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WAR: Phillipines Begins Iraq Pullout

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posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 12:21 AM
The official pullout, due to the kidnap of a Filipino troop, and the threats made by his kidnappers, has begun. The total number of Filipino humanitarian troops in Iraq was 51.
The Philippines has begun pulling its troops out of Iraq, a move seemingly being made to satisfy demands by kidnappers of a Filipino hostage.

Eight of the 51 Philippine humanitarian troops in Iraq have already left the country, Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Delia Albert said early Wednesday.

"The Foreign Affairs Ministry is coordinating the pullout of the humanitarian contingent with the Ministry of National Defense," Albert said in a statement.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

For all of you who believe that America is orchestrating the kidnaps, this should be a wake-up call to you. No, 51 is not a huge number of troops, but the support of any foreign government is important, and that is what we have lost. I don't think we should have gone there in the first place, but we are there now, and with internation support evaporating, we are in more and more trouble eveyday.

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