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Weird things that happened to you as a child

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 12:39 AM
Text Blue
I can recall only three strange things that happened to me when I was young.
I used to have a recurring dream that I was laying in my grandfather's front yard. I could feel the deep green grass so cool and crisp on my skin. It was always a sunny day. I would be laying there and suddenly I feel something crawling beneath me. I never saw what it was, but always thought it was a snake. It would crawl up and down my spine over and over. I would try to move but was completely paralyzed. I couldn't even scream. All I could do was lay there and pray to wake up. To this day I have a certain spot on my back, that when touched, completely freezes me. It feels almost like a blunt object being jammed into my back and into my stomach.
Another dream, like many have already stated here, is the flying dream. I would fly out of my house and glide up and down the road in front of our house. I remember it felt so exciting. But I always had a fear that if I flew to low or too high I would fall.
A dream I still have from my youth is one of being held down in my bed by unseen forces. When I have this dream the only thing I can do is shake all over. I can not speak at all, as if my tongue is not there. I can for some reason though see the entire room I'm in, as if I am floating almost. I usually end up shaking so much that whom ever I am with will awaken and of course wake me. The feeling is most uncomfortable. This is a dream I have at least twice a week.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 01:00 AM
The only event that really stood out : I had a dream at about 7 or 8 that a woman was sitting by mu bed and I woke up. She pointed to my walk in closet and told me to look. I opened my closet and I saw my aunt and uncle hacked into pieces on the top shelves.. really gory and terrible. I woke up screaming and my parents came in.. I slept with them that night. About a week later my aunt and uncle separated and eventually got a divorce. This was particularly troubling to me as that couple were my favorites, lived with us for a while, and were truly close to me and loving. He was a cop and I dont think she could take it anymore.. but she was a wonderful woman as I recall.

I am putting those two things together now that Im older.. the hacked up parts and the divorce.. because maybe I picked up on some sort of tension between them because we all saw each other daily.. and it came into my dream from my subconscious mind. It would have to be that as the joke around my family and friends is that Im as sensitive or psychic as a brick.

My second weird thing was when I was in my late teens. I had went to a breeder to buy an Akita/timber wolf hybrid. He was working on a new breed he wanted to call an "archangel" and had a few caged.. I stuck my hand in the cage with a particularly beautiful white "archangel" and the dog was great.. I wanted that one. I have since forgotten what it was crossed with other than wolf since it was decades ago! The guy ran over freaking out and just about bodyslammed me.. said the dog was vicious and they were going to put it down and he couldnt believe I still had my hand attached. I always had a way with dogs in particular, but that day it really hit home.. I never met a dog ( besides my aunts evil hellspawn pommeranian that pooped in my shoe ) that I didnt like and never met one that didnt like me ( except for that evil nasty pommeranian) ! I offered to buy the dog, but he said it had already bitten a human and other dogs.. so he wasnt taking a chance.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Your posted reminded me of something that happened with me. Before falling asleep at night at the ages between 6-8 ish I used to get images of tubes throughout the cities built underground. These tubes were massive and they propelled people through them in capsules using magnets only and gravity. There were never any wrecks as all speeds between capsules were constant and controlled by magnetic forces. 20 something years later I read an article about how mining companies were moving ore through magnetic tubes 30 miles or more.

In retrospect, the amount of detailed information I recall is astounding to think a 6 year old would be even thinking about. Especially, given the fact I had never even heard of anything like magnetically propelled vehicles and there was no internet back then. By the way, I still remember how to accomplish the propulsion of a capsule through a tube of magnets. I wish I had some scientific knowledge to see if it would actually work.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 04:31 AM
This is a great thread, some of the stories really give me "shivers". After reading them all, I feel compelled to tell my creepy story....Im not a great writer,I'll try to write it in a way that makes sense.

