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The Los Alamos National Research Library: Lots of Information Here!

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 01:17 PM
LANL Research Library

I thought this would be a great resource to coincide with the thread linking to the Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information site. That thread can be found here.

The site index can be found by scrolling down on the main page.

Also found here:

Selected repositories/databases, often referred to by its former name Started at Los Alamos in 1991, originally for the high energy physics community, and considered the "grandfather" of electronic preprint servers, now operated at Cornell. Over 270,000 papers. Mirror sites are available at and elsewhere. For more information see the bibliography on this archive's effect on scholarly communications and publishing.

CoRR – Computing Research Repository ( or - established in 1988 through a partnership of ACM, the LANL e-Print archive, and NCSTRL. Anyone can browse and search papers and subscribe to get notification of new submissions. Submissions are subject to moderation of appropriateness to archives and subject classes.

Front for the mathematics arXiv - indexes the mathematics portion of the Los Alamos e-Print arXiv. Developed at UC Davis. 30,000+ papers as of April 2004.

NCSTRL - Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library

E-PRINT Network - searchable gateway to preprint servers that deal with scientific and technical disciplines of concern to DOE

SPIRES – HEP Database - joint project of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and DESY libraries etc. Covers more than 500,000 high-energy physics papers received since 1974.

Happy Hunting!


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