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Weird things that happened to you as a child

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:51 PM

Originally posted by dalemcfad
your comment on being mute in your dream brought back a memory of a dream i used to have on a regular basis as a child. not much to the dream... i was always in this big well lit room with pillars supporting the ceiling(remember that vividly) and elephants were in the room with me. would start out as maybe one or two elephants but they seem to multiply as the dream went on crowding me and id get scared and go to scream but nothing would come out. strange indeed the more i think about it

did you think they were going to step on you? were they trying not to step on you or what were they doing?

that is a crazy dream... it has me curious... especially since it's recurring. I think it's something about parenting perhaps? maybe you had been recently disciplined... and parents don't forget like elephants don't forget supposedly and the pillars and room makes it sound very formal, and sometimes discipline is very formal and orderly... like getting lectured with your punishment or whatever. this is why i wonder if they were trying not to step on you or something but kinda being pushy, but trying to hold back like a parent would. Elephants symbolize strength and when you are young your parents are very strong to you.

I dunno.... just a thought and even though you were very scared it sounds like a pretty neat dream for it to be recurring and what not. I'm curious to know exactly what the elephants were doing.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:57 PM
I used to "swim" around my childhood home; about 6 or 7 I would guess. When sleeping I would go to the top of the stairs and swim down (with the motions) through the air to the bottom. I was basically flying, but could only propel myself my using feet and arms, not in a cool Superman way. Was huge fun, but only lasted a year or so.

Presumably this was either a series of very vivid dreams, or projection, but I have had nothing similar in adulthood.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by rabzdguy

I remember waking up from a horrible dream, and running into my parents room. Let's just say, they weren't ready for me

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by ChaosMagician

was a recurring dream as a child. dont have them now thank goodness by ur analogy if i were having them now id be inclined to think the elephants represent tptb and whatnot. i dont recall the elephants doing much of anything but hangin out. outwardly they didnt seem threatening but were just growing in numbers and crowding me. maybe not stepped on but crushed none the less. the parenting angle mite be relevant tho. i can remember the dream but i dont recall anything that may have triggered them. my dreams even now as an adult are impossible for me to interpret. most of them (ones i recall anyway) make no sense at all and jump around quit a bit. its like watching a movie in fast forward. hard to keep up. hope that makes sense

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by randomdan

Had done this exact same thing. I used to be 'floating' around my house or outside. Eventually I would have to go to the bathroom but I distinctly remembering peeing in the sink, the bathtub, the trashcan. Just about anywhere but the toilet. Thing is, never once do I remember my mother having to clean those things. O my havin to change wet bed linens.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:03 PM
From 6 years old, I had this annoying reoccurring dream at least twice a week, every week, until I was 13. It bothered me immensely. The dream was always the same. Although the weather would sometimes be different, it was usually overcast or rainy. It would start with me in a cemetery; I would take a few steps before stopping over a simple grave-plaque with the name “SCHNEIDER”. Nothing else, only that name. Then I would turn around to walk past the graves, across a grassy clearing, toward a cluster of trees. Past the trees was a canal with a wooden pallet floating by the edge. I would step on the pallet, only to have it sink while centipedes would cover me until I drowned. I would not wake up at that point though, the dream would just end. I had no thoughts at all throughout the dream, or feelings; everything was trance-like and silent.

The last time I had the dream was in October of 1989, while I was 13. This time there was a girl with me, following me asking me questions. She asked me who Schneider was; I told her I had never known anyone by that name. She asked me why I always abruptly stop there. I told her I didn’t know, that was just the way the dream was. As I started to walk toward the trees, she asked me why I always went there, when I knew what awaited me, and I told her I had no choice, that was just the way the dream goes. She stayed behind and the dream ended as usual.

11 years later, a friend of mine died, and was to be buried. The cemetery was about an hours’ drive from where I lived, and I was living in a different state than where I was raised. My roommate and I pooled, he drove. Nothing was out of the ordinary (other than going to a funeral). After the service, a friend of my deceased friend’s motioned for me to go speak with him. It was a rather awkward conversation, so after he left, I still stood there kind of dazed. I looked down and right beneath me was a grave-plaque with the name “SCHNEIDER”. I must have turned ghost-white because right as I was about to turn around and head for the cluster of trees (that were there!) my roommate came running up to me telling me I didn’t look so good and we’d better get home. I tried to argue with him to let me go, but a few other friends joined him and got me into the car, thinking I was suffering heatstroke or in shock.