I hope everyone is aware that pre-teen girls do some silly stuff. (like sitting in a circle and rising someone up by each of you using only an index finger to prank phone calls)
This particular thing happened to my cousin and myself (she was spending the night at my house), we had heard, from somewhere (prob. school, from other girls) about a little ritual that you could do to see the face of the man you would marry. We were about 12 or 13 and this was pure innocent fun.
So, what you had to do was light candles and place them on each side of the mirror that you used the most (guess we didnt really give much thought about how well it would work for her, since we were at my house, my mirrors.

Anyway, You had to slice an apple into so many equal parts and stand with your back facing the mirror and eat all the slices,except one. (I know, right)

So, I got started and turned around and looked "deep" into the mirror. And, saw the Devils face (or at least the face that we all associate with being the Devil). She saw it too!!!! It sent us both screaming!
From then on, I was scared to be in my room and I slept with my mother until late teens (when we moved from that house). By the way, my parents still own that house and it was being used just for vacations. But I wont go there.

Now, fast forward 16 years later, I was in a semi-abuse relationship with a person that abused them-self more than he did me. (drinking and drugs) However, the abuse would turn outward on occasion. This was a biker sort, with the long hair etc. (I had a "bad boy" stage). This person never wore his hair down, it was always in a pony tail, extremely long.
He was having a particularly "bad time" with cleaning his act up and it was really getting him. Needless to say, a fight erupted between the two of us and it turned physical. At one point, he was kneeling over me, with his hair loose and his face was not "his" face. As I recall it even had slobber on the mouth. But when I saw it, I immediately knew just that second, that I had seen that face before...(in the mirror)

I called my Mom and told her what had happened and what I had seen and of course she remembered how I had been so scared when I was younger (you cant forget your kid sleeping with you for a few years)
That was the omen that I needed to get the hell outta there and I did.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by rabzdguy

well, let's just say that since a certain experience that i encountered as a child i have developed a deep phobia of grays and extra terrestrial life..
it's not very out of the ordinary as opposed to other abduction/ gray stories but when i was about 3 or 4 i was sleeping in one of the front bedrooms in my house when during the middle of the night when i was fast asleep i remember that i was all of a sudden woken up by a very bright light surrounding my bedroom with an alien standing still looking at me (tall, slim... the usual features)... and i dont recall anything after that..
i might add that naturally as a child i didnt know what that was in my bedroom, only until i grew up did i put the puzzle pieces together. but the next morning after that incident i refused to sleep in that bedroom anymore and my parents moved my bed, etc. to another room.
now according to my parents (i dont remember this at all), i was watching tv with them when a segment on ufos came on with their usual dramatic alien music playing in the background. apparently when i heard this music and saw what was on tv, i stuck my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes and started to scream an unusually high pitched scream and after a little while of me being in a trance of screams i pleaded for my parents to turn the tv off.... to this day my parents are confused by that lol.
apart from that, on two seperate occasions ive had very very vivid dreams of aliens in which again i woke up crying when i was about 7 years old.
that's about as freaky as it gets with me loll

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 10:34 AM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Your posted reminded me of something that happened with me. Before falling asleep at night at the ages between 6-8 ish I used to get images of tubes throughout the cities built underground. These tubes were massive and they propelled people through them in capsules using magnets only and gravity. There were never any wrecks as all speeds between capsules were constant and controlled by magnetic forces. 20 something years later I read an article about how mining companies were moving ore through magnetic tubes 30 miles or more.

In retrospect, the amount of detailed information I recall is astounding to think a 6 year old would be even thinking about. Especially, given the fact I had never even heard of anything like magnetically propelled vehicles and there was no internet back then. By the way, I still remember how to accomplish the propulsion of a capsule through a tube of magnets. I wish I had some scientific knowledge to see if it would actually work.

This I beleive is what is known as the subway...well at least in Japan lol. But pretty soon I think we will be using these magnetic trains and subways, too.

If you ever watched the show on syfy Caprica has a good depiction of these. I watched it once, so sue me. lol

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 09:15 PM
Once when I was a kid, the whole floor turned into lava. I had to jump across furniture to safety.

