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US productivity in America is an Oxymoron, is not in the hands of Americans.

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 08:43 AM
Yes another way that our government statistics wants to misguide the uninformed in economics to make then believe that America is producing again.

The truth is that we are not producing anything and that we are now a nation of assemblers

According to a recent Bloomberg, article “The productivity of U.S. workers unexpectedly increased in the fourth quarter at a faster rate.”

While news sources claim the U.S. is showing signs of improvement, due to the fact that we are producing again, the statistics aren't accurate. In actuality the United States is not producing much at all. We have become a nation of assemblers. The parts are manufactured abroad and shipped to the U.S. for final assembly. American workers snap parts together, like a child playing with legos, without the critical knowhow of how to actually manufacture the components. The profits then return overseas, leaving the U.S. a dead and dependent third world economy.

America has now become the slaves of what once were third world countries and developing countries, while our government exaggerates numbers on productivity that the money is ending on foreign banks accounts in nations like China and India.

Most American companies are now foreign owned in the US, we are the workers they are the owners and the money ends in their countries no hours.


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