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Government/TPTB Action that is Destroying Mankind!

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 08:32 AM

Fluoridation of drinking water + Addition of Lithium

Radioactive Fertiliser used in the growing of Tobacco

For over 40 years, researchers and tobacco corporations have known that cigarettes contain radionuclides(1). The contamination is sourced in naturally occurring radioactive radon gas(2) which is absorbed and trapped in apatite rock(3). Apatite, or phosphate rock, is mined for the purpose of formulating the phosphate portion of most chemical fertilizers(4). Polonium releases ionizing alpha radiation which is 20 times more harmful than either beta or gamma radiation when exposed to internal organs(5).

Source 1
Additional source
Additional source
Additional source

Criminalisation of Cannabis/Marijuana Regardless of the vast amount of health benefits the plant possesses

Benefits of Cannabis

Source 2


World war 1
World war 2

I'm sure I have missed out a LOT. The reason for this thread is too remind us all of all the evil things these corrupt bankers, mega corporations and puppet governments do that directly effect us human beings. They don't care about the well being of us or our families, instead they continue to HARM us all in the name of the "Greater Good". The "Greater Good" being $$$$££££!!

Oh and of course, Population control ...



What happened to a government FOR the people?

It seems as though we have a government AGAINST the people and have done for a long time.



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