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Alien invasion scenarios in dreams

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posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 08:39 AM
To begin with, I really did not associate these dreams with predictions. But since I couldnt forget about these dream and all of a sudden I found myself in this forum reading various predictions I realized that it would be interesting to see if anyone else but me has (in the last months or so) had any Alien invasion dream-scenarios.

My first dream featured me riding my bike on my way home from the city. Suddenly when going up a long straight for bicycles only road, I started to notice what seemed like a war/fight going on in the heavens between spacecrafts.

All of a sudden there were aliens (grey type) on the ground 100meters in front of me wreaking havoc. I sought refuge in a big bush under a tree, but they found me.

The dream was over. It really wasnt that scary, however I was a little shook up, I normally DONT dream about aliens. Even though Im extremely interested in the subject.

The second dream happened about 6-7 nights later, I think that was one week ago now. This time I was at home in my garden, suddenly there seemed to be aliens (grey type) everywhere, in this dream I took on a more offensive role than in my last. I remember kicking one alien in the stomach area before seeking refuge in the house.

One important thing to note here is that I had read a few articles on Alien invasion prior to these dreams, but then again I rarely dream about aliens at all. And also the articles didnt really frighten me.
Ive also read *ALOT* on reptilians last months, and actually been frightened som nights - but never had nightmares from it (knock on wood).

So, anyone else had similar dreams recently?

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 10:38 AM
Sounds to me like movie induced dreams, maybe you watched ET, Signs, or other similar movies.

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 10:40 AM
I had a dream that involved aliens two nights ago. It was odd, and like you I never have dreams of aliens.(Even after hanging out at ATS
) Aliens were walking around, not a lot of them, but a few here and there. The aliens were a greenish color, and they had long fingers. They had the standard alien face. They would communicate to us by using someone else's vocal chords. When people were talking for the aliens, they would have a green glow inside their mouth. One of them touched me on the arm, I think it was trying to be reassuring, but it was a little creepy. I fought the urge to pull my arm away. I remember thinking, I don't want to be rude.

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posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 11:49 AM
OniShiro, well I wont deny the possibility of what you suggest, however, Im in my mid 20ies and I have since I was 7-8 years old watched just about everything featuring aliens in TV and Movies.

As I mentioned earlier Im not used to dreaming about aliens or Ufos.

Dbates, interesting dream, alot of detail.

posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 10:58 AM
I suggest you look at some of the other posting, in fact there is one about three down that I listed as well as several other people involving this very subject about "alien" invasions as well as dog fights in the air with alien and earthly aircraft.

here is the link on the invasion thread

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posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 03:51 PM
Robertfenix, yes I have read those threads, interesting with the same theme. However, the "dogfight" in my first dream from what I remember were between UFOs, not your F-16, JAS, MIG, F14 type aircraft, still one side of the battle could have been terrestrial origin, hell - both couldve been really!!

I posted this thread in ATS first, I didnt know there was a BTS with a Dream forum - had I known Id made my contribution to that thread instead of creating this one. sorry, Im still kinda new here

posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 04:27 PM
Dawnaj deserves 30 lashes with a wet noodle(something my grandmother used to say) for posting in the wrong forum..
I was just about to defend him actually, He wasn't that far off, since this is a dream that is a prediction of sorts. Yes, now you have discovered the underworld that is BTS. The predictions threads in ATS are usually more interesting, but this one has its purposes.

posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 10:55 AM
Just for the record, is there a "" aswell?

Anyway, prediction or dream - impossible to tell, so its better of right here - well atleast until the aliens arrive, then I demand that auhtorized personel move this thread back to the Prediction forum at ATS

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 11:24 PM
Dawnaj i have hade the same dreams for the past 3 months
they are kind of weird and very real feeling

posted on Sep, 12 2004 @ 08:39 AM
Gday. Can't be bothered linking to another thread covering a similar topic so here's what I wrote:

I have these three re-occuring CRAAAZY dreams which I have had just before reasonably major changes in my life. It would take an eternity to describe them in full detail and I'd like to stress BEFORE people recommend I stop watching starship troopers and the like I have been having these dreams since I was a very small child.

