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Why do we still know nothing and struggle to understand nature while ET is helping?

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 12:41 PM
Why do we still know nothing and struggle to understand nature while ET is helping? There are people in the conspiracy scene who are whisleblowing the information that the US government is working with ET on allkinds scientific projects. If so you can assume that the most talented and prominent scientist are working with these aliens. Still, the progress on important scientific questions is very slow and cost the tax-payer many many millions of dollars. Why do these aliens not explain the problem to us and save us all this money and time on research. For example, why must we built an expensive particle collider to find answers that ET can answer and explain in....lets say..... 30 minutes. Even if you would like to protect ET, his cooperation, presence and lies towards the public there is no need to fake the investment of money,time spent and hard work of scientists.
Or does ET tell us nothing and is everything as it seems ...just because of the fact that he is not help? It surely looks that way.
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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 12:48 PM
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In my opinion, i think were not in contact with E.T's. I believe that it would be to great of a secret for one person or even a group of people to keep to themselves, they would feel so much higher than everyone else and rightfully so. I think it may have been tried but humans have to much ego.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 04:45 PM
This can go 3 ways...

1. ET is sharing the information with TPTB but TPTB are not sharing that with us (most likely)

2. ET think we are not ready to know so they aren't telling anyone anything...

3. ET don't even know themselves...

I hope this helps!

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 06:46 PM
I'm pretty unsure there is any alien contact to be honest. I also find it unlikely. However, i'll accept the premise for the purposes of discussion.

When you're trading with dangerous natives you give them whiskey, trinkets and baubles. Enough to tantalise them but not enough to let them make dangerous progress on their own.

I wouldn't trust homo sapiens with anything literally earth shattering at the moment either.

Humanity needs aliens to turn up, demonstrate their existence, demonstrate interstellar flight is really possible, then leave. Once we know theres a goal to reach and its possible we will get there on our own.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 07:51 PM
Perhaps it is the other way around.

The depictions of "UFOs" and "ships of the gods" have not really changed much over the thousands of years semi-modern man has been around. Just a little over a hundred years ago, steel was pretty much at the forefront of engineering technology. Now, we're exploding, technologically, hand-over-fist.

Presuming UFO = superior technological origin, and that this has not noticeably changed for thousands of years.... it may be of note that we have gone from horse-and-buggy to the moon in less than a hundred years. Perhaps they are not here to teach us anything, but wait for us to surpass them and solve their problems. Thinking on the human time-scale is relatively silly, considering even we are on the verge of being able to extend the life of our tissues, in theory, indefinitely. To suppose this is not the natural evolutionary case of any ET, or some acquired techno-biological capability is rather short-sighted.

We cannot envision the future of our technology any more than our grandfathers could have sat there, in the 1920s, and predicted nuclear power, laptop computers, the internet, and computer-controlled engines. Our clothing made of synthetic fibers would just about blow their mind (particularly the higher dollar stuff, like Gortex). Sure - they may have been able to make some pretty good stabs at what the future would look like - but we got computers in place of flying cars, the internet in place of lunar resorts.

We may already be providing them with answers. Sure, they may be able to be-bop through the stars... but do they know how to make a seed grow? Or is our planet's concept of seeds a rather novel one - the entire concept of agriculture could be as alien as an inorganic sentience is to us?

Perhaps it's nothing to do with our technology - the idea of male and female may be quite rare; but something that gives us such a unique reproductive advantage as to warrant study. Perhaps our entire society is a welcome breath of fresh concepts and ideas - the idea of billions of us all being individual but still working together (for the most part).

Or, perhaps - our experiences and conscience are just too different for them to even register us as being 'alive.' Much like we would consider molecules to be 'not alive.'

And that may be the key. We are able to think and dream about what other sentient species may be like. Perhaps it is this ability to consider the unknown and unknowable and push ourselves beyond our current existence and understanding that puts Earth and humans on the map, presuming other species are able to take note of such a trait (and/or that it is a rare trait).

I wouldn't say humans are struggling to understand anything. I also wouldn't say ET is helping (that is presuming far too much about the nature of any ET entity and projecting human values and ethical considerations onto something, decidedly, not human - or even of our biosphere). On the time scale of thousands of years - perhaps even millions - even our worst nightmares involving wars and civil unrest are but a stumble. Our genetic history indicates that there was a time in our not-so-distant past when we were close to extinction - estimates of our -global- population as low as a few dozen.

Climate Change? Governments? War? None of these are problems for ET to worry about. Steering Earth-killing asteroids out of the way - maybe.

Giving us technology? Probably the last thing they'd want to do - if an observation of our planet and its history has yielded anything to any species - it is that diversity is the key to survival and progress. Giving us technology undermines the entire concept of diversity - a different way to achieve the same ends. Why do differently what is already done?

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