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The "we are god" theory

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 08:38 AM
I know that there is a big group of people who think we are god and I'm not saying we can't be, but how do you explain the lack of power we all have? No one can look at matter and change the structure of it or turn a rock into food? If we are god then why are we all so ignorant?

Why would god rape and murder himself? why would he steal from himself?

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by Ralphy

Because we are all gods of our selfs. For example You control who you are, the person you want to be, You set your own goals, take care of your self, Create your own fate, see you are god.
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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 08:54 AM
link's a breakdown.

God is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, and essentially "perfect." However for example you reading a book or even a hundred books and doing research on a subject and being "all knowing" on a topic does not substitute experience. In this way God says in order for me to evolve and gain experience I am going to spark off trillions of little tiny me's to incarnate and go experience for me. Because each individual with their experiences and how they feel about life and how they experience things around others, are totally different from one person to the next. "God" is getting a grasp of life from our perspective. As each person dies and returns that "experience and knowledge" to him/her. We choose to forget "We are God" because that would defeat the purpose of free will and living out our lives. Do you imagine if you remembered what the other side and heaven with all it's perfection and weightlessness was like you wouldn't be a bit burdened and weighed down by that knowledge? If you read between the lines especially towards the end of Jesus's life he was very upset about the fact that he was the only one that truly knew at that time on earth what the truth was, what the other side and God were like, and very few wanted to hear it......he was persecuted and repressed......and if you could remember what difference between this world and the next was and you started shouting it to the rooftops you would be persecuted also........... just saying perhaps that is the reason that burden has not been shifted to another since that time.

And actually humans can physically change matter.....We don't know we are God so most of us can't get our finite human minds wrapped around the "infinite" concept of us being able to CONTROL THE MATRIX
If you got a Super Dome sized stadium full with people and had everyone concentrate on materializing a million dollars chances are the cameras would capture something materializing whether or not it formed solid is another story depends on the belief factor......Look up human consciousness experiments......they are vast and ongoing......there are accounts even from Art Bell/George Norrie on these events where people caused rain in several U.S. cities experiencing drought within 30 min. of the experiment.....all were done on different different cities.....and at different times......and each time rain..for no other reason than apprx. 1 million viewers concentrated on it. The experiment was stopped when someone called in and asked to change the path of a tropical storm......i.e. they realized the power of what they were dealing with in tampering with mother nature..

I will be more than happy to go into more detail if you have any more questions or if this just didn't answer it for you.
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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:14 AM
Human beings who have failed to position themselves at a higher rank in society have some how come up with this disillusion of power, Calling themselves Gods and Goddesses. Just to make themselves feel more special and important and in control of things

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by DragonSpirit2

This post should draw some interesting replies. Hopefully, we can just present our ideas here instead of resorting to the which religion is right, battle. Anyway.

Nice stuff, DragonSpirit. I think within the model of we are sparks of God, you pretty much have defined it. No need to really go into the intricacies, as you've stated them pretty clearly.

However, there is also a model out there that God is a universal being, comprised of all that is within this "light-wave" universe. We too, are such beings, but have entered into this being in an effort to experience and learn the "truths" of this being. This model is presented to George Kavassilas, who is an emerging person in the Extraterrestrial, ultra-dimensional type of stuff. Whether you are in to that stuff or not, don't shoot the messenger ... I am just trying to document the person I know who is introducing this concept to the main stream. Here is his model, and I have to say, conceptually, makes a lot of sense.

One important notion I believe to assert to anyone sincerely asking these questions, and others like it, is to listen to everybody's point of view, however odd on the surface. You might be surprised where you journey takes you.

One other aspect of the OP's original post was on the god's raping god's thing is this. Through all this research I have done, you see a huge push in Western thinking and religious systems to subordinate man to the material. The tendency of this thinking is that as a person, it neglects the spirit and retards the process of being conscious and having spiritual experiences. In this way, it is easy to put humankind into a left brain paradigm, driven by fight or fight and more easily controlled and milked.