Ok. I feel a bit foolish desribing all this because it sounds very hollywoodish but I've only got peoples respect to loose. No biggy

The first one starts with me crouched behind my bed, and staring out of the window. It is a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. I'm looking towards the horizon scared out of my wits and there are numerous disc shaped objects that appear to be flying towards me. In the background someone is talking on a radio but it's all un-interpretable (is that a word?) chatter. Anyway, this dream only lasts a little while. The blue sunny day turns to sunset and there are more of these saucers flying towards and apparently over the top of the house.

Queue the second dream (these three dreams ALWAYS happen one after the other, never individually). The second dream starts basically "halfway through the movie", where I am running for all it's worth down the hallway, and there's sounds of gunshots outside and the sky is red (sunset maybe? I never actually see the sky, only a redish / orange glow reflecting on everything). I'm yelling to someone but I can't remember what it was. It's been a while since I've had these dreams so I'm starting to forget some of the smaller details.

I run into my room (?) and desperately try to shut the door yelling they're coming in, they're coming in to a group of 3-4 people who are huddled against the opposite wall. I almost get the door closed when whatever "they" are stick an arm through stopping me from closing it properly. It feels like there are quite a few trying to get in. I am behind the door trying with all my might trying to close it and these people huddled on the opposite wall are holding guns and I'm telling them to shoot "them" and don't let "them" in.

Then the "scene" changes to the third dream. In this one it looks like I'm at a school of some sorts. There is a word written (spraypainted?) in red literally all over the place. On the ground, floors, roofs and walls, but I can't make out what it says. Anyway, I'm running between all these buildings, shooting these "things", but I not once get a clear view of what they look like, I only know they are there and that they want to kill me. I'm searching for other people to help me, when I duck under a "demountable" (for people who don't know what that is, it's basically a portable classroom. Sort of a glorified shed that sits on brick struts). These things seem to be swarming from everywhere and I feel like giving up when I look over and see someone else is hiding under the building with me. I tell this person (I think it's a woman?) that we need to get out of here, so we crawl out from under the building and start to run for our lives when a helicopter comes over, drops a ladder, and as soon as I get my foot on the ladder, the dream ends and I usually wake up.

Like I said, these dreams are ALWAYS the same, and have always occured during important events in my life, such as just before moving to a new town, just before high school graduation, just before acceptance into college, just before moving to melbourne. Judging on the things that have happened to me shortly after having these dreams I came to the conclusion that they are a warning or message letting me know my life is about to make a big change in some way or something bad is about to happen.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by Dawnaj

I have dreamt about alien invasions for as long as I can remember. It always begins with an airshow way up in the heavens. First, the alien ships are just zooming through the heavans and then our plans arrive. Of course, our plans are no match. I have never seen an actual alien in my dreams which is odd to me. The last dream I had which was last night, an alien actually entered my house but I was still not able to see it. My dreams are always very very detailed. Very. I am usually never afraid as I watch from the ground. Lately, the spaceship has noticed me watching and somehow I realize that it notices me. That is when I get afraid. As long as I am watching it or them (it could be hundreds) I am not freightened. Not until one notices me do I feel threatened.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by Dawnaj

I to have had dreams about alien invasions and I was womdering if any one else had these dreams.
My first dream was mabye five years ago I was deaming that I was asleep in my bed back then there was a house next to us that no one was living in at the time in my dream I thought i heard a noise and I looked out the window and I saw many little gray figures walking out of a tiny ship I quickly got back in bed and hid under my covers then the noise stopped I got out from under neath my blaket and the were crawling through the window and it was over.
My next dream happened 2 days ago when I was on my trampoline with a psycic and we saw college people looking aliens flying up taking pictures of us then I asked the psycic what was happening while the things flew up and whe said alien invasion they flew up and there was a really bright light and there were millions of flying cars in the air and it was over.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by LordGoofus

This is to LordGoofus about his dream where he was trying get the door
closed from letting "them" in.