A month later, I went back to the cemetery with a different friend. I didn’t tell him why, other than just to pay respects to a dead friend. When we got there, I guess I was acting weird, and he got suspicious. So I told him the dream. He flipped out and would not let me go see what was behind the cluster of trees. I told him I only wanted to see if there was a canal, but he was afraid. We tried to find a worker, as the office was closed, so that I could inquire instead, but we could find no one. My friend made me promise I would never go back there again.
A couple years later I was working at a place where I learned I could pull the survey of the cemetery, and I found out that yes, there is a canal behind the trees.

What does it mean? I have no freaking idea. It was the most useless premonition. But it was the weirdest, yet most meaningless thing that has ever happened to me, child or otherwise.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:04 PM
Yes, I have had quite a few child hood experiences.

The earliest odd experience took place when I was about 2-3 years old. I was sitting in the living room on the floor, in front of the couch. My mom and aunt were sitting on the couch talking as I played on the floor. Out of no where I see this shadow man appear and sort of glide from right to left. It was very tall. It went up about 3 quarters of the way to the ceiling ( which were pretty tall as well) so this thing must have been about 10 feet tall. The weird thing was that it's arms and legs did not move as if it were walking... It was still... Though it was positioned like it was in mid stride... It just glided across...

I looked at my Mom and aunt to see if they were afraid but they did not even seem to see it, so I just assumed it was nothing to be worried about and went back to playing.

I remember that from the ages of around 3-6 I would get these "visits" from what I called little men. I never knew what they were and I can't really remember what they looked like, but they scared me. Every night I would be in bed. I used to sleep with my door open and I just remember the "little men" poking their head around the corner looking into my room and watching me.

I don't recall if they ever came into the room or not though. One night I decided that I would leave the bathroom light on because if I did that, the light would come into my room and act as a sort of night light. It helped to comfort me and some how, I knew that these little men would not bother me if I turned on that light... I am not sure why I was so sure of this, but I was... and they never did bother me as long as I slept with that bathroom light on.

I do remember that the morning after I first started sleeping with the bathroom light on, my sister came up to me, mad as can be and told me " Thanks alot! Now the little men came to visit me!". Looking back on it, I don't remember ever telling her about them and she does not remember telling me that or having any strange visits... But I do remember that I did get a kick out of the fact that I managed to get them to annoy my big sister.

Another incident, is one I have talked about a few times here on ATS. I was about 7-9 years old. I was playing in my back yard as the sun was going down. I remember seeing this craft moving very slowly and very low to the ground. It was heading directly over my back yard.

It was a grey-ish black dull metal color and I cannot recall any windows. I grabbed a ladder that we had in our back yard and stepped on it to see if I could get a better view of this craft. Then the next thing I can remember, I am running back into the house, scared and some how knowing I was never supposed to tell anyone about what just happened.

I remember seeing this craft slowly going back the way it came as I ran in... This thing made no noise and had no lights that I can remember...

I also used to have a recurring flying dream. Well sort of... I remember I would hold my arms up and sort of arch them downward and in my dream holding me like this would allow me to sort of... float long distances from one place to another... Long distance being... 50-60 feet...

The last time I had that dream I was about... 14.

There are more odd experiences I could share... but for now, I will just leave it at this.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:57 AM
Pretty interesting stories.

I had a weird childhood. Probably the thing that stands out strongest to me... When I was three or four, I saw a monster. I don't know what it was. I know that it wasn't a dream, because I knew the difference long before this incident. My mom had sent me to bed, but I've always Always been a nightowl. So I stayed up drawing or, later, reading. One night I saw something move in my window, and when i looked up, I was absolutely horrified at what I saw. It looked like Chewbacca or the Lion from Wizard of Oz, only godawful and scary and beady eyed with sharp teeth, and it was trying to come through my friggin window. I thought something along the lines of oh no this isn't really happening, and I ran into my mom's room and told her there was a monster at my window. She told me i could sleep in her room, and I did... What was worse was how everyone has reacted to the story since then... like when I naively tried to correct a classmate who said that monsters and so on were fake, and the teacher overtly called me a liar. It helped me learn at a young age not to tell anything weird to the people I have to be around a lot.

