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Weird things that happened to you as a child

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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by haarvik

because u have lived many lives b4 this

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by Now_Then

As soon as i read about you being fingerprinted etc on a field trip it brought back memories of being fingerprinted at primary school (i was about 7). The reason they gave us was that their had been a break in and they needed to see which fingerprints belonged to the school,surely our fingers would have been smaller than any burglars prints found so no need really. We didn't have to get our parents permission or anything. I am going to ask my friends who went to different schools if they remember it happening to them. Mine took place in Yorkshire in the early 70s.
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 02:32 PM
When I was around 7 or 8 I had a dream that I still remember vividly today.
At my elementary schools playground there was a little jungle gym at one end, a soccer field, and then finally pavement for various sports. There was an entrance to the school in the pavement part of the playground, as well as by the jungle gym.
In the dream, I had stepped into some other world. This was before I read any H.P. Lovecraft, but now I think back and it looked like a dark R'lyeh covered in some black slime. For those that have not read any of his work, it is a cyclopean city, and I imagined it as with large, tall buildings, with a barren feeling, and roads that seemed like they were made of stone. I was extremely afraid of this place and wanted to get back. I then remember falling through some portal thing and falling by the jungle gym. I then looked back and saw these small, black, formless things coming out of the portal, which looked like just a hole in the middle of the air. I immediatly ran towards the entrance on the pavement, trying to warn people. I ran into one of my friends and tried to get him to run. He called me a liar and did not believe me. I abandoned him and as I ran into the building I looked back and saw the little things mutilating him. I made a left into a tiled open space in the hallway. I then saw some of the things coming straight towards, and I then remembered about a closer entrance by the jungle gym. I turned around to run but they were coming from that way as well, an up some stairs that were nearby. Before anything happened, I woke up.
The only reason that this is remembered now is because of how real it felt, and the intense sense of fear I had.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 12:00 AM
I remember one Christmas, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard footsteps on the roof. And I was freaking out. The next day I went to school there was footprints on the roof. I was only 8 so I didn't really know what to tell my mom.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 02:43 PM
To this day my memory of my childhood is not that great but I keep getting the feeling that, to remember my childhood, would help me understand myself better these days.

I do remember little things and feelings...up until I was about 11 I felt/knew deep down that trees and rocks were alive...I would look at trees and kind of 'look up to them' as if they were teachers or grandparents or something...I felt their energy in a limited sense. Same with rocks I felt like different rocks had different energies or 'personalities' (as I would say when I was younger). For a good portion of my life 'common sense got to me' so I stopped noticing stuff like that but now I am back to seeing the consciousness in rocks and tress.

I've always felt like an old soul...and not in an egotistical way, I dont feel that I am better than anyone else. But I've always felt like my role in this lifetime doesn't match my true nature in the sense that I feel more like a leader deep down than I actually am in this life. I used to ask my mom why people couldnt fly and be like super heroes... I really felt like thats how it should be and it really bothered me I couldn't do stuff like that. When I was younger.....I felt like most kids my age wern't concious. I remember saying to my mom (when I was in first grade, or around then) "I feel like Im more concious than most people". Just the way kids my age acted around eachother and treated eachother didn't vibe with me...seemed primitive. Also for a large portion of my life I would randomly become homesick and I would say to my mom..."mom I feel homesick but I am home...I dont understand"

I also remember very vaguely being very very young and kind of saying to myself "thank god your here!" (refering to my mom) as if I knew her before I came into this life. For most of my life I was a mommas boy.

Another thing is throughout my childhood I would have routine BAD dreams of being tormented and made fun of by what I would now call 'demonic beings'. I know kids have nightmares but I think this was a little different. Also I have a little theory that astral beings target young scared kids in their dreams and feed off the fear. Looking back now I feel as though I was a target of some negative force.

My uncle told me about a year ago he used to see a little witch (witches) that would fly around his head and appear/disappear...he is an honest sincere guy too, he wouldn't lie about that. He has good parents who raised him and his brothers/sister well. His grandpa either gave him or read to him one of carlos casdenadas books at a young age because he was having trouble with negative astral beings...and after reading that you should literally 'tackle your fears' one night when he was just about to fall asleep, which is when you are more receptive to other realities...he literally got up and tackled an astral being that was bothering him...and after that he was left alone...I don't know if he tackled the being in his astral body or what but he said he actually TOUCHED it it wasn't just a dream...I found this interesting.

