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Need Help Deconstructing the Egypt Situation

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 11:47 PM
Good evening everyone,

It's understandable that the Egypt situation is provoking a lot of discourse, debate and passions. I've been reading every one of the threads regarding this situation since it began. I'm very thankful that ATS is here since it's my, "central hub for information". Every little bit of info can be found here, almost as soon as it happens. I've been telling friends to come here for info on the situation (and also warning them against weekly doom & gloom threads!)

And in the last days, the situation just got more complex. Consider the following threads, all created today :

- Mubarak Resigns as Head of the National Democratic Party! :

- Sinai gas pipeline blast. Cairo diverts supplies to Israel, Jordan for domestic use :

- Victory in Britain!! Prime Minister says multiculturalism has failed :

- zionists recruiting the English due to losing Egypt :

- Egyptian Revolution is not an Islamic Revolution...!!! :

Needless to say, this generates a lot of heated debates inside each thread. Because of information overload, emotional discourse and complicated politics, it is hard to clearly identify each actors in the situation as well as their interests. This leaves me with many general questions :

- What divides the Egyptians on the choice of a leader ?
- What does Israel stand to lose in any outcome ? What does the west stand to lost in any outcome ?
- Who's most likely to get power in Egypt ? What will be their interest?
- ...

As well as many more, specific questions :

- What will the american warships do in the Suez Canal region?
- Will Israel act on the pipeline explosion ?
- Will Iran eventually make a move ?
- Can and will the Muslim Brotherhood take power? What are their interests?
- What countries are standing in what sides?
- ...

So, briefly put, the situation is confusing, and i'd appreciate everyone's input to try and organize the situation in my head, so I can better understand what is happening, and why it's happening, before it starts to have a greater impact on the other countries of the world, even geographically distant countries, like mine.

I believe that everything that is happening has the potential to further polarize public opinion regarding the current religious divides that exist in society. I have to say that I am worried that this may be the launching event of something much, much bigger.




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