You people, oh that's what's so awesome about you, I don't have to give a hoot what ya think. Hooray, internet anonymity.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by WhateverHappens
reply to post by rabzdguy

I remember waking up from a horrible dream, and running into my parents room. Let's just say, they weren't ready for me

- That's funny, if youre talking about what I think you are. I used to dream about flying. Usually just around the neighborhood. It was like I could actually see the rooftops of the houses. Kinda weird, I suppose.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by dalemcfad
reply to post by ChaosMagician

was a recurring dream as a child. dont have them now thank goodness by ur analogy if i were having them now id be inclined to think the elephants represent tptb and whatnot. i dont recall the elephants doing much of anything but hangin out. outwardly they didnt seem threatening but were just growing in numbers and crowding me. maybe not stepped on but crushed none the less. the parenting angle mite be relevant tho. i can remember the dream but i dont recall anything that may have triggered them. my dreams even now as an adult are impossible for me to interpret. most of them (ones i recall anyway) make no sense at all and jump around quit a bit. its like watching a movie in fast forward. hard to keep up. hope that makes sense

yeah, it's usually easier to interpret a dream right after you have it or if you can remember the exact feeling it gave you. Like for example if you are staring at a flower in your dream but in your mind you are thinking of a something else and the feeling it gives you reminds you of the color or shape of the flower or whatever.

It's the bigness of the elephants that makes me wonder and you say they were crowding you... like as in being able to feel them? I am just guessing but if you could actually feel them this could also indicate it means someone close to you who you were coming into contact with... and the fact that they started being everywhere in the room... like they had territory and dominion there, like a parent has over a child and is the master of the house... a child can't really hide too well from their parents.

I don't know... just some thoughts and it made me curious and since it is animals I thought it may signify something living, but I know how dreams are... who really knows?

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:42 AM
As a very young child I had an 'imaginary' friend that I distinctly remember, and that my mother and older siblings were terrified of. He intoduced himself to me while I was playing in the yard one day, I could see him in the sand in the yard. It was like a reflection, only he was talking to me. His skin was red, his eyes were red, he wasn't clothed, but for whatever reason I didn't find that odd then. He could appear to me in the mirror, or in glass, or in anything that would reflect. He began to scare me, and demanding I do things, telling me how bad I was, how I didn't belong there, he would tell me to do things and I was afraid not to. It resulted in the death of the family pet bird, and a broken arm of a nieghbor's daughter. One day he grabbed me by the arm , I was sitting on the sidewalk right over a drain cage/cover, and he reached up and grabbed me, and was trying to pull me into the drain, but my sister and friend had a hold on me and kept me from going in. I knew then he was very bad, and was going to hurt me. I started looking the other way when walking by a mirror, or any reflecting object. That summer while visiting my cousin's house, she and my little sis and myself all 3 saw him in the mirror, and we 'prayed' him away. I never saw him again.

I also dreamed of flying all the time, very vivid dreams, and would repeatedly return to the same place, the same house, over and over. I always felt like it was my house.
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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by makinit66

You know reading this I remember doing the same thing with the wind as a kid. I lived out in the country in south Georgia and would go out all day on the land around my house. Fishing or just walking around. (It still amazes me my mother didnt go crazy from worry when I would be gone all day.)

Anwyay, after reading your post, I remember "playing" with the wind. I wouldnt really speak to it, but I would think...blow lighter...stop blowing...start blowing....blow harder.... and the wind would change based on my thoughts.

Thanks for posting your experience. It brought back good memories.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by rabzdguy

3rd. At about 10 i randomly came up with some words i called the onfont words. Nothing at all had influenced me to say those things, they just came to me, and i start writing them on my garage walls. Lol

This triggered some funny memories for me:
1) onfont sounds so familiar to me. I am going to go google it. But the memory that this triggered is of me at an early age. I used to spend hours and hours alone in our garage, as I was an only child. And I went through a phase where I was writing stories and words on everything. And I remember getting so frustrated that my mother couldn't read them. We lived in that same house all my life and I remember finding those same words later on boxes and in different places and they were just symbols and things like backwards letters like E and D and triangles and dots and dashes and things. LOL I am sure it was just a case of trying to mimic the english language. Although I could read and write fluently before I ever even entered preschool so I guess I must have been really really young when I was doing this.