True story.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by ExPostFacto

Ive only seen 1 thing in my time that compares with the continuous rolling (downward) scripts of contining information....seemingly (to me at least as an adolescent in the early to mid-1960's)....and that 40 years in the future was replicated by only 1 thing: Computer scolling of pages...not even invented nor generally known at that time. I had always wondered what that was: in my teens, my 20's, my 30's, and when computers came along...I knew it was a glimpse of things to come that I had seen....almost 30 yrs earlier...before we had computers.

At times, I feel as though the present, past and future all move alongside each other in a line...and sometimes...those lines cross and we catch a glimpse!

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 04:25 PM
Hmmm, nothing quite as bad as the first post but 2 things i remember. i saw a ufo and passed later i went on to tell my mother i had alien friends, but i still feel like i was abducted because my mood changed after that forever. i also until the age of 13,talked to someone not there (or paranormal) still scares but i would tell it everything, and it was odd because i had many friends, so i wasn't lonely.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 03:00 AM
Haha! Every one great pots havent checked this one in a while but wow!

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 05:13 AM
It happened to me many times that I woke up after having very weird dreams and having unexplained feeling of terrible fear and anxiety.

hard to explain but it was never just an ordinary nightmare, this was weird.

It was at the time of war so that could be a cause...

Also, I remember having some kind of energy coming down on me and I always felt better the next day.

all of it is hard to explain; somebody with the similar experiences should understand.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 04:14 AM
Not sure this is as strange as others experiences but this is the weirdest thing that happened to me as a kid.

I was about five, sister was about two. She was still sleeping in my parents bed and for just the night I was in their bed too. Can't remember why I was in there as well, sometimes though I'd wake up and if my Mum and Dad were still downstairs, I remember being allowed to go downstairs, cuddle up with my Mum on the sofa and watch late night TV with them. Then when they carried my sister upstairs, I'd usually squeeze into bed with them instead of going back to my room.

Anyway, this one night I woke up to hushed whispers. My Mum was sat up in bed and my sister was still asleep. The landing light was on and my Dad was over the other side of the room pressed up against a cupboard. Him and my Mum were frantically whispering to each other and before I could make out what they were on about there was a huge thump and my Dad recoiled from the closet before holding it closed again.

At this point the baby woke up and my Mum started to cry, holding the baby and pulling me towards her she was screaming at my Dad to do something. The banging continued and I vividly remember watching my Dad trying to hold back the door, his eyes were wide and he was shaking.

After what seemed forever of this going on, I was told to go downstairs and my Mum carried my sister down. Just putting on our shoes and coats we waited outside until my Dad ran through the front door barefoot and bare chested into the street and my Mum handed him his coat and shoes. Forgetting the house and car keys and no mention of going back inside, me and my sister were carried to a relatives in the middle of the night where we spent the night.

I asked my Mum about what had happened a while back and she seemed genuinely shocked that I remembered it. She said her and my Dad had never even mentioned it to each other. She told me my Dad had gone back to the house early the next morning with his brother and his father. The front door was still unlocked, nothing inside the house out of place. The bedroom door was closed as my Dad had left it, but the cupboard door was wide open. Strangely though nothing inside the cupboard was out of place. It was a top cupboard, wouldn't have fit an adult inside but a child or animal would have been able to squeeze in.
I asked my Mum if there was anyway there somehow could have been an animal inside. She told me that she thought it was possible but it was strange that there were no animal noises and something throwing itself at the door. Plus she said she has no idea of how an animal would have gotten inside in the first place

Sorry for the length lol. This is just one of those things I can remember really vividly from being a kid. It's even more scary thinking back on it that both my parents were visibly afraid

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 04:19 AM
I was abducted numerous times. I can still hear this weird mechanical sort of wavering drone, but the beings overlayed my memory with a cartoonish sort of animated figure hiding their true appearance from my recollections. At the time my mother believed it was just a recurring nightmare.

There were other things that I saw, along with my younger brother, during waking daylight hours.

On once occasion I levitated at a family gathering, but no one ever spoke of it again after it happened.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 05:51 AM

Originally posted by strawberry91
reply to post by rabzdguy

When I was between ages 2-5 I can remember hearing voices in my room at night. My parents always turned a fan on before I went to bed and it sounded like someone was talking through the fan. It would alternate between random male and female voices and was almost always distorted or partially unintelligibable.