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by ZacharyW

I felt that rocks and trees and even the wind was an entity in itself when I was a child as well. I remember wanting to control the breeze whenever I was walking in woods. I thought I could but got discouraged by people around me.
I would sometimes talk to the trees and get an answer so to speak. I was always apologizing to them for cutting them down, sometimes I would hug a tree and cry.

It's also funny that you mention having an old soul because I remember a thought I had in elementary school about a boy who was constantly teasing me, I thought: "It's ok his soul just came here he doesn't understand how it works"

I've had many experiences with ghosts when I was a child, I would always feel that something was in my bedroom and sometimes I would refuse to sleep in there. But then again maybe I was just scared of being alone

I have seen a few ghosts as a child, I saw my cat walk down the hallway a few days after he passed away, and a scarier experience was seeing a black hooded entity floating in my basement.

I also asked my parents about things that I know happened to me and they would tell me that no such thing happened or that it was just a dream.


posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 01:06 AM
My mom tells me I was 3 months old from the way I relate the memory and the people I described to her (grandparents).

I saw fish swimming in front of me, I vividly remember this and I'm now 43 years old. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Was lying in bed with my grandmother (whom I do not remember at all except for this one memory). She was apparently lying down with me for a nap, and she was picking her nose like there was no tomorrow (yeah... but it's part of the memory).

I saw 3 fish swimming in front of me and one of them bit my ear and I hollered in pain. I was 3 months old and had never seen a fish in all my 90 days on earth at that point. My grandmother sat upright and did grandmother stuff, but she had no idea what caused it and I sure as crap hadn't learned to talk yet...

and that's it

OH! And when I was about 5, I was alone in a room and heard a voice calling me. Not like a parent calls you. This crap was sinister, and unfamiliar. I knew no one was in the room where the voice came from. Needless to say I didn't follow the voice.

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 01:17 AM

Another thing is throughout my childhood I would have routine BAD dreams of being tormented and made fun of by what I would now call 'demonic beings'. I know kids have nightmares but I think this was a little different. Also I have a little theory that astral beings target young scared kids in their dreams and feed off the fear. Looking back now I feel as though I was a target of some negative force.

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When I was very young I had a nightmare where I was in a cave-like room, placed on what could only be described as a stone altar, and a demonic being (graphic warning) leaped on top of me and began eating me alive, intestines first. I couldn't have been more than 6 years old. This was in the 70's, before really graphic movies (and lord knows my parents never would have let me watch them at that age even if they'd been available). I know exactly what you're talking about. Remember that dream to this day.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 01:57 AM
I honestly don't know where to start so I'll just type up a few that come immediately to mind.

1. From as young as I could remember, I've been able to see energy in its physical form during periods of high emotion (and have learned to work up that emotion if really needed). I later learned how to manipulate certain types of energy (I thought it was an intrinsic part of everyone's natural abilities) but stopped being open about it when I realized that it was not. This realization came about following the discovery that certain people (either conscious or unconsciously aware "psychic vampires") were naturally drawn to me because they wanted to use my energy for their selfish purposes.

2. Also from as young as I could remember, I could pick up on others' emotions and true motivations with a mere glance. Again, a lesson learned the hard way made me guarded with this ability and I still spend a great deal of time trying to repress it. It's not always a good thing being able to look at a person and intuitively know how he/she is feeling or what they're thinking (and I'm not talking about reading someone's mind - other empaths will know what I'm describing).

3. Have been able to sense and feel lots of "spirits" and other "entities" which are really just forms of energy, either residual (mostly) or active. Every place I've lived has had at least one of these spirits and I can't figure out if they follow me or if I'm drawn to them. I usually can't define a physical shape (at least not well defined features) so I can't identify them as being the same or different.

4. Have, at times, been able to see the cords or pixels of energy (for lack of a better description) that connect everything and everyone. I can see it most clearly when I'm outside, calm and introspective.

5. Have always had a calming affect on animals and squirrel, chipmunks, etc. will slowly approach me if there's nothing else present to scare them away- again, I think it all has to do with energy which all living creatures are aware of.