You have probably heard this saying before, but I will put it here for those who may not have heard it: I am not a human having a spiritual experience, but a spirit having a human experience. When you think of terms in the later, then rape, murder, and all the evil nuggets tend to make more sense in the overall scheme of things. As spirit beings first, the flesh was given as a gift as an opportunity to experience work that would be beneficial to our overall development. Though the meat suit would eventual decay and we would return to spirit consciousness, we would review what we have done and see how well we have done with our spirit's purpose. I am not saying this as though I know it to be true, only in the context that when considering things from a "higher" perspective, the crimes of this world have purpose, even though from the material perspective, they don't.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by Serizawa

I thought it was people who positioned themselves at the top of society who called themselves "gods" and "goddesses", not people who had failed to reach the top. I guess you live in a parallel universe.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:45 AM

If we are god then why are we all so ignorant?

Because most people are asleep.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by micpsi

Hmm i guess that's why they are all Masons?.....
Makes me kind of think, In order to become a Mason you gotta believe in a supreme being.

Maybe i do live in a parallel universe, Where even the self proclaimed "Gods" are nothing more than worker ants.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:57 AM

Originally posted by Ralphy

I know that there is a big group of people who think we are god and I'm not saying we can't be, but how do you explain the lack of power we all have?

Is god a super hero or something? What kind of powers did you have in mind?

No one can look at matter and change the structure of it or turn a rock into food? If we are god then why are we all so ignorant?

Quantum Mechanics begs to differ with you. According to that, your very existence changes the universe. Every thought you think, every move, every action.... Changes the universe....

As for ignorance, ignorance is just a state of not knowing. It does not mean we cannot learn. We are learning, and I believe that is why we are here. Toe experience life... To remember what we truly are and just how wonderful we all really are.... And that does not go for just Humans.

Why would god rape and murder himself? why would he steal from himself?

I believe we have free will. Free will means we can do anything we want, with out interference from God. Why would god not stop people from murdering or raping? Because we have free will... We have free will because in order to learn and remember what we truly are, and in order to experience the whole of life, we must be the murderer, we must be the victim of murder. We must be the rich man. We must be the poor man...

Only when you have experienced both sides of the coin, can you truly know, experience, and understand, the whole of all things...

We are all one... God is us. We are god.

Question. How do you know you are you? If there was nothing at all in the universe aside from you, how would you know you are you? How would you know you are not something else? Well, Imagine a god in that situation... Wanting to experience him/her/itself... How would they do that?

Perhaps a physical reality that is full of yourself only in the physical you have an illusion that you are seperate... And as you go through learning and experience.. You work towards the ultimate experience.... Self...

Here to remember. Here to experience... Here to "get closer to god".... All we must do is remember, that we are not even apart from god....We are god.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:02 AM
What you are speaking of is something born of the hippy culture, and is generally very hard to understand if you are an everyday laymen. It must sound completely absurd to some people, and if it doesn't (if you're an aver joe), then there is probably something wrong with you. Well, I can't say you are too bad, but sanity you are lacking...

On the other hand, some people have experienced first hand this knowledge. This fact, and it is quite apparent from the moment of realization that it is indeed a fact; that deep within side of us lies the knowledge that we are all one and part of God. This is only apparent through activation of the higher systems of the mind. The Serotonigenic system and psychedelics being the major player here. Until these systems are activated, there is a very good chance any further conversation on the topic will be unfruitful to you, unless you are a very open individual.

For these open souls, I will explain. Imagine if you will, taking an icy cold shower on a blistering hot day. The sensation is so powerful that there is no denying it. You are here, you are awake, you are under the coldest stream of water on this planet, and it is @*#&ing freezing!! What would you think if someone came up to you and told you, that water you feel, it's not freezing at all, in fact it's warm! I don't know about you, but I would be like what the (insert cuss word here) are you talking about you stiff (rhymes with pittied) fool? That is how absolute this feeling that we are all one and part of God is. It is extremely powerful, if extremely is a decent enough word for it.

I want you to play with the idea a bit if you please would. What if this knowledge is true? What evidence is there. I want you to examine your emotions and feelings as evidence throughout the day, as this would be the best way to observe the fruits of any supposed God. I also want you to examine the environment closely, contemplate the beauty of nature, the order of life, and look deep into a child's eye with the utmost love and care. I want you to search deep inside yourself and listen to your heart, and I want you to say with concrete absolution at the end of the day. That we are all disconnected, we are all individual souls, and there is absolutely no meaning to anything besides the survival of the fittest and the grace of chance.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by Ralphy

I know that there is a big group of people who think we are god and I'm not saying we can't be, but how do you explain the lack of power we all have? No one can look at matter and change the structure of it or turn a rock into food? If we are god then why are we all so ignorant?