I had a similar story like that but it was from a different p.o.v. There
was me, my cousin and some other guy I did not know. From what I understand
the three of us were soldiers going from house to house eliminating a threat and securing any civilians we see.
So we enter this damp dark house, as soon as we walk in we get ambushed by this big alien it had on what looked like black almost shiny armor.

We spread apart to surround it, We fire upon it and it swings at my direction I get struck and thrown under the near table. My cousin finishes it off, I crawl out from under, then when we think were safe, we hear more coming so we all head up the stairs as fast as we could.

At the end of the hall way we get to this bedroom, and inside the bedroom it was musty and dark, something happened here. On the bed was a red flashlight pointing down and there was blood everywhere. Then we hear running coming from the hallway a person rushes in and tries to close the door but the creature was trying to get in. He tells us to fire, I look down at my gun and the barrel was bent.

Then I woke up. It is one of many dreams I remember.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by Dawnaj

recently I have had several dreams involving invasion. Only in the last dream did I actually see one.
The first dream I'm in a city with my family. Driving down a narrow road between very tall buildings. Like a downtown area. We are driving along the jam packed roads. With BlackHawks flying around above us. And Military units on the ground. Tanks and troops. No real fighting only the feeling things are very bad.
I have different dreams in the same city that appear to be different parts of the scenerio. Almost like a chapter book. I'm never in the same place or doing the same thing. But I'm always running from an unseen threat.
Two days ago I had one that scared the hell out of me. I'm sitting in a room with my family and some friends. We hear a very loud strange noise. So we all rush outside to see what's happening. Now I'm standing by a fence of what looked to be alot like an airforce base. We look up and a plane is there. It's left wing is broken and smoking heavily. It's obviously crashing. I hear a noise behind me and turn to see three "star wars" type black and white fighters. In a triangle formation flying 2feet above the ground and straight at me. I yell "that can't be good, run". Now we're in a parking garage. In the car next to us a man is holding two bags of plasma? (they look like iv bags from hospital with a coca cola like substance in them) He's telling me to take the bags it's too late for him. That he's dissolving on the inside. He tells me to hurry, to run they are coming. That it's not to late for us.I can see the sweat running down his face. And as some women ride in on motorcycles he dissolves in front of us. Then I'm in a beige room looking down a hallway and i am REALLY scared. I look down the hallway and see I see a VERY tall alien. As I'm saying "they're coming, they're coming!" (looks like alien from the movie "Signs") I'm trying to pull the door closed and lock it. It opens outward. Then my son is there pushing something against the door. I say good idea and there is something behind me, like a dresser, that i push against the door. The door had switched to open inward. Then I woke up. These dreams are becoming quite frequent and very vivid. I'm really scared. And its the reason I have searched out this forum. To see if anyone else was having these dreams too. They feel like premonitions not a dream. Like the story keeps continuing. It's crazy. I've told you my first and last of them. They are most clear to me. Thanks for listening.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by Dawnaj

My ocasionally recurring dream is of dogfights very high in the night sky.
Aliens never land . I have to sometimes strain to see the very distant dots, but am left in no doubt that I am watching a fight between spacecraft.
I havehad these dreams ocassionally for many years.
Recently, about two years ago, I decided to try an experiment; meditating as I fall asleep, to leave my mind open to telepathic messages from any person in the universe.
On more than one ocassion I had the image of a jellyfish like organism, an umbrella type shape opening and closing to propel itself through the atmosphere, possibly of a gas giant; this followed by other "dream images"notably one scary humanoid with four eyes.
However, I wondered , what if such an umbrella being existed in a gas giant and developed telepathy as a means of contacting its own species in the turbulence of its atmosphere. Could it be communicating images to me?
Last night was the first time I had the dogfight dream, which is mildly scary, after doing the telepathy meditation. The images were very hard to see, as though through much atmospheric light pollution but there were a lot of hits, the explosions leaving no doubt that I was watching a dogfight.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 12:31 PM
I've had a few invasion dreams, but this one really stuck with me:

It starts with me in the middle of an alien invasion. The power has been cut to parts of the city and it's just after dusk - difficult but not completely impossible to see. Everyone is scurrying into buildings to find a place to hide. I manage to join a group that took shelter in an office building. We found an interior conference room and locked the door - there were no windows and we hoped this would be a good hiding place.