6. People have told me that they feel very uncomfortable around me when my emotions are high or if I'm really upset or anxious about something. They have likened it to an faint feeling of static electricity.

That's it for now. I don't think that any of these abilities are unique; I was just for born more attuned to them for some reason (or never lost the awareness as most adults do). I believe that everyone can develop many new senses if they're open to it and work on developing them.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by timidgal


That was a really cool explanation. I'm not as sensitive as you, I don't think, and sometimes I'm on the other end of what I perceive as other empaths, and it's funny: I know they can spot me... it's REALLY uncomfortable when that happens.

Our social (non-empathic) ubringing teaches us how to respond to others, but it's normally never in an honest way, and when I'm around another empath, I know when I've been "made" trying to use (I really don't know how to describe them...) "normal" human social cues? because most of the time our physical cues are so very dishonest, even when we don't mean them to be.

You say around critters, you connect (summing up). I do as well, because I don't have to use the human social norms and it's just me and them. I own birds, dogs... I have quail walk up to me... wild rabbits, mice... they're so much easier.

Would love to talk to you about this more. I think you're more sensitive than I am and I want to pick your brain

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 02:27 AM
reply to post by tangonine

Tangonine - feel free to u2u me if you want to continue the conversation in private or post your questions here. We're anonymous and should have nothing to fear (other than the occasional troll).

Interestingly enough, I'm not sure if I've ever been aware of other empaths being around. As I said, I had some really uncomfortable experiences when I was young and am very guarded with reveiling my abilities to anyone in person (other than a very small select group of people). There was a point in my life (when I went through puberty) where I actually had to perform a protection visualization before I could leave the house because it seemed as if everyone I came into contact with managed, somehow, to drain me. Perhaps because I'm so guarded, I block off my own ability to pick up these abilities in others. You say you've had a quail approach you. That's very cool. I once had a whole family of slugs following me by the front steps of my building. If I moved to another step, they adjusted their slimy movements. One of my neighbors, with whom I was sitting and chatting, was amazed but chalked it up to a strange coincidence (though I knew differently).

One of the very coolest things that happened to me was when a circus was arriving in my town (they come every summer) and the circus staff, in their full garb, and some of the more domesticated animals, paraded through the town, right by my house, toward the fairgrounds where they set up their tent. The elephant, on which its handler was riding, spotted me and started down my circular driveway. I approached it and stood face to face with it before the handler became nervous and I think used methods (I don't want to discuss) to make it move along. It was, without a doubt, one of the most spiritual and awesome experiences of my life.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 03:48 AM
My family has a lot of stories of me talking to invisible people, some relatives dead before I was born, and passing along messages from them; playing with some entities a medium came and watched and said they were "unborn babies", a lot of strange stuff. But I don't remember any of it, myself, so I can't really describe it.

There is one strange experience-
I went to Mount Shasta with my grandmother, and we spent the night at some friends of hers, who lived on the mountain, in a forested area. I was maybe 7 years old. I woke up very early in the morning, before everyone else, and outside the window was a deer. It stood there looking at me, and I felt a dialogue going on between us, psychically! It was talking to me, in my head. This went on for a while before it walked off.

I have no idea what to make of that now..... perhaps an active imagination? It was very weird though.
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 04:51 AM
I can remember when i was 4 years old and i used to wake up about 2.00-3.00am and hear evil voices that turned into physical creatures.they were about 1 meter in height with large yellow eyes, 2 small horns and i could remember quite well that they had thin body's because i could see there ribs and they had a very scaly texture . they could disappear and appear around very dark places as like a type of portal and i would only see them at night.i would wake and hear them and i was soo frightened that i could not move or run for awhile until my mind would stop freezing. i can remember running in my mums and dads room crying and asking them to cheak under my bed ,behind my door and outside my window (because they could come and go from any of these places) and the things would be gone.i knew it was real because it happened every night until i turned about 12. i would be conscious every time these happened and i would urine my self. well one weekend my grandfather and nana and their dog stayed and my grand father an i stayed in my room and that night i felt more safe until i awoke to my grandad yelling and being frightened. i was stunned to see this reptile looking demon standing on the end of my bed, my nana rushed in the room and we were all starring at it until the dog lunged toward it and attacked it. the thing would make intense hissing noises at the dog until it rushed under my bed and Disappeared,the dog ran around sniffing and could not understand were it went. we had never talked about that night and now i am 29 and both grand parents & their dog are now deceased i have no real evidence. i remember those nights were as real as things get and im still shaken to this day