When i was about 26 i was living in a 1st storey flat in Darwin, NT, Australia. I had been there about 6 months. The building was one of the very few that had survived the Cyclone that ripped throught there some 50 years back (Tracy). I was lying in bed and had the ceiling fan running (A common thing in the tropics).

I had only been in bed about 5 minutes when i heard a voice that seemed to be coming from the fan itself. It was gravelly and clear, unmistakable. It said: "Coming for you".

I challenged it to proceed. It never did.
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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 06:56 AM
ill play lol

when i was about 12 or 13 i saw a bunch of ghosts they were slowly walking holding like candles or somthin looking at me it was in french in a hostel
i never new if it was real or whatever but since i still rember it more then ten years later and i cant even remember wat i did yesterday i must have been
also when i was in kindergarden i remember lying there sich not being able to move and i feld like some kind of being was over me and sround me a real sleep parallesis kinda thing

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 01:08 AM
When I was 6 I was awoken in my bedroom to a bright light eminating from the ceiling. I had bunkbeds with my younger sister, 4, and I saw it in the corner of the room. I climbed down from the bunkbed and went out to my parents who were still up and watching television that I couldnt sleep because of the bright light. I went to Catholic School the next day, first grade, and told my girlfriend that an "angel" came to me last night. Although I had no memory of seeing an Angel, or anything else for that matter. My family was very catholic, and in all of my paranormal studies I have never heard of a bright white light eminating for no reason, so as a child I assumed it was an Angel.

To this day, I really dont know, but I suspect it was Alien related. When I was age 5-7 I kept on having this reoccuring nightmare of this green stick man (like a praying mantis) that would come to me in the backyard of my house and take away my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother. When I was 7 once, my parents left me alone to watch my younger siblings while they ran an errand for about 30 minutes (terrible parenting). I remember being terrified of being left all alone. After about 10 minutes I ran to the neighbors house to calm me down. I dont know if children have an natural terrifying fear of being left alone, but I still remember to this day how it felt.

As a child who frequently went to the library, I was always fascinated, and maybe a little freaked out over Whitley's Communion book- with the Grey on the Cover. I was really into Ghosts and paranormal stuff as a child- buying those kinds of books at book fairs. Sometimes I would wake up with scratches on me- that had scabbed up- and I didnt know how I got them- I was like younger than 10, and for some reason I knew it was from an alien abduction.

Then, as years passed as a teenager my Mom and brother saw a blue UFO glowing "blimp" she called it- over our neighborhood. As years went by in early adulthood I began to wake up with marks and more and more evidence and memory recall of abductions. Ive seen several UFO's and communicated with one telepathically in 2007 and it responded to me with its lights.

So, all in all, I am an abductee, and I am a Medium.

The Ghosts experiences I had as a teenager were crazy. It was the early 90's and I was into wicca. So my friends and I would hold circles by holding a crystal in our hands near the flame of a candle. And the crystals would literally jump out of our hands into the candle and put it out.

Then, one time when my highschool choir sang at Disney world, we had a haunted hotel room. The same girls that I had done magic with, were with me. Our objects in our room were constantly dissapearing and reappearing in places that had no explanation the first day, for example my wallet dissapeared from the wall safe and reappeared under my mattress. The second day, my friend and I answered the knock on our hotel door room, stepped outside for a minute, and when we came back in- the entire room was destroyed. Mattresses off the beds, clothes strewn all over the room, and even the wall safe had opened. It happened in just under a minute. We left that hotel room the next day.

My house was haunted as a teenager. I had a whole host of ghosts living with us, my fault, i recognize that now. But this one spirit freaked me the hell out one night, and my sister was there to witness it. I was in my room, it was nighttime and i had white curtains that were illuminated by the moonlight. It was then that I saw a shadow person walk infront of my curtains. Then, its head came off and began flying around the room. I screamed for my sister and she came in and saw the thing come towards me. We ran out of the room.

