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Weird recurring phenomenon.

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:32 AM
Hi fellow ATS'ers,

In order to leave any ambiguity out of the equation, I am fully aware of the many threads that deal with the majority of North-America being covered in clouds however, the part of North-America in which I live being the north Quebec area isn't THAT affected by this phenomenon (when looking at a weather map).

I have started to pay more attention at the sky patterns in general for the past few month. Over here, at night, in most cases no stars are visible. Be it on a night with pitch black skies, only a few (meaning literally one or two) bright stars will show but that's all. On cloud covered nights, which is obvious, no stars show. The moon however remains mostly visible.

The weird part is that the days are most often super bright and clear, the sky is of a gorgeous blue color.

Anyone else noticed this in my area or around my area? Do you think this could somehow be attributed to the massive cloud cover? I mean, it's really weird.

Any ideas, insight welcome... keep it civil folks ;-)


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