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UFO Disclosure Stephen Bassett Interview Jan 18 2011

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 01:00 PM
In the second video he mentioned no US airport was ever closed down due to a ufo being at one, but then it would have needed to make it to mainstream news for anyone to know about...

In my hometown, one of my family friends was the chief controller at the airport, and told me he watched a disk fly over and then hover over the airport, then drop down and landed at the end of the runway and sat there for 10 minutes, so he closed air traiffic to normal activity.. The FAA bosses told him to just ignore it and wait for it to leave, and then tell noone of the incident....He mentioned that their policy is one of non interference.. A few people in family being pilots, we believed what he told us as being accurate..He went on to become a regional chief in the FAA for many major US cities on the west coast , Cali. and AZ. (The reason in the USA why you might not ever hear about an airport closure due to ufo activity, is because the officials at all US airports are forbidden to speak to the press or anyone else about it)..
He was retired and 86 years old when he told me.

I think from hearing Basset talk, that his chief goal is the advocacy of disclosure rather than the current secrecy, which seems to be his only focus.

posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 01:39 PM
I've actually been listening to his many presentations and honestly enjoyed them. IMO he is a good speaker altough the structure of the interviews are basically the same. This subject for me is also quite interesting, and i've been searching for new interviews etc. from him.

Too bad i can't listen Coast 2 Coast broadcast coz it isn't free to listen.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by koperniguz

There is no question that Bassett has learned to speak like a politician. He sounds confident and composed. Having heard him many many times (including once in person) I can see that.

Unfortunately his entire spiel is content free. His ideas about the imagined conspiracy are self- falsifying. They are an hilarious amalgamation of far left rhetoric.

For instance, he believes anyone who is rich is in on the conspiracy, too. He actually thinks the conspiracy extends down to state government!

Take a look at his insanely designed web site. There you can get a sense of his sort of homeless person mutterings. Bassett believes that ANYTHING that has to do with UFOs somehow furthers his cause. So when someone releases a book of alien drawings, he says, "this book will make it happen."

When SETI lost its funding, that was a "strong Disclosure indicator."

This has been going on for years.

Craziest of all is his disclosure clock. Here (apparently with only a casual knowledge of UFO history) he lists news events and estimates how they move us closer to disclosure. Unfortunately his nuttiness is on full display here.

Dan Ackroyd becoming interested in UFOs moved us 5 seconds closer to disclosure!
John Kerry being nominated for the Democratic presidential run also moves us 5 seconds.
The liberal radio network, Air America, is formed in 2006. Somehow this moved us a whopping 10 seconds closer.
There is no entry for when Air America went out of business shortly after that.

Hilariously, in his zeal, he constantly runs the clock down and simply resets it.

This is exactly like listening to the bag lady you might pass on the street. And just as meaningful.


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