Why would god rape and murder himself? why would he steal from himself?

The truth is that we aren't gods, and we aren't all bits of the being that people call God. Logically, that simply doesn't make any sense. In the world of Big Ideas, there are people who are in the business of Big Idea sales, and those people have publishers and agents and PR staffs and they also have plenty of other people who absolutely believe that their Big Ideas are the latest and the greatest ideas to ever be big enough to change the world we live in.

It used to be that it was the religious and the spiritual sectors of the Big Ideas industry that had all the exciting news for those folks addicted to exciting news, but recently it's been the Quantum Theorists who've jumped in with both feet and made their money off those same people who are addicted to the next exciting news about Big Ideas.

At $24,95 per fix, being a Big Ideas breaking news junkie isn't as life damaging as being a gambling addict or a dope junkie, but the need for the fix is just as powerful, and with that $24.95 that is spend on a book or a DVD download, the providers of these new versions of the perennial Big Ideas pay the rent and maybe even earn enough to quit the day job at the University where they grind through classes on Applied Physics to texting meatheads who couldn't care less about physics or anything else besides getting above a 2.6 GPA when the course is in the rear view mirror. Hell, they may even stretch the true implication of a nebulous testing result a little if it'll get the book published. But then, no one ever lost their back-up career over suggesting a possibility. Not in 21st Century America anyway.

The sad reality is that we people are who we are, and that's all we are and will ever be. The great news is that we - as human beings - are the most fortunate existential beings to ever exist as naturally occurring intelligent manifestations of completely unfettered conscious expression. You don't need to be a god. You're completely free to experience what it means to be intelligent and invulnerable - well, once you finally graduate from this corporeal phase of physical development, that is - and damn, that's pretty freakin' wonderful right there. And all you have to do is die to win all that freedom and invulnerability.

But don't rush it. Stay "alive" as long as you can and perfect the final being that you're creating yourself to be as soon as you kick the bucket. You'll be grateful to your corporeal self - the you that you are right now - for putting in the extra effort if you take this phase seriously and really work to become as knowledgeable and psychologically grounded and powerful as you can become. There's no way to overemphasize this one true aspect of what it means to be "alive" (meaning that your heart is still beating and your brain is still working).

You'll read a lot of crazy stuff here. Look at your hands, your fingers, the world that sits right in front of you; reality must make sense with that world for it to be real. It can be hidden, and a lot is hidden, but it can't disagree completely with what you already know to be undeniable. Never forget that people make a living off the newest and most exciting Big Ideas. They gather money for presenting them, and there's nothing wrong with that. Hell, I offer my own Big Ideas and ask for $19.95 for a book full of them, so I'm not suggesting that Big Ideas should be given away free, and that if they aren't free then they're lies. That's just not true. Big Ideas - especially true Big Ideas - are valuable. You should have to pay the person who worked to come up with them if you want them for yourself. What I am saying is that any and all new exciting Big Ideas must make sense with the old Big Ideas that have proven themselves to be true and dependable. If they don't, then those new Big Ideas are simply entertainment, and nothing else. Still, entertainment has its value as well. Worth $24.95 on a slow news day? Sure, why not?

Good luck getting through the gauntlet. Mistrust everything, but if you're really trying to learn something, never dismiss anyone's Big Idea before allowing it to present itself to you. You never know what that idea will inspire within you. Maybe you'll be the one with the next true Big Idea, and it'll be because of someone else's untrue Big Idea. That sort of thing has definitely happened before.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:10 AM
You are not God my friend. You have God within you because God is everywhere. God is everything in our existence. We have rape and murder and other horrors because Mankind has forgotten God, forgotten that we are his finest creation, forgotten that he resides within each and everyone of us, and because we have forgotten, we hurt. The pain is so great that we lash out at each other. We judge each other. We do not love each other. We do not love God.

This link may help you understand. It is worth reading to the end, if it ever ends.


Judge not, Love all, be at peace.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:11 AM
I think its a subject people take to black and white for fear of deviation between scientific and religious viewpoints.