2) I remember playing in our living room and I was thinking so hard about my monthly allowance which was $3.5 at the time. This was in the late 70's. I was maybe 6 or 7. I was thinking about it sooo hard, and thinking "If only I could get $5 per month". I really REALLY wanted $5 per month. LOL. And then I heard my dad calling me and I ran to his room where he had been sleeping. He worked graveyard shift then, so he was sleeping in the middle of the day. He was still in bed and was just barely awake and still kind of groggy and he called me to the side of the bed and said, "I have been thinking about your allowance and I am going to raise it to $5 per month". And I just thought...oh good... said thanks to my dad, and went on my way. I never really thought much about it, other than how fortunate it was that he had been thinking the very same thing. It didn't seem unusual at the time. But looking back on my childhood, things usually went my way. And I don't know why that particular memory stands out to me so much, but it always has, even though I never really necessarily thought it unusual until I got older and realized what a coincidence it all was. And things like this have happened throughout my life pretty frequently even until now. This particular memory is just the first instance that I can ever remember it happening, so maybe that's why it stands out to me so much. I don't know, I guess.

3) I have memories of jumping off of the end of the bed or off of the edge of the dresser in my parents' room and hovering in the air before falling. I would do it over and over for hours. It was a lot of fun. I never really thought about it, as in the above notation, until I got older and realized that hovering in the air is not really possible. But I vividly remember the feeling like it was yesterday. I am a little hesitant to post this one and even now I am trying to decide whether to eliminate it or not. But I guess I should just be brave and let it be posted. It just seems so silly as I read it again, LOL. If it weren't for the presence of the very vivid memory of the hovering feeling, I am not sure that I would even post it.

4) I always had a lot of trouble coming out of dreams and back into the real world. And I have always remembered my dreams vividly since I was really little. I remember often waking up and trying to talk to my father but I was still half in the dream and half in reality. I would try to talk and give him important information and he would tell me that I was still dreaming. It would take minutes for me to finally get into the real world.

5) Color was my world when I was young. I loved the giant box of crayola crayons and my mother always made sure I had a full one all the time. I would surround everything in color. And now as I learn more about auras and energy, it makes me wonder if I was seeing that all around me and so it was translating onto paper. I will have to have my mother get out all of my old drawings (yes she is one of those that saved every scrap of everything since I was a child, LOL). I would love to review them again now with a new understanding of such things.

There may be more but there are so many things that a person takes for granted as normal without realizing that its not. For instance, I never knew until I began working in a dental office a few years ago that the roof of your mouth is supposed to be concave. Mine has a very pronounced bump right in the center of it. Sort of like a small golf ball under the skin in the center of the roof of your mouth...LOL. I just never thought about it. I mean why would I? I never knew it wasn't normal. And it makes me wonder what else I took or take for granted that I assumed was or is normal, but isn't. I guess I will find out as I learn more and read more.

And I have had lots of dreams similar to the swimming in the air dreams mentioned by a couple of posters. And I have had one specific recurring dream since I can remember, as well as four very specific dreams as an adult, and an encounter with a shadow entity. But those are not what the original poster asked for so I won't elaborate on those.

Thanks for an interesting thread OP.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 05:23 AM
I don't remember very much weird stuff when I was a kid. I did see storms pop up suddenly and natural disasters as I traveled across the US. I remember my first trip to the outer banks of NC, a storm came up and flooded everything. Meanwhile back home in NC, the drought continued and it had never rained one drop.

I remember one trip where we unexpectedly had a free tour of some homes or condos to get a free hotel room stay. That day was cool even though it was in Florida in July. The tour guide took the entire tour bus out in the middle of a swamp with just two boards slightly above the water. When we were all out there, it suddenly started pouring down rain making the boards slick. There was no guard rail. Suddenly eyeballs popped up out of the water everywhere. There were more alligators than I've ever seen and I've been to alligator farms. Someone said the tour bus guide looked surprised. My parents said to walk careful. We hoped no one slipped and fell or they would be history. Anyway we were all soaked, the temperature dropped into the 50's that afternoon and it rained all day long after that. I heard people talking about a freak storm and that it rarely rains all day in Southern Florida.

I saw massive floods in other parts of the US while traveling. I almost visited Mt. St. Helens when it had it's second major eruption but instead we were in a different part of the state because someone already made reservations. That would have been interesting. The second eruption was no big deal compared to the first.