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 01:23 PM
Not my story (so im not positive on the validity, but I just wanted to share it because I find it very creepy/interesting):

On a diff. website someone was saying that when they were younger there was a period in their life where their clothes would come up missing. Every time this person would go to his drawer it would progressively get worse. Finally, one day this person entered their room and found their Grandmother going through their clothes, which the person asked 'What are you doing with my clothes grandma, the grandmother just looked at the kid with a dark/angry creeped this person out so he/she left his/her room. Later in the day this person told his/her mother what happened. This persons mom said that the Grandmother wasn't even in town at the time this happened.

Ok, i know there are alot of holes in this story but I find this very intriguing and creepy at the same time. Just wanted to share it!

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 01:59 PM
This happened only a few months ago (but you all might find it interesting): I had a dream...just like most dreams I have, this one was filled with random events. The part that stood out is:

1. I was in Costa Rica (where I lived before for 9 months). The dream had some of the people I know in it, which really isn't an important part of the story.

2. Another part of the dream that sticks out is, I remember walking down a typical costa rican road...pretty crappy looking with somewhat raggedy buildings sitting along the side. I came upon a bench that was pretty much 2 cut tree stumps with a longer piece of wood sitting along the top of both. The bench was sitting under a tree There I met 2 guys: 1 was an older man with a cowboy hat, the other had just escaped/gotten(not important) out of prison. the bench was at a corner, where 2 roads meet. This is the only dream I can remember where, in it, I spoke spanish (which i speak a decent amount of).

This was a place I had never seen before^

about 4-5 months later. I find myself AGAIN living in Costa Rica, where I am now living. When I got into the town I am staying in I saw a wood bench sitting on the corner of a block where two roads meet that looks almost identical to the one in my dream. The bench is sitting right under a tree.

Now I find this very interesting. I think I was viewing a messier version of a probable future timeline in my life.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 04:44 PM
When i was little 5-6y old i used to talk with a tree,that tree sucked me in or made me feel other palces where i wasnt in real.These palces i met wizards and teacher who taught me.
Those days i told many thing to my mom about the universe and such what im not remembering today.
Maybe it was wild imagination to gain attention....

posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 09:45 PM
This is the first thing I'm doing on here. Please bear with me, I'm looking for people who might have had similar things happen to them. This thread is actually the reason I joined. I was searching Google for "I used to have weird things happen me as a child" and this was the first result. My dreams have always been a little out of the norm and the ones that really stuck out were the most vivid. They have slowed down a lot since I was a child. I'm 17 now. Anyways, lets get to it. The first one i can remember was when i was about 4. The idea of the dream was always the same with where i was and the people in it being the only thing that changed. It was always night or dusk and i never broke the bounds of reality, (No flying or anything). They would start out with me just doing something i would be doing when i was awake but then all the sudden a feeling would come over me. It was like everything was in slow motion, it was really hard to speak, and i had a feeling of adrenaline in my stomach. When this feeling came on it was always because "he" was near. In the dreams "he" was a short legged creature that had long, narrow arms, hands and, neck with a abnormally large head. I could never see details, he was always shadowed a silhouette. I got to see his eyes once and that was the very first time i saw him. When everything slowed down he would just walk up to me and right before he would touch me, I'd snap awake. The last time i ever had the feeling was when i was 11 or something and awake. I had just woken up, not from a dream, and was walking to the kitchen to get a snack. Halfway there, in the middle of the dining room, I couldn't move, breathe or see. It was like that moment didn't exist and it felt like it only lasted a few seconds. When I could move again, i wasn't where i was when it happened. I was in the kitchen doorway and i began to cry from fear. I was at my grandparents house and my grandma is a super religious christian. I woke her up and told her the whole story, just about what i'm telling you now. She prayed over me and said "whatever is upon this child lord, i rebuke it in Jesus name" over and over. I've only had one of those dreams since then, a year later. I wonder if she hadn't done that if they would still be happening..i wish they were. I want to figure out what was going on. This dream is somewhat unrelated, but its the one that i remember most and instilled the most fear into me afterwards. It started out with me in some dark hallway with glass on both sides. The only light that was available was dim and blue. I began to walk down the hallway and made a few turns here and there, just aimlessly walking. After walking for quite some time, i turned down a cold hallway and stepped in what i think was water. Like a thin liquid sheet all the way down. The ceiling was dripping. That's when the thought "where am i" actually sunk in. I walked a few feet down the hallway and turned toward the glass on my left. i put my hands against its cold surface and moved my face close to peer into it. It was pitch black. I cupped my hands around my eyes like you would to look into a car window and there was a face. Right there in front of me, a giant fish/ serpent thing was staring me down. I didn't jump away i just stared back despite the shock. Its face was so massive its about all i could see clearly and a long dark body that twisted and turned behind it. Its mouth was closed but you could see its teeth sticking out over its lips. Its eyes were blank and black and had spines running down its head toward its back. My conclusion was that i was in a giant aquarium with unearthly water creatures. I pulled away from the glass and continued to walk. The next thing i remember is being in a room above a black open pit of water. I was standing next to a kid with dark short hair,and was a little chunky. I couldn't speak with my mouth but somehow i could talk to him, and him to me. As soon as i saw him i knew his age and name. He was 12..but i cant remember his name anymore. I was little still, i think i was 6 because i remember thinking he was two times older than me. We both had that feeling i talked about earlier over us and there were people behind us that I couldn't see. I was facing the pit and couldn't move. One because i was bound and Two the feeling had me completely froze, i couldn't even move in slow motion. The kid next to me though could move what seemed effortlessly and speak with his mouth. He was talking to whoever was behind us and i kept getting images from what he was seeing pop into my head. A tall man in a black robe with some type crown on was standing in front of him and a second man that was just viewed as a dark figure to the first mans 7'o clock. I could only make out the mouth of the first man, big and always smiling as he talked. His skin was a yellowish pale color. I couldn't make out what was being said by either of them from the mouth. I could hear them talking, but it was just noise. The kid stopped talking with me however we were talking before other than a live feed from his eyes. I knew they were arguing. All of the sudden, I could no longer see what was happening but knew that the kid was now looking at me and also could only move in slow motion. I felt it through him. It was now i could understand what the first man was saying but don't remember what was said. I felt his presence come closer to where i was and saw the second man in my peripheral step toward the kid. The first man laughed and said something. The feeling in my stomach intensified as he touched my shoulders and gripped them. He pushed me in the pit and the second man pushed in the kid. I could see the serpent creature spiraling toward us with its mouth open and being electrocuted, like the water had a live current in it. I was able to turn my head toward the kid to see him being chewed on by smaller serpents with a blue light lining their bodies. A few started eating away at the sides of my torso. I could scream but couldn't breathe. It was odd. I looked back at the bigger serpent and just as everything went black and it swallowed me i woke up. Not sweating, not scared, nothing. The fear settled in a few minutes after awaking and was the most intense fear I've ever felt besides one of my most recent dreams. What do you think? (Sorry about any grammar errors. I really didn't want to go fix all my I's haha)
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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by rabzdguy

Back in 1987ish, I lived in a big two story apartment with a basement. The basement was smaller than the rest of the apartment and was converted into a play room for me. I'd spend hours down there. One day, I realized something was with me. I couldn't see or hear it, but you know how you feel when someone is standing behind you looking over your shoulder? That's the feeling I had.

I wasn't scared, and I felt like I wanted to meet whoever this was. For some reason, I wanted to coax it to my room at the far end of the hall on the second story so I could trap it. I went into the kitchen and got some Lucky Charms. I laid a single Lucky Charms marshmellow on each step leading up to the small landing and than to the left up the rest of the stairs and eventually into my room.

What happens next freaks me out even to this day. I sat patiently for what seemed like an eternity. I eventually started getting anxious thinking nothing was going to happen. A few seconds pass and I start hearing a little crunching sound. It stops for a second, than starts again. It stops for a second again and than starts again. I was wondering what it was doing until I realized it of course had to stop at each step of the way to collect the marshmellows.

