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One-For-All Flu Vaccine Developed

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posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 12:25 PM
NWO conspiracies aside, as George Carlin said, you're supposed to get sick! I know next to nothing about Biology but as far as I know, that's how your immune system gets stronger, by fighting off weaker illnesses. Catching one form of flu just makes you immune to that specific strand, but surely its good to give your immune system some practice with weaker germs and viruses? If you never catch the flu as a kid, then surely your immune system will be too weak to fight off even more serious strands of the disease such as H1N1?

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 12:30 PM
Why should I be forced to take a vaccine if my immune system is strong enough to fight back and restore my body to health naturally?

Why should I be forced to take a vaccine because other people's immune systems are weak?

Most importantly, if the weak people have taken the vaccine that is supposed to protect them, then what risk am I to them if I get sick from the flu??????

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 11:50 PM
Dr.Wakefield was ridiculed not for his suggestion of something being wrong with the MMR vaccine but the fact that his study had like 8-12 kids who already had signs of autism before being vaccinated. He was ridiculed for fraud and not his suggestions. When you fudge data in the research community, people won't trust you anymore.

As far as this data for this vaccine goes, it is nothing significant yet because there were only 28 subjects recruited. This is phase I anyway which usually tests for toxicity or any adverse reaction. Future studies need to be done in the thousands before any statistically significant result could be obtained. More studies need to be done before you can that this is one shot kills all type of vaccine.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:15 AM
I don't necessarily see a reason for any flu vaccine. I've never seen it confirmed that it actually even decreases the risk of flu. I remember being at a Nurses house working on her computer, and she was sick, and she was vaccinated. She thought she was supposed to be immune, I guess it confused her. Dad religiously got these things and ended up in the bed with Pneumonia it seemed yearly. He's not been bed ridden with Pneumonia as of late. I've been trying to boost up his body with supplements.

I've never gotten a flu vaccine, and I don't have many problems with the flu. I don't expect the flu to even be an issue this year. It's not that the world around me isn't getting sick, I'm just not affected that much by it.

That being said, I think boosting your immune system is far more important than trying to develop a vaccine. Your body develops immunity on its own. And, the safety of these vaccines are already suspect. It's a bit of an unnatural way for a virus to enter the body anyway. It bypasses the normal systems of the body. Aluminum and Mercury, I'm just not too keen on taking that stuff into my body.

And, being that they are developing so many types of vaccines, it seem like more of profit based game than anything. Since when did Big Pharma care that much about our health. They do not have a good track record, and they are phasing themselves out of business with side effects. People are waking up, they don't think the side effects are worth the "cure."

If you want to save lives, then teach people how to be healthy.


posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by spikey

Hey Spikey!

I liked your response, good to get the brain juices flowing.

I'm not naive about vaccinations at all, growing up I knew a young girl who became autistic supposedly after receiving vaccinations. We were pretty close with the family and thankfully I learnt a lot about the dangers of certain vaccines.

I'm not saying big Pharma is a big rosy picture, that being said alot of the stuff they do make does actually work. We can't ignore the fact that they are about profits as are all businesses, but yeah some things do actually work.

Statistically there are problems, but who's to say a completely unvaccinated community would have lower rates of death or diminished mental faculties.

It's fun to get involved on one side, but it is naive to not check all the facts on all sides and weigh it all up. I'm not happy that even one person would die from a vaccine but unfortunately bad things happen very occasionally, I mean paracetamol is considered quite safe but will kill one in a million people who's body can't process it.

Perhaps it would be better to have pretests to ensure the child/person were not allergic to the specific disease. Making the process even safer.

Vaccines have helped to drop the rates of certain diseases around the world quite heavily which we would be better without, statistics confirm this also.

Someone already went into the Dr Wakefield thing above I think. So I wont go into it.

Thing is yes some of these things potentially have caused problems in a relatively small amount of the population, which I agree with you isn't great. But getting tetanus also sucks big time. I can find you a negative story about absolutely anything you want, but by and large vaccination is positive. Excepting of course when they manage to contaminate needles with mercury and live virus strains.

Not saying it hasn't had trouble, but statistically speaking they mostly do not cause harm compared to how much they have potentially fixed.

Are some useless vaccines on the market to make money, of course they are, that's business unfortunately and business will always try and get away with it.

I'm all for making sure vaccines are even safer by the way, ensuring poisons are not present in vaccines and ensuring quality control measures are in place, and also possibly autoclaving vaccinations prior to injection to ensure sterilisation and that the virus inside has not reactivated itself at the time of vaccination.

I just look at it both ways and even though I've seen a good friend grow up autistic as a 'possible' result of vaccination (Noone could prove anything) I've been to some 3rd world countries without vaccination programs and I would not wish what I saw there on anybody.

I'd give you an extra star for being an Assange supporter, but unfortunately I can only give you one for having a well informed and interesting opinion.


posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 05:28 AM
There's a few things that are being looked over here. The first is that the flu (Influenza) is nowhere near as common as people think it is. The actual flu will last 1-2 WEEKS and completely wipe out a normal person (i.e. you'll be bed-ridden). A person with a weak immune system can die from it if left untreated. In comparison, the common cold (Rhinovirus) is much more, well common. It lasts a few days to a week and generally if you have it you feel run down but you won't be completely bed-ridden.

The other point is that viruses replicate and their DNA mutates incredibly quickly - at least as fast if not faster than bacteria. We already have a problem with antibiotic resistant bacteria because of their over-use, now we are talking about a flu vaccine that targets every strain. Its just not possible as others have said - people won't get it and become carriers and also any virus that has a natural immunity to the vaccine (and there WILL be at least one) will rapidly multiply and potentially cause an epidemic.

Also, the article says that the vaccine increases the body's T cells. That's what pretty much every vaccine does, so don't swallow that particular line.

Overall I think immunizing some people (high risk groups and/or people in poorer nations - not that they would get it for free
) could be a good idea but not as a mass immunization. Its dangerous for no real benefit because as I said the flu isn't as common as people think it is and generally not life threatening (though not pleasant).

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