North Koreans are evil because of their oppression? Should the oppression of the people of Burma also be an evil act of the people? i just don't understand why i am blamed for being born here. The grass is not greener over here. We have our own hardships that we are dealing with as average joes. i know i know, we do not see all of the evil acts of men in other parts of the globe. i do see us losing our humanity. Our lives are made so complicated that we don't even feel alive at times because we are consumed by the system. Our American problems are different in most ways to the rest of the world, but i promise our hoods are filled with the same wolves that are found in your hoods. Problems are problems and everybody can only deal with the problems they face.

Why are our corporations so evil? Because they make insane amounts of money. Our career politicians all have corporate interests. Uncapped greed is the root of our problem in this country. Big corporations have enough money to influence things in their favor for an extra dollar than the well being of the people that is making them rich. Our capitalist system needs restructuring if we are to fix our problems ( save it for another thread). Greed must be capped and reigned in. Career politicians must leave D.C and take the corporations with them.

Why do we not realize we are slaves? We do, but what is a slave to do? Like i said, as long as this slave can feed his children that is what i am going to do. The next group of people to run this country could be worse than the one we have now.

How have we let this happen? How can it be the people's fault? Should we blame the German's for the nazi agenda? Should we blame the people of Egypt for putting up with a dictator for 30 plus years? Should we blame the Palestinians every time a Jew dies? The answer is no. It is not the fault of the people. It is the actions of a few that is directing this world and there is not much the rest of the world can do about it. The whole world should blame ourselves if we going to be blaming each other.

The way i see it we are all in the same boat together. We are all observers of the world stage and have no control of the program. If you are reading this, then you are plugged into the same matrix as i. you just have some different perspectives, but we all share the same fundamental principles and truths. This is the human experience and we are all just playing the hand we are dealt.

i hope this brings some clarity as to why for all those that seem to want to know. Just leave your why's below and i will give you the perspective of an evil American. bwa ha ha haaaaa


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