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Pole shift not so bad?

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 02:46 AM
Apparently many people are confusing magnetic pole shifting and actual axis pole shifting. According to science, the magnetic poles are created by the rapidly spinning (faster than the outer portion we live on) molten metal at our core and creating the magnetic fields via electrical fields rather than magnetic iron moving around. This does NOT necessarily have ANYTHING to do with our rotational axis. A shift in the magnetic poles doesn't mean the equator will suddenly run through Des Moines, Iowa, for example, nor that Dallas, Texas will suddenly become a pole, though some people there think the world revolves around them . I can say that because I lived there, so there. There is proof that magnetic shifts have occurred rapidly. Lava flows can be magnetized and there are areas of magnetized lava that show one directional attitude nearby lava that was formed at close to the same time with a different attitude towards the pole location. And of course we all know about the mammoths in Siberia frozen with buttercups in their mouths, seeming to indicate that sudden Axial pole shifts have happened rapidly as well. However they are not necessarily connected and the danger from magnetic pole shift, while causing problems of who knows what magnitude, seem unlikely to be as problematic as sudden axial pole shifting might cause for civilization. And please forgive me if the links are not in the correct form. While I have created new threads in here, I have never used links. Kinda embarrassing but oh well.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 03:04 AM
reply to post by jaxnmarko

Oh, but your explanation is all science and logic and stuff. Where's the reactionary sensationalism? People who are believing every thing they hear as long as if agrees with their view of the NWO TPTB when TSHTF do not follow logic or science.
It's amazing that so many people are all excited because an anonymous person claiming to be in privy to the White House "leaked" something on Alex Jone's radio show.
Then they will turn around and disavow Alex Jones as a shill, troll, puppet of the NWO.
So his "info" is crap, but they still listen, the source is untested, but they still believe, and the world is going to continue to spin as it should come March 16th.
I'm going to make my own prediction: On March 16th, when nothing has happened, all the people sure it is going to happen will say it didn't because too many people are "awake" to the schemes so they canceled the world destruction plans. Or some similar excuse, but anything but they and their sources are wrong.
Preparing for the cries of "shill", "troll" and such. They are sure to come. The titles are also wrong, rude, and insulting.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by stars15k

I agree. If I had a dollar, such as it is, for every prediction I read in here that doesn't come true, I would be able to afford a space ship to take me off planet while a pole shift occurs. Sorry about the lack of sensationalism though! lol

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