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Is YouTube being Hijacked???

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 02:06 AM
One of the reasons I came to ATS, is my interest in UFO's. The easiest way to see potential new footage of ufo's is via youtube. Quite frankly I believe that it is a good thing to have. Actually no matter what new story might break, from ufo's to political matters and police disturbances, Youtube has become the storage vault for such videos.

If there was a current event, you can easily look it up, search by the current day and recently added or posted and it was always very easy to get the newest footage of the subject you were searching for. Of course there was always the meaningless videos in the ufo category. These were easy to spot most times...others you would click on it and realize, you just got rick rolled.

However, over the last month...perhaps a little longer, Youtube appears to be hijacked and is getting taken over in the UFO search category the most. I go to the Youtube search bar, type ufo and then date added to see the most current submissions and guess what? There are repeated submissions of witness text concerning ufo sightings. The channel names have changed from week to week it seems. I can not verify how many names are used, because I cannot seem to get past page 50. But I do know that I remember seeing many many various channel members doing this. There are so many of these spam posts that by the time you get to page 50, it is only one day or less ago. Keep in mind, this is using the date added filter button for easier and faster locating .

I first noticed it after the Jared Loughner shooting, and at the time it was Muslim/Islam and Koran text videos. At that time, Islamic videos were taking up the screen, with tags like ufo, politics etc... They are still being heavily distributed the same way as the UFO witness text videos.

For those of you who do not know what they look like...It is a black screen, white text, consisting of a personal typed story and anywhere from 50 secs to 10 mins long. Oh and for your viewing pleasure the channel member has even decided to make sure that you can view the text in HD. Each channel member has anywhere from 500 videos uploaded to nearly 1,000. All within a matter of days. Some of the main tags are text within story, but mostly all are in the politics and news section.

After conducting a Google search on the names, I have found out that they are posting in video forums all over the internet... I mean everywhere with just as many videos they are uploading to Youtube... Thousands.

Some of the names are "dueaccordingtogreem", "TheCounterclaim", "infoinfoful", "Thisistheschedule" and "letthetruthspeak" that is the islamic one.

So heres my question...Who is behind this? What motivation do they have? Is it a computer system? To me it seems to be a jamming tactic that makes it harder for those people searching for popular topics, be it politics or Ufo's, to perhaps never see the current events or footage taken. If you constantly bombard sites like youtube and others that host videos, and it is not stopped, Where does all those potentially important news and footage go?

I believe this is a form of internet terrorism...for lack of a better word. But the question is...Who is doing it?
Our government sponsored agencies, or someone elses?
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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 02:31 AM
hmmm seems like a control measure is this to flood with false flag vids later, or to hid the real 1s, or is it an attempt to crash the sites? ...definitly odd. Great perception on your part btw

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 04:14 AM
Very Interesting observation. I read on here that conspiracy sites like GLP and others have been taken down for threats or whatever and who knows why. But if an organization or government is behind taking conspiracy sites and the like down, they would have a much harder time taking something as big as youtube offline. But, as you say, loading tons of garbage videos would make it hard to find real news or footage and eventually people will migrate away from those sites for that reason. And you say that the same names are behind thousands of videos at sites all over the web. Well that sounds to me like you're onto something. That much effort would seem to me to have to have a large organization or government behind it. So the next question is why? Well, we know the US Gov is not happy with Wikileaks and all but stated they were out to take them offline. Maybe an organization, security or intelligence got the job of taking sites like Wikileaks down and now are going after other targets. I just read on where the US bypassed China's censors and great firewall, which means nothing but that there is an active team, organization, or whatever working on those things. Now, if you make a leap of faith and consider the Earth Events, and strange happenings of various governments building bunkers, loading them with supplies, DHS ordering or getting info on ordering 149 million underwater body bags, then you could say the governments are preparing for something nasty. And to prevent a mass hysteria or panic from taking over, they may have a program that recently got into operational mode to defuse these sites from being able to put out coherently pointed information on current or near future events. There definately seems to be someone targeting the non-MSM or alternative media with bogus stories, etc and the result has been people becoming disinterested and ignoring them. Consider the black triangles that are seen everywhere. Well if they are secret military craft or even ET craft, with all the camcorders and video sites, these things would overwhelm the people with all the siting events. But, put hundreds or thousands of hoax videos out there and the real ones get lost in the mix and the more experienced obervers or researchers just quit bothering due to all the garbage out there. I know I have quit looking at most of the UFO stuff because of the garbage/CGI, etc now.

So, I think you might be seeing the effects of an organization that is waging a campaign on those sites. We saw how irate people got when Egypt flipped the internet switch off. Don't think the other governments didn't notice and even before that knew what a mess it would be to do the same. But set up a counter-intel force or counter strike force to combat the things they don't want gaining traction and we may be seeing the beginning of the effects of such a force.

Of course that is just my opinion on the issue. So, don't ask for links to the organization doing it or anything because I don't have it!
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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 04:27 AM
Here is the story I mentioned above:
U.S. Government Slips Through China Internet Censors With New Technology

The U.S. government has figured out how to bust through Internet censorship filters in order to deliver news and other vital information via e-mail to people in countries like China, according to a recent report.

Source full story:

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 02:46 PM
I am convinced it is some type of computer software as these posts that I am refering to do not seem to really stop. Either that or these people never sleep.

If I am wrong on both accounts, then the only thing that left is a mass group, similar to wikileaks.
Everyone knows the passwords to post under different names and just keeping it going 24/7

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