This building still had power initially. We could hear people in other parts of the building screaming. The screaming stops. The lights go out and after a few seconds the door latch clicks open. As soon as the lights went out I knew they were coming for us next so I hid next to the door. When it opened I snuck out into the lobby area and there were 2 more grays there keeping guard. They saw me and captured me. The group I left in the room were all dead by this point. The next thing I know I'm at some kind of amphitheater. It's daybreak - the sun is coming up and there atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful. I can see craft launching in the distance all around me - they're leaving. I'm staring at this Huge TV screen of sorts - I don't remember what was on it. There are other survivors there with me. I had the impression that I was spared because I was deemed "worthy" in some way. I turned around and there was a massive monolithic object that looked like an unlaunched alien rocket. It was a symbol that they had not completely gone.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 02:25 PM
Hi I'm replying anonymously. (stumbled onto this site from a GOOGLE search of "Alien Invasion Dreams".)

Let me first start off by saying I dream in HIGH DEFINITION. Full color and about 50% of the time I don't know its a dream until close to the end of the dream. I have had a total of 7-10 Alien dreams in my adult life and I am only 25. I had one last night that has had the same theme as previous ones but not exactly the same. In my dream theme (1), I relate to one of the first entries on here about being on a bicycle and having a war in the skys above.

Dream theme 1: Aliens are wrecking havoc in the sky but are not fighting us as humans but eachother for control of us. The fight continues on, I pedal my bicycle to a building for protection but immediately see that it's not going to be very good.

Now, before I go on to the dream theme 2 let me first give you my analyst of my (personal) dreams. 60% of the dream is geared toward, or has in it, some experience I went through in the past 2 weeks. 25% of the dream is completely random instances, and 15% of the dream are things that occur due to my actions in the dream. I LUCID DREAM (able to recognize your dream state and control your actions) about 40% of the time! Let me now say that my "ALIEN DREAMS" are different. About 75% is new and undreamed as I am referring to the UFOs. 25% is related to my past weeks. I have only seen the same UFO ship twice, maybe three times.

Dream theme 2: Aliens and UFOs are here to destroy us as a human race. I hate to make this relation because I thought it might have been the reason for this type of dream but think WAR OF THE WORLDS. Basically there are destroyer UFOs that wreck havoc on the people and land, and then there is the cleanup crew UFOs that make sure there are no survivors. That's exactly how it was in my dream except the ships looked different.

Dream Theme 3: This was one of my favorite dreams when I woke up. There were probably about 5-8 BIG Rectangular UFO ships in the dark sky in the distance. I was on a rooftop of a big building so I could see for miles. The ships were large black and had many uneven areas random square sections protruding from all over. The best part was it what they were doing. A ship would land on top of a building and drop a medium sized triangular pod made of some dark metal on the rooftop. Then this thing would activate and a bright, glowing, orange beam would shoot straight into the sky. Then an eerie feeling came to me when I saw what it was and it was the [Eye Pyramid on the back of the dollar bill]. I ran down to the ground because I didn't want to be on the rooftop when this thing came. Down on the ground there were thousands of people milling around, some scared but most zombie-ish and they acted like they knew where they had to go.

