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Easy Mode button Missing( measuring technology)

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 06:21 AM
Hello everyone, I have a few idea's to discuss and think about.( I warn you ahead of time I'm not the best writer.) We measure technology and advancement based on what... ourselves...past civilizations? Think for a moment, how do you measure our civilization?

Lets think what would happen if sea levels rose and covered our planet. Given 1000 years everything in our modern world would be gone, none of our current buildings or technology can withstand years of saltwater. Pretent America (where I live) was the great atlantis of our time. The survivors of the current world would only have memories to pass down to their children. A couple thousand years and some knowledge would still remain, but only as stories from the past. Couple thousand more and it would be know as something along the lines of a great city, land, etc. Modern today we see atlantis as a great city, we know of it by a single man who repeated a story he heard from another. Who says they couldn't have been as advanced or more of ourselves then. It would make perfect sense in a flood situation, mass population die off with the loss of almost everything. Our current world would turn into the future's atlantis.

Another point I have to make, we base our advancement on our technology level, acomplishments and etc. Our world is ours, it is not the past world.. what is important to us today, was not the same conditions of the past. If we destroyed earth 1000 times(mass population die off), every single time it was rebuilt it would be rebuilt differently. Just as a child born is shaped from birth by what is learned at the core of its existence, it shapes the outcome of its future. This also can be branched out futhermore of course. As a tree we branch off and go in different direction, seperated groups would determine their own values and lifestyle, but along the lines of a common direction.

I find it funny to see people say how much more advanced we are today than the past. Take your ipod and go survive off the land for a week lol. 95% of the world would sit and die without their electricity or common commodities simply because they dont know how to live and take care of themselves in nature. Just as quickly as we have built our world with our current technology is just as quickly as things will end when that power switch is turned off.

The world of today, its very nice to have the easy mode, but we need to educate our kids less on how to press a button and more on how to live and think. Nature is the last thing to leave this planet, yet we push ourselves futher away from it each day. If we truely want to keep our history and technology to live, we need a balance of living with and without our current technologies and easy mode buttons.

I've kinda brushed over more than one topic, I seem to do that often.

What do you guys have to add or change about what I've said?

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 06:49 AM
build it differently? louse all our tek? because the oceans rise 200 feet?
even if we have a all out nuk war we will NOt go back so far to the stone age tek.
after all there are many many citys not on the cost and our tek isnt confined to one small spot.
' we may fall back some but not nearly as much as people believe .
even i still know how to recreate most older tek and all i would need would fit in a barn and i am a nobody.
high end stuff may disapair for a wile but its going to do that anyway even if nothing changes .

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 08:23 AM
I halfway understand what your trying to say. I'm speakin on terms of global destruction that is mentioned and hinted at from past events. A global change when rebuilt would take things back to core needs such as shelter and food, who cares if you have computers that didnt work when you needed food and to survive. A nucleur war with partial destruction yes would be rebuilt fairly the same because we would still have access and knowledgable people to rebuild those things. But i was thinking on a larger scale.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 08:56 AM
majority of the world's population don't even have electricity and access to clean water, and yet they continue to eke out their survival using only the resources that they have. don't assume that just because ipods and other electronic gadgets are common in developed countries that the same holds true for the rest of the world.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 03:28 AM
the thing about technology to remember is that it takes a huge infrastructure to support it! and information though it seems invincible and all powerful is easily lost.
we cant even read records anymore from earlier computers! well we could read it but it would take thousands of hours to decode and resurrect the now defunct tech that went into storing it in the first place.
think about our mechanical devices; how many machines and materials were used to create even the simplest of our devices. and our complex devices rely on so much more.
the fact is if a significant portion of our world today was destroyed in wha ever manner we would fall backwards in our tech. i doubt we would hit the stone age but even a latter period would cause us trouble.
we no longer have a base infrastucture in hand tooling much of anything most of our machines are made by other machines which in turn were made by other machines; now true human intellect does lie at the bottom of that chain but that knowledge base isnt that large in comparison to the whole of humanity.
if you really examine it we could be really screwed if bad things a happened.
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