When I visited Hawaii, they had record breaking cold in the 40's and 50's. They warned people not to talk about wind chill factors to mainlanders though because it was much colder back in the main land. I believe someone thought Hawaiians would be laughed at if they talked about the wind chill in Hawaii.

I guess the weirdest thing was one time I was at the center of a supercell tornado cluster in NC that spawned a few F5 tornadoes. It was calm where I was at and non stop lightning as if someone turned on a strobe light and it wasn't blinking anymore for several minutes. Another time a tornado came down out of the sky and I had a vision of death coming towards me. I was spared though. I should have been sleeping but I saw a vision of death coming towards me. It was a tornado in reality and in reality I could not see anything from my bed. Even stranger was that the tornado moved in the same path I saw death coming. It tore off all tree branches above our house and the tree at the end of our house at roof level. Not a single shingle on our house was torn off though. Amazing since it sheared off 6 inch diameter tree branches that were less than 2 feet from the roof. We didn't have any branches overhanging our house after that. A large 75 to 80 year old pine had all branches sheared off to the trunk on the house side. A two foot diameter pine tree at the end of the house was chopped like a tooth pick at roof level.

I've seen a triple rainbow two or three times. I've also seen ball lightning in our yard. Other than some unusual weather, I don't remember very much weird stuff. Oh, I just remembered one time a bolt of lightning streaked right in front of our windshield about 1 to 2 feet in front of it while my father was driving. Scared us. I used to like storms so I did enjoy the storms a bit. After I got older and had a car that I paid for, not as much. Oh, I just remembered one time I saw it rain over 3 inches in only 15 minutes. I heard someone on tv say we got the maximum possible rainfall on Earth. It looked like a waterfall outside for 15 minutes.

I also saw one UFO, actually it was a low flying cloud with some rain escorted by some helicopters during the middle of the day.

I remember much more weird stuff when I was older in college than when I was younger.

Oh, I just remembered one more thing. While sleeping in my bed, I once got woke up by a squirrel jumping on and off my chest. Needless to say I was wondering what the .... just jumped on and off of me and woke me up. On 3 different occasions a squirrel got in our house and if someone could have filmed us trying to catch those squirrels, it would have won the funniest home videos contest back then. The funniest part was when my mother spotted the squirrel on top of the living room curtain up at the top. She pointed to it. It ran across the curtain and jumped on her arm, ran across her arm, across her shoulder, down her leg and away so fast she could barely move. Another time she was at the bottom of the stairs and screamed. "It's a flying squirrel!" as it flew down the stairs dodging her at the bottom.
For all the animal lovers out there, you'll be happy to know no squirrel was harmed. After several unsuccessful minutes of my father trying to catch it or smash it with a small can, I opened the front door and the squirrels found the escape route every time each of 3 episodes. Some of the kids at school joked that our house was haunted with a squirrel lady after that.

As a side note, later on I discovered the squirrels in the neighborhood did some training after that. They started stealing tomatoes from gardens, real big tomatoes, and would escape with them up in the trees. Sometimes they would accidentally drop them. I thought it was funny when they were doing it to the neighbor. When one did it to our garden, it was war. I'm not going into any more details except to say that there is probably a squirrel patrol training additional squirrels about how to go into tomato combat mode. This was only about 45 miles from Fort Bragg so I guess we had militarized squirrels or something.

Oh we also had bats and some really cool super spiders. Their bodies were the size of a coiled up finger and their spider webs were over 50 feet wide and over 30 feet tall. I swear I heard one of the spider strands vibrate after I accidentally brushed by it one time. Maybe I did maybe I didn't. My father took a swing at one spider with a baseball bat since it was right near a door and he was afraid it would hurt someone. We had one bat that would go to sleep on the brick on our carport. I guess it thought it was like a cave since the sun never hit that spot. We left it alone. We knew bats killed insects.
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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 06:25 AM
I have no memory of my life before the age of 5.From what my mother told me i shouldn't be alive.My birth had a lot of complications and i was sick since the age of 3 all the time.I also had weird accidents all the time.