Another time, my wiccan friends and I were holding a seance infront of a mirror holding hands when we saw a ghost hand reach out for our hands in the mirror.

And that concludes my weird experiences for age 18 and under. 19 and above is a whole 'nother story!

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by ldyserenity

No it wasn't a subway. It was hovering capsules encased in a tube, that moved through the tube. The exterior of the capsule where people sat, was magnetically floating in the tube. I have never seen a subway that floats.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 12:28 PM
I often have strange dreams about things that I have no knowledge of, only to find out they are real. I had a dream once about a giant spider. I am terrified of spiders, so this dream really stuck with me. It was so real, that when I woke up I told my wife about it and went straight to google. Low and behold there is a giant spider exactly like the ones in my dream. they are the goliath birdeater tarantula. They can grow up to a foot long and have fangs an inch long. This kind of stuff freaks me out. How could I dream about something that I have never seen, nor heard of in my life?

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 01:45 PM
I have also always had a vivid imagination, but the story I'm about to tell you really happened.

When I was 16 my friends and I were talking about ghosts and legends. We were saying how we would love to go to a haunted house just to see what would happen. Turns out one of my friends Aunts house was supposed to be haunted. We agreed that we would all go the next weekend. About two or three days before we go I have a dream about the house which is weird because I had never been there. I told my friend about it because it scared me.
This is what I told him: In my dream we drove up a gravel drive to a big white victorian house. We walked up a brick walkway and there was junk everywhere. Like someone was remodeling or something. When you walk in the main staircase faces the rear of the house which I thought was weird. The door to the left was closed because it is now a bedroom and used to be a study. I also said there was a living room with a dining room behind it and a kitchen all the way to the back. The living room had floral wallpaper. I also said that we went upstairs which is not being used. There was a small play area right off the stairs and 3 bedrooms. In one of the bedrooms was a closet that couldn't be opened, it was locked and the hinges were on the inside. In that same room was a rocker. Longer story short I saw a little girl ghost and a evil looking man in my dream.
I told my friend this and he just looked at me like I was crazy. I had just told him about his Aunt's house in great detail. He was freaking out. When we went to the house it was just like I had dreamed (except I didn't see any ghosts). Although she told me a young girl had died there of some illness in the 1920s and a man had died there some time before that.

I haven't had a dream that come true or whatever you would call it like that since and don't recall having one before that time.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by rabzdguy

I have a few things. We'll start with the mundane. My memory. Its odd, I can remember things from a very early age and even tell you whats going through my mind at those times. First memory ever: My Uncle had his car window rolled down and my mother was letting me climb into it so we could go get ice cream. When I told her this she looked at me like I grew two heads, because? I would have been only 18 months old. My next memory is of a person (can't see their face but I'm later told it was my half sister) in a yellow shirt, and she is lifting me up to see babies in the nursery. In my mind, I knew I was there to see a baby, but could not fathom why. And I knew I was bringing balloons to a woman. Turns out it was a memory of me bringing balloons to my mother, who had just given birth to my baby brother. I would have been 2 1/2, the weird thing? in my mind I never made the connection that it was my brother, nor that it was my mother. My last memory like this is of us going to a house. The concrete sidewalk and step to the front door had just been poured and my mother had me place my handprints into it. She then wrote in the dates and name. It was our very first house, and it was still being built. I would have been 3 turning 4. Oddness? I still did not make the connection in my mind that the person was my mother, or my parents at all. I can tell you that when looking at the memory, there was no connection in my mind of "Parents" Nor did I make the connection at all that this was to be our house. I also have a memory of us moving into the house...a couch was delivered and I went and sat on it. Looking back on the memory I can tell you clearly, there was no connection in my mind between us going to see this house and realizing it was going to be ours. Weirder yet? I remember moving into the house....but I do not remember living in the house we were in before. (my grandmothers) I think this would be a great research project on kids. Because realizing what I know of my memories of a child, I have to wonder if these connections or lack there of are in all children? or just me?