Dream theme 4: I have been on a UFO ship in my dreams once. It was a brief dream but I remember telling myself "Wow, Im on a spaceship." I had little to no gravity and was floating about. It was a very small ship and reminds now of a USA Spacecraft just made out of very smooth chromey metal on the inside. I opened one room at the end of the ship but it opened automatically when I got close. There were two aliens, about 5Ft, light green/grey and they were controlling some equipment on the right side of this tunnel room. They looked at me like I wasn't supposed to be there but I ventured past them until I got to the end of this ship. there was clear glass and I was looking out to space and remember being VERY SCARED all of the sudden that I was in space and I just wanted to be home. I felt a big drop and fall like feeling but landed safely on the ground and back stage of an auditorium with no-one in the seats.

I hope my dreams interest you and maybe you can relate! Everything I have said is true and has happened to me. We are not alone, maybe our dreams are just symbols and maybe there signals.

Dream theme 2:

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:08 PM
I have had quite a few alien invasion dreams myself.

1. First one I remember I was kinda rugged and running through an open field and a UFO was following behind me. No real way to get away but i was trying to make it to a tree line. Woke up

2. I am in a house and I suddenly get a feeling. I walk to the door and look out and we are on a large hill. I can see a large city blow. Suddenly a large white sphere grows from nothing to casting a massive shadow over the city with spheres and lightening leaping around the main sphere. I felt it was God visiting me for a moment. Then as quickly as it came it vanished. I felt awestruck for some reason.

2. This one is really strange. I was in a war torn house. Half of the house was missing like a dozer had raked half the house and roof off. I was under the floor boards. I felt something next to me and felt it was dead. I look over and its a grey laying next to me. I hear scurrying on the floor boards above me. A voice echos in my ears, "they have your brother." I immediately scurry out from the floor boards. Its night can clear and the stars are out and the door of the house closes. I run for the door and open it and look to my left. In the night sky I see their ship with no lights and they are just making off. I state, "O no you don't!" and reach for the craft and start fighting its accent like I am telekinetic or something and I am stopping it but its kinda hard but I am really pissed. I get it to ground level and it starts raking on the asphalt and sparks are flying and the driver immediately reverses direction. I change my force and he starts raking on the asphalt again throwing sparks and I think I have damaged it. My next idea is to rip it open when I wake up from the dream.

4. This one I feel relates to a real life event as I dreamed I was hanging out when suddenly a loud sound started reverberating in the sky. I felt we were at war and the sky seemed full of stars and planets and colors. It was unusual. I get on a buss of people I thought were army but they are just sitting there not doing anything so I get off and go home. I find my mom and she says my dad is outside. I feel I need to get him in soon so I go find him. I find him and there are now UFO around searching for people. Suddenly triangles are floating over me making a path back home. I'm startled as I think at first they are alien then I realized some one is protecting me from UFO search lights with the triangles (God) so we move under the triangles and get back home. Just as I close the door and lock it and hold the lock as it has to be held a wild banging on the door starts. Suddenly I am pissed and want to see who it is. There is a bag covering the window. I rip it off and it looks like my mother but I know my mother is already inside. I tell it your not my mother and I command you to reveal who you really are in Jesus name. A couple masks rip off it. One is of a grotesque face, another is an alien and the last was kinda demonic. I felt safe for some reason and woke up knowing we were all going to be ok. I think it was related to a spiritual deliverance my dad went through later and they would have had him had I not gone out for him.

5. I have a knowing we are being invaded. lights are in the sky "beautiful stars" I had a digital camera (strange thing is at the time I had this dream digital cameras weren't out yet but at the time it seemed a very advanced camera "not any more"
). I see a very large ship over the city and go to take a picture of it and suddenly feel like they are watching me but snap it anyways. Then I wake up.

6. well running out of room

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:34 PM
6. k lets see i know I have had tons of these dreams... oh yeah this one is wild. I am in a ship and I am in space except I can't see the inside of this ship. Instead I am in a virtual chamber and I see all space around me. If I am interested in a distant object it is immediately blown up to full size in a window. When I lose interest that window goes back to normal and I see around space again. I feel we are preparing for a very long trip. We are passing some planets and as we pass one I see a black station in the shadow of one of our larger planets like Saturn or maybe further out I can remember exactly but it looked like it had jagged edges like a stealth fighter. I was told, "Its a secret station that is hidden" Shortly after I think we made the big trip but I woke up before it happened.