There are some good points already on here, on a similar wavelength to mine:

I believe "God" is simply the sum of the universe. The sum of all mass, and the sum of all consciousness. Without consciousness, who would be here to say the Universe ever existed, we are here as part of the Universe (ie God) in order to simply observe, the sum total of consciousness would collectively, therefore, be all knowing of all there is to know, each and every one of us a tiny piece of that whole.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Ralphy

If I were to say 'we are god' I wouldn't be referring to that tiny part of the psyche that thinks "I am me" i.e. the conscious ego-self. I would be referring to the center of the psyche - the Jungian Self. Atman = Brahman.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by Ralphy

I know that there is a big group of people who think we are god and I'm not saying we can't be, but how do you explain the lack of power we all have? No one can look at matter and change the structure of it or turn a rock into food? If we are god then why are we all so ignorant?

Why would god rape and murder himself? why would he steal from himself?

He doesn't remember what he is?

You were poured into the body you now occupy, and the truth is -- it was a serious step down. You "lived" in a house with hundreds of rooms, and now you live in a house with 3 or 4. Most of your stuff wouldn't "fit," so you left it behind for a while to come here.

There must have been a reason? Can you tell me what it was?

This world has no shortage of imitation saviors, and knock-off prophets. Why should it? Somewhere deep in the soul's "muscle-memory," there is a feeling of "being connected to all." Mystics in human bodies find a moment of zen, and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back to it. Others experiment with psychoactive drugs, and catch a glimpse, but it fades with the buzz.

Still -- if they are all even partially correct, you came here for a reason, deliberately, and by your own choice. I doubt it was to look back over your shoulder and admire the view of your old house, right?

Put another way: Do you know the feeling that something is about to happen? Something HUGE? How about the feeling that you've lived through this particular experience before? What about those who live every day expecting the literal "end of the world?"

Something inside yourself is trying to send a message to your mammal-brain. Some power, some force, some aspect of the divine, some spark of the essential "you" is trying to remind you that "something" is always about to happen, that you are the thing that makes it happen, and that experiencing this happening is why you signed up and came here in the first place.

You poured the ocean into a dixie cup on purpose. Don't worry too much about where all the rest of the water went: Be here now.

We are divided for the sake of love, and for a chance at union. It wasn't a punishment. It was a secret wish fulfilled.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:35 AM
When I come across the, "We are all God" theory it always makes me think that if that is so, then god is not only psychopathic but suffering from severe Multiple Personality Disorder to the nth degree.

I don't buy it but I know a lot of folk who do. Those same folk believe that there is no "right or wrong" but that it's all about experience and growth. You should hear them whine though when they feel like someone has done them "wrong."

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by coyotepoet

No it's because most people have never truly woken up.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 01:30 PM
god has gone MAD because he has been placed in 'bizarro-world' where everything is its opposite.

here, in bizarro-world, we have come to define 'alive' as 'not dead'. when the truth is that 'alive' is a self-defining term. similar to 'beauty' and 'love', it does not stand in opposition to any other term.

so you are living under a false premise here in this life and it has made you and everyone else insane. the only truly sane response that i can think of is to seek escape......but those things which offer escape (sex, drugs, suicide, and RELIGION(state-sanctioned insanity)) are considered the most insane acts of all!

and we are left, like Tom Cruise in "Vanilla Sky", screaming "Tech Suppoooort!!!......TECH SUPPOOOORRRTTT!!"

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by Ralphy

I know that there is a big group of people who think we are god and I'm not saying we can't be, but how do you explain the lack of power we all have? No one can look at matter and change the structure of it or turn a rock into food? If we are god then why are we all so ignorant?

Why would god rape and murder himself? why would he steal from himself?

You start with one thing.. a Source, it diversifies itself into everything in existence. It does this to come to Know itself, what it is capable of creating within itself in order to experience anything and everything it can. So we are only small portions of this Source that is growing and learning about itself just as we do from birth to maturity.

You can't do the things you asked because you have not cleared yourself of all the Indoctrinations of being a human in your society.. so you operate in a Limited power. Wake up from that Indoctrinated Dream of Life, merge again with the higher aspect of Your Soul and you will be able to do many so called miraculous things.

Rape, Murder and Steal from 'himself' is a misunderstanding based on Indoctrinated Human Values and Judgements.

It experiences these things with no Judgement, no Value-system of Good and Bad... All Experience is Valid for it. Hence it does not care what you do, in the same way you do not care what an atom in a skin cell on your arm is doing.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 05:56 PM
God is like an eternal fountain of existence emanating from above, and we are like droplets from that source, although some forget their origins.

Anyone who does away with the indespensible I-Thou relationship with the Absolute, however, is simply either a megalomaniac and/or a complete fool.

So it depends on how you define "we" then..

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