It got closer as the munching sounds got louder. I could see something moving behind the rails that looked down towards the landing and the rest of the stairs. It then came up the final step and that's when it saw me, froze and just like that, vanished.

I can tell you the colors of our walls, the layout of the floor plan. I can recall how many bushes we had out front and where this apartment was even to this day. But despite remembering all that, I cannot remember what this thing looked like, besides being my size and kinda hunched over. Any other details have eluded me.

Now, could this have been the work of a child with an over hyper imagination? Absolutely. But remember those Lucky Charms I had put on each step? They were gone. The only Lucky Charms went from my room to the top of the stairs where whatever it was disappeared.

I've had quite a few things like this happen to me. I can remember all of it down to the last detail. (Except in this case when it comes to whatever I had met.)

Just wanted to share this as this is something that I've often thought about growing up.

posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 10:22 PM
The whole time I’ve been a member to ATS this is the post I’ve wanted to write but do to the nature of the subject and how crazy it makes me sound I have reserved writing it until now.

As a child of around the age of 5 or 6, I witnessed something under my brother’s bed that has baffled me to this day and is one of the primary reasons I am aware of our paranormal surroundings.

I’ve seen something that solidified my belief in beings we possibly refer to as Djinn. I’m not saying I met a genie but I watched in amazement as 2 paper origami spiders came to life and walked around under my brother’s bed. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, I wrote paper origami spiders and they were about the width of a medium sized fist.
Circa 1979. I was hanging out in my brother’s room while he was away. The only time I got to do so. (Little brothers not allowed) Lying on the bed I heard something scratching around underneath. I first looked down between the bed and the wall and noticed something moving around. To get a better look I then jumped to the floor off the other side of the bed. As I peered underneath there was enough light shining down between the wall and bed for me to see them. I observed in awe for a few seconds, and then fear set in. Whatever they were they were crawling around one another under my brother’s bed. They had at least six legs to my recollection which were independently moving just like a spider as they reacted to one another.
I knew this wasn’t suppose to be happening so I jumped up and ran to my mother who was on the phone in the kitchen. I started to tell her that paper spiders were moving around under the bed and that’s probably when I lost her. She simply just ignored me and continued talking on the phone. That didn’t stop me, I grabbed a mop or broom handle. I don’t remember which one but it was more than efficient for what I did next.
When I returned they were still there just prancing around each other. That’s when I went little boy and took the handle and crushed them against the wall. They then just stopped moving. I had just killed paper spiders under my brothers bed. WTF!?
What is was I really can't say. I do know it’s a memory that will be forever burned into my head. It’s one of those things I always wanted an answer for but who do you ask about seeing impossible things without meeting some ridicule? That’s why I rarely bring it up.

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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 10:33 PM
When I was 5 or 6 we lived in a single-wide trailer in a park in Westminster, CA. One day I was dumpster-diving, and found a large toy-robot. It was like nothing I had ever seen, complete with a central cockpit in the chest or head and a lift for a smaller "pilot-robot" between its (stationary) legs. It was odd because the trash truck had come that morning, and it was the only thing in the bottom of the dumpster, tucked upright in a corner. I took it home and kept it under our front porch, which I used a a hide-out / lab. I have no idea what happened to it, as we moved that summer down the road (I was a grandma's) and I never had a chance to go back for it. I have tried searching for a vintage-toy robot just like it for decades, to no avail. This was 74, or 75.

Later that summer, I was sleeping in my room in the double-wide down the road (we're moving on up!) when I awoke to a presence in my room. My baby sister and I shared bunk-beds, and I was sleeping on the top bunk. I remember trying to turn to look at the presence though I was near-frozen, like a fly in jelly. The creature was short; maybe 4 foot tall -- and looked like a tiny, albeit muscular "old man." To be honest he scarred me half to death. Later that same night I peed off the side of my bunk to avoid getting out of the relative safety of my own bed.

A year or so later, my friends and I built a tree-house in the apple orchard next door to the trailer park. I remember the climb to the top like it was an heroic quest into the heavens. I think we used to keep Widows in killing-jars up there. I used to climb trees a lot around that time. I also had a pet owl that I'm fairly certain did NOT exist. My folks chalked it up to love of adventure and childish imagination.

Having read and posted here now for a few years I understand that all of these things are cover-memories for various things....

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