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My introduction - dreams

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 09:40 AM
hello all,

Its nice to be here, i am simon, 22, from the United Kingdom of Great Britian. Actually i do have some unique things to share and i hope it will give you all some valuable understandings. Where as there is much to share not everything is as comforting as what i have to say.

I feel that there is great change happening, or that the millenium mind is really beggining to establish itself. The millenium mind - are those of us who have grown up at the turn of this century. Not only is there massive galactic occurances happening or that technology has been evolving ever faster and faster for sometime now, that at the very core of computing - it is just as mysterious as the weather - yet such common things we feel little fear from - our ever increasing demand on Gaia an emerging scientific hypothosis 1970s is increasing dramtically.

There is a change happening - it is as individual as it is global - it concerns you just as much as me and i believe it will happen. When I was growing up there were some stories, that actually now i look back upon:

Firstly it may have been a dream or it is a distant memory:- Whereby someone told me a story, a great king many years ago told a boy, to make him a drum out of stone, the boy laughed and said its impossible, the king replied even if it is you should try.

Another distant memory, someone told me to count the stars, but there were too many and when I was young I gave up, believing it was impossible.

And there was also another other important story, I heard when I was young, whereby someone had cracked the sky and it was falling down, but no one believed it, until all of it was falling down. I believe now that story i was told when i was young, about the crack in the sky, it was not only about the global climate change due to a dammaged o-zone, but also the nature of ourselves, that we do not believe in ideas, events or occurances that only few believe in, until everyone else does we dont. I look at the other stories and memorys of when i was growing up and there are more similarities.

I’m not sure who told me but i was 12 when I was falling asleep, i was told another story, that a king attacked his own city, I asked why, I was told because he wanted a war, i asked why again but after that I fell asleep never knowing why a king would attack his own city. Just like the crack in the sky, and the sky falling down, i think this story has relevance to actual events too.

So the stories i was told when i was young were:

1. The drum made out of stone
2. The counting of the stars
3. The sky falling down
4. The king who attacked his own city.

Normally I would pass this off, but lately i cannot shake it and i dream too about my faults and failures and about, love, how much we are loved and how much we need to improve.

Let me know what you think


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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 09:42 AM
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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Wow, thank you for sharing that, it is so important to receive our stories so that we may pass them down for those that have forgotten.

My grandmother, as a gardener knowing the vital importance of spiders, told me as a small child that I should never kill a spider because they are our family looking at us with so many eyes. She said that by killing a spider I would be killing a member of my family from long ago.

I may not like spiders on my person too much but I do like anything that eats other bugs and I have grown to realize how vital they are in this World! I also became a Gardener; a Blessing for sure to have around even if the cobwebs become abundant!

Welcome to ATS!


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