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A global Issue for survival of humanity.

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 08:17 AM
The current state of the world. (apply your own knowledge but their are guidelines how you should view the matter,,)

If we keep in mind that the view of the current state of the world, must bin viewed as an objective perspective.
No boundaries, just humanity in a whole in all the colours we comes in.

Also important is that your opinion can not be based on an answer that is based on a way that there are differences between us, nor governmental, nor religious

Just our existence, and the coexisting with all of us in a peaceful way.

If you see on micro scale what is going on in Egypt culture wise. Then we can conclude that Christians and Muslims join together fighting for a greater cost/goal. And the way they are protesting is peaceful.
The government paid pro-Mubarak supporters trying to make it violent, in order to shut them up.
Personally i am very happy that that event is failing in favour of the anti gov protesters.

I am convinced if we had a birds eye above all, it is very easy to see clear real solutions to all worlds problem. Maybe even chance weather for the good(operated by heart minded people)

I think we are experiencing some tense times. There are also other treats like weather, animal, magnetic, space, economic(false illusion)treats.

If only we could do something to shape the world to our likings. For sure lots of Kings and Queens, and system structures build on an monetary bases wouldn't exist.(Ho are they, to claim humans land, and contain us like cattle. come on for real)

But then again I think how easy it is to chance, just do it, a sort of a new flower power time. (not now its to cold outside)

I Imagen some day soon that some social media campaign like FB will be started. Only this campain goes real viral. A call for a global peaceful strike, just to live in peace. Asia/Europ/Africa/US all the connected world
The peaceful global simple human progress strike goes like, worldwide Liberation square like places will be filled with people that decide to just go sit there an stop do anything. It last for months, until everybody on the human side sits on our liberation square's, and now all the problems of the world are with them(the ones who made them). Now buzz of with them.
We are free.(we see the obstacle to freedom)

Its a possible realistic scenario, and easy to do.

Where do you live for? What are most of you doing all day, running your dailly government/social system program. I must pay this, must go to work, must get shot,must work more, i want to mork wore, no more family, we must go on, we have no power, I love it, Critical mass is reaching, no way out no way out its to big.

Depresion started, system wins again. (tunisiona with master degree set him self on fire, cause he couldn't survive selling bread in a stand)

I am ranting, but cant help worrying 24/7 lately. Egypt is what is keeping me busy.

How do we survive in the long time future? And how are we going to?
Think my FB example is a good one, but i dont know. People are not suffering enough worldwide, or else we would already have turned like Egypt situation.

I think I am a realist, not a pessimist
I like to be an optimist(my nature), but optimism can only exist if certain social layers are being removed completely for ever.

express your thoughts freely on the matter.

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 02:41 PM
I do think some kind of way to collaborate the social view is important for governance. Perhaps it might be one website with the different levels of government and issues to freely debate topics. Perhaps it might be some kind of AI to process all the Internet and arrive at the democratic view. We do have new tools at our finger tips that are only limited by our imagination. As long as we do not end up with a system of centralised control and power at the hands of a few we will be fine.

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