Okay, the weird stuff. Shortly after we moved into the first house of my childhood. My mother would hear me playing in my room and talking. When she would begin to walk down the hallway, before she even came to my room (which was at the complete other end) I would poke my head out and tell her to get out of the hallway because she made my friends go away. This went on for months and at first she chalked it up to imaginary friends. Finally she grew concerned and shared her worry with a friend in the neighborhood. This woman was a nurse in the pediatric center at the local hospital. Her husband was a firefighter. When my mother told her what I had said when questioned ( two children, boy and girl and they lived in my room when my parents weren't there, they liked to play with my rocking horse and they came in through the window) she herself got weirded out. She asked if she could question me about the boy and girl. Now, a little addition? I remember the boy and girl. I don't remember all the rest...them leaving, or the hallway or rocking horse bit. But I clearly remember being in my room playing with two children, brother and sister. They were my very best friends and I always thought it was so funny that they would come to my window and not the door. It was very fun to have a "secret" from my parents. Anyway....when she questioned me, I described the children, and told her all about them. Turned out? there had been a house built there before ours, and it had burned down, her husband the firefighter had carried out the two children who had died in the fire. A boy and girl, whose shared a room in the two bedroom house. Our house was built on the old foundation (you could still see the scorch marks in the concrete) and my bedroom was rebuilt over top of where theres had been. After the story had been told, they never returned. I remember being very sad that they had moved away.

When sleeping over my grandmothers one night, in the morning when I had woken up, a shadow had passed over her door. A human figure with claws. There was nothing in the hallway or bedroom.

Dreams. I've had several. But 5 main ones stand out. The first being of when I was living in my new apartment with my now husband. He was my fiancee then, and we were not married yet. I had a dream that I was in a large living room. With the largest projection screen tv they made (time before flatscreens) and a wall of windows. On the tv was a cartoon of a blue dog. In front of the tv was a little girl about 3 years old...she was turned away from me and all I saw was long curly dark blonde hair, wearing a blue shirt with navy blue outlines, I wake up in my dream just as a large blue ball was coming at my head. You know the kind I mean? like it the walmart stores..the big bouncy balls over by the toys, in a large bin? Fast forward about 6 years, from the year of that dream 1998, and we have gotten married, bought our first house and a year later I became a stay at home mom to a baby girl. (2001) 3 years later, my husband and a childhood friend of his (they are like brothers) go into business together. We know things will be tough for awhile and this is before the big housing bubble popped. His friend also owned his own mortgage company, was making crazy money and bought a 6 bedroom 4 bath 500k house. So, we rent ours out and move in with him till the business gets rolling (which it did, thank God!) And there I am. Sitting on a couch, in his large living room, with a wall of windows. My husband a few years back had bought a 75 inch projection tv and on it was Blue's Clues. Due to her love of the cartoon, her favorite color was what else? blue! so there she her blue soccer shirt, boucing her huge blue ball that Daddy had brought home for her. It got away from her and headed for my head as I was typing on my computer.

next dream: I was raised Catholic. But I never understood it. I was mainly taught that God was someone you worried about when you died. A bit to late then..right? lol. My husband was born again Christian. I was stuck between believing because I was afraid not to, and thinking it was all crap. So, I'm doing laundry one day, day after church the previous day, and the sermon had kinda hit home. So, I'm there, doing laundry, and I'm talking. To who? I have no idea. Thinking out loud? mostly. But I had a huge fascination with ancient history all my life and had recently been researching egypt. On a whim looking for the Exodus. See, I was not a full believer, but had always believed the stories. I had figured that the stories were real, but the writers had of course used their limited knowledge to attribute normal things they hadn't seen before to a God. Which led me to thinking, that maybe mythology was the same way. Anyway, I had done some research that morning and was stunned to find that all the research stated the Exodus had in fact...never even happend, that the israelites had never even been in Egypt. I was seriously stunned. Because as I said, I wasn't sure I believed in a God, nor the fantastical water spliting, or any of that, but I had always thought the normal part of the story was true. So, I'm standing there doing laundry and questioning out loud..was I on the right track? was all the biblical, roman, egyptian, etc etc stories part true and part myth and all the stories puzzled in together? Where did it all fit in? So, that night, I had a dream. I'm in the desert, and there are men in metal garb, and they are fighting. Swords clashing, I hear stomping and harsh breathing. One man is in my view and its obvious he is my center of attention. He is fighting off someone and they are pretty at it and then a person is coming up behind him, I panic an scream out "MANASSEH!!!!!" I even see the writing as I say it, so that I know exactly how the man's name is spelled. He turns at the last second, killing the guy coming up behind him and then turns at the last minute to finally kill the man he was already fighting with. He then turns and looks right at me. It was a movie know what I mean? like his face was looking right into the camera. I can tell you exactly what he looked like. It was odd to me, because his eyes were Hazel green. Not black or brown, or dark brown, but I could clearly see they were dark hazel green. He was very tan and very handsome. Very muscular, but not very tall. So. I wake up and I write the name down. Later I look it up and was very surprised to see what I found. The search engine took me to articles on the lost tribes of Israel and to the 17th, 18th and 19th dynasty of Egypt...where almost all the pharaohs have the moses, manesses, mases etymology. I had found proof of the Exodus.

