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Egypts New Role

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posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 04:20 AM
The global scheme of things and the setting for a new movement in which a person can now become the one to lead the world in a new direction.
I have said in the past the world will make the shift in 2011...It is the time of political change...It is the time for the one to take power...the time in which a leader will rise from the ashes to the role of power.
The time when the pieces have been placed and the new leader of the masses will take control.
Well with the demise of Egypt i think the scene is set.
All things have been placed...and the chess pieces are ready to be platyed out....I will say the leader who comes out of the dust of Egypt....The person who will assume control of the worlds fourth largest it new to realize how the very seat of civilization has come full circle and is now ready to assume control and to make the moves required .
well watch this space as the middle east will surround themselves around this new messiah and be seen as the saviour of all mankind.
watch how things will unfold... and they will unfold in this year we will see changes on a political scale that no one ever thought possible.
the question is who is this person gong to be...and how will he present himself to the world at large.
anyone with thoughts or opinions on this please feel free to show what you has all led to this moment ....the ripe pickings for someone to place themselves on the world scene with very little effort.
This is the change that has been forseen and this is the place in which it would make most sense....what the alignments of this political wave and watch for the signs of what is to come....this is where we see how alliegences are formed and where we will see the movement of the religious form a foundation in which to build.
The world is now ripe and it will be now that this leader will come forward and show their true colors....This is it people, I try not to go to religious here as it will just get torn to shreds...but please just connect the dots for yourselves.....what happens in Egypt at this point affects us all.


posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 04:28 AM
reply to post by plube

So True OP
For a revolt to take place in a nation dominated by religious doctrines and for it to take place in a Middle-Eastern country is the most unlikely event I have come across in years .
I hope my parents in in Saudi Arabia and my friends in Egypt are not harmed in any way .
I fear the violence may escalate in Damman , Saudi-Arabia , where significant Shia'a Muslim population is present .

It is really hard for me to watch these events go by . I am kind of safe in India , while my parents and brothers live in land of political and religious strife .
I hope for the best .

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by renegade17

I wish family the best...i also have friends in Egypt and i too hope they will be okay...but at the same time this is just what is required for the one person to show themselves and this is what has been the system for the tipping point....for Egypt to Erupt as it has is an amazing thing...but unfortunately it is the catalyst for change and it will not be tha change that the west seems to think it is going to provoke.
If we look at religious doctrine it has been suggested for a great long time that in the times near the end dates there will be a leader to rise out of an African nation and this will be the one whom will say that he is the messiah and he will be the one the world will come to trust and to worship on mass and he will present himself as the true messiah.
well all i can say is just wait and see who this person is that comes forward to take the helm....I don't think it will be taken as a bad will be taken as the best thing to happen on this planet of ours....and the movement into Europe will start from this place.
Also what people fail to see in a lot of circumstances is the huge Muslim population in China...Now we maus ask ourselves how people will be used to align themselves and how they will be manipulated to follow a religion.
I guess if religions of the world wanted a holy war they are about to get exactly what they wanted....but the cost is going to be very high as human goes against human.....what a shame that we as humans have learned nothing from our pasts and we keep on just following blindly because so many of us are keep as slaves in our own nations....I feel sorry for us all.


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