7. This one I made a CAD drawing of the city in my dream. It was an alien city. It was beautiful. I was in a Tear drop shaped ship. Big round part toward the front and flat on bottom with pointy part to back. The front of the tear shaped vehicle is where I am standing and it is perfectly clear so I can see 180 degrees above to below and left to right. In fact I am standing on nothing it looks. Behind me is a driver at a panel with some lights but its so dark I cant make out who is driving. We are coming into a city that looks like a giant waffle grid pattern and is a single building instead of many buildings. Many stories high. Arches are cut in the flat parts of the grid pattern in which the tear shaped ships fly through like air highways. People are walking on top of this city. Its domed on top and since it is like a waffle grid pattern they can go anywhere and see all the scenery below. Below is lush jungle and rivers. Land is quite flat however. The skies were lavender and pinkish. Large vines also growing up this city. We flew through the arches and then landed at a black glass dome in the corners of on of their large (black glass) city. They had cleared some jungle and planted grass??? As we landed I woke up and wanted to go back. I later realized this is a very efficient city. It minimizes the cities foot print on the land while making much land available from the city. The people can go to the jungle but can also go anywhere with out interfering with the Jungle. I could imagine good farming possibly. Maximize solar collection and reduced loss of heat compared to houses. Easy transportation of items within city. The air cars didn't have to stop for people. Very efficient air highways within the city. Traffic going one way was at a higher altitude within the arches while traffic going the other way was slightly lower in altitude in the arches through the city. The top domed area could protect people from harmful radiation while also providing a stable temperature habitat. If felt like this group of individuals were very nice and very smart.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:25 AM
Also when I was young my mother told me I would tell her that I was visited by the green goose and that he taught me how to fly. She said I was determined to do so and tried leaping off the stairs and yet couldn't seem to do so She said I seemed baffled that I could not fly. I asked her, "you believe me right?" She didn't know what to say exactly but answered yes cause I was her son. Well later for the first time a friend of hers showed her work she did for MUFON on peoples reporting of aliens. She just happened to bring me along with her and at my seeing the pictures of the commonly drawn "Greys" for the first time I declared to her excitedly that this "Grey" was the green goose that taught me how to fly.

Also around that time with that same friend later on we had a strange light out in a field next to us that had cows in it. The cows were making a lot of noise and our dog Jason came running in all scared. This light was completely silent and was going up and down over the general vicinity of the cows mooing. My mother called her friend in MUFON who later called the AirForce. The AirForce in my opinion lied and said it was a stray missile??? is what our friend told my Mom who had contacted them which made no sense because it was completely silent and not to mention how afraid our dog was. That and well you generally don't have stray missiles just floating around up and down over peoples fields. This isn't a dream but is could possibly explain why these dreams exist. They could some how be possibly connected to reality. I also strongly suspect that These aliens are the Angels and or fallen Angles of ancient times and that they have been here for quite some time. That they are possibly of extra-dimensional origin though I admit I could be wrong on that but there are quite a few reasons I choose that line of logic over them being us from the future or them being actual aliens from far away in our solar system. In fact it seems there are different factions of these aliens against others as if there is a war going on much like the war described in the bible between the Sons of God. Some very old paintings have shown some of these wars in the sky between these objects. One even depicts a crash of these objects have a war in the sky before we had these flying vehicles. I have also had a few encounters of the spiritual realm with some unusual beings "very dark billowing cloud with silver lined edges and lots of fear emanating from it" that I commanded to go in Jesus name and it left. They were vicious or vile initially to me "some spoke in very disturbing demonic voices against me and were very disrespectful calling me worthless ect." but had to leave when I showed them authority in Jesus name. I leaned that as a child. I used to have lots of nightmares till my parents taught me about Jesus. I still do but I seem to have been given the upper hand in it when its an attack now.

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