I had a dream after my brother's wife became pregnant with their first child. I dreamed of a baby a few months old, with black hair. In one part of the dream someone was giving her a bath. (the setting in my dream was a dark house, no lights on and there was a blue cast to everything) and in another part of the dream the baby is in a room and the door is locked and no one is even worried or trying to get the door opened. In my dream, I'm just seeing it...I'm not actually there. When his daughter was born, she was rushed to a children's hospital where we learned that she had left heart ventricle disease. Its basically where the left heart muscle is to thick and cannot pump. There is no way to fix it, and they are usually to small and weak to live through a transplant. She died at home a month later. One day after my brother's birthday.

Another dream, I am at my grandmother's old house and there is a priest running up her steps. He is in full priest garb. She is pointing up the steps telling him "he's up there" the priest is running for "him". The "him" was my uncle, who had died of a drug overdose 10 years earlier. The priest was my mother's uncle Lee,...whom I never met nor saw, he had been the one to do my uncle's funeral. We received a call later that afternoon that he had passed away from a heart attack.

Last dream!
when we lived in the apartment (my husband and me) I had a dream that we were in Florida, in a hotel, at the top level, in a party room that had windows that went all the way around. We were there for either...a birthday, family reunion or New Years. Now, I have to explain a bit. This dream was in 1999. At this point I was under the assumption that my husband's grandparents only lived in Ohio, along with my husband's dad. Turns out this is not actually the case at all. They're main residence was in Florida, they went to Ohio for long visits. So, in my dream, we're there in this hotel party room. I found it odd because only the grandpa was there, the grandmother was not. I also found it odd because my husband and his dad were clearly on the outs in the dream. They were not speaking to each other at all. and neither of my children were there either (maybe because they weren't born yet? so I couldn't dream of them?) anyway....theres alot of tension between the two of them in the dream, which I found weird upon waking up because my husband and his dad are always great with each other. Then, out the window, I see a huge wave, and this is the really really weird part...a gigantic Jesus! he's walking on the ocean and there's people running from the wave and there's helicopters and I'm seeing this and looking around me in the room wondering why in the world no one is noticing it? the wave was as tall as we were, it would obviously hit us in the building. Why was everyone acting so normal? and continuing to talk? when outside everything was in chaos? I chalked it up to 1. something I saw on tv, or 2. something I ate, possibly 3...over active imagination...etc etc. Except...we are now in 2011. Grandma has died. Grandpa lives full time in Florida, and my husband and his father have been on the outs and haven't spoken in almost 2 years. If there were to be a family party, it would most certainly be in Florida, and there would certainly be alot of tension between my husband and his father. Grandma would not be there, and I probably would not take our children to a party.

The last thing doesn't really have much to do with me as much as it does my 3 year old. She knows when someone is calling...before they call, she knows what mail I have in my hand, before she sees it, and she can't read. She knows what cartoons are on, before I run through the guide. She remembers things from as early as 12 months.

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