The last accident i had,which i can't remember,was when i fell in a deep hole(in an elevator shaft in a construction site).We were playing hide and seek and propably i thought that this was the best place to hide.When i fell in the other kids called my mother and other adults and they were surpised to find out that i was within reach(although the shaft was 4 or 5 meters deep) and without a scratch.I was 5 and now the thing i remember.
A couple of weeks later i woke up one morning and i couldn't walk.The doctors diagnosed synovitis.I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks.And there i saw the first "dream".
No memory of how i got there,but i was standing in front of a round window and i was watching the Earth(from a spaceship?)Behind me there was a someone(i never saw his face) and in a beautiful and relaxing voice was telling me things.Suddenly two giant projections of cartoon-like monsters appeared around earth and he told me "they are playing with humans the same way you play with your dolls".The moment he said that one of the "monsters"picked a human from the planet and ordered him:"you make war" and then another "you go kill".
next thing i remember is waking up in the hospital room,completely healed.
The doctors couldn't explain how that happened,they kinda turned me into lab rat,giving me every possible medical test to find out what happened.I was released a lot earlier(i saw the dream the second day).I told my mother the dream,but she never paid attention and since that morning i was keep saying that my alien will come and take me with him.
Note:I wasn't aloud to watch tv,so i had no idea about aliens,ufos etc
That was the last time i got sick.Ever.

Since then i had a lot of strange dreams about visiting different planets and space stations.Always with my alien(i don't know his name and his race,but he is a really handsome man around 40 years of age-completely human appearance).

My dreams were mostly about a global destruction and and the last 10 years i see a dream in sequels.Everytime i see that dream it continues were the last one was finished.I made a thread about it.


I also used to see dreams that were coming true the next day,but this haven't happened in a while.

Another experience that i had is when my grandfather died in the hospital(i was 9 years old),before my mother call and tell me the news i saw him standing in my door,smiling at me.He used to visit me alot.When my other grandfather died i knew it before we hear the news,i was 14.I suddenly went to my father and i told him that granpa is dead.He of course started yelling at me for saying such things,but then the phone rang.

Well i could go on forever,because my whole life is a bit strange.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 06:39 AM
When I was about 7 or so the whole of my year at school went to the local police stations in the city in a series of 'field trips' for an afternoon.

The standard field trip forms were filled out by our parents I believe... But the alterer motive behind these trips was to fingerprint, photograph and other wise gather information on all of us... The police did try to make all of this fun and like a game lol, but they were literally processing hundreds of kids presumably over successive days, so any kids that got worked up and started crying were very quickly removed from the main group for more 'personal' treatment, the rest of us were basically processed like cattle!

That was one lame ass field trip and I'm sure none of the parents really knew the scale of that event.

I'd all but forgotten about it till someone from the UK here on ATS brought the subject up and asked if a similar thing had happened to anyone else while in junior or primary school... I did remember and through talking with other local people I went to school with I am 100% confident this happened in the late 1980's ish era, it's not a false memory or anything, finger prints done old school with the ink and paper, even full palm prints and interrogation (cant remember specifics about the questioning, I do remember teachers with big boxes of file tho - maybe all of our school records?).

Edit does anyone else remember some else similar when you were at school? - Because all of the people I have asked seem to remember it at around 7 or 8 years old... It seems very odd that we all forgot it but then could remember it so clearly with just a slight reminder! - Clearly that is a very easy age to handle large numbers of kids in such a large scale processing operation.
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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 06:44 AM
Starting when I was a teenager, I would have lucid dreams, but at the time I didnt know they were called lucid dreams. I would wake up from sleeping, but I would be paralyzed. I knew what was going to happen because I would feel like electricity was churning through my body and I would have a grinding noise in my ears. Then I would "pop" out of my body and be floating above my body. Eventually as an adult, I still have these types of "dreams", although now when it happens, I either float around the room or shoot completely out of the house and fly...I can see roof tops and tree tops. Sometimes these dreams are frightening to me. I use the word "dreams" loosly, because they dont feel like dreams. I dream a lot and these experiences are not like normal dreams. They seem very real.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 07:10 AM
I have one very strange experience that happened to me when I was about 9 or 10. I had a birthday party to go to for my best friend and my parents wouldn't buy a present for me to take. I remember being so upset and wondering why they were being so mean (all parents are big meanies a lot when you're a kid). I wanted to go to her party but did not want to go without a gift. I remember wandering around the back yard crying and wondering what I would do. As I was wandering around, I saw something green sticking out of the grass and when I picked it up, discovered it was nothing more than a cellophane cigarette wrapper with S&H Green Stamps in it. I had to have been out there for an hour and I must have picked that stupid cigarette wrapper full of stamps up a million times because when I would look at it from a few steps away, I could swear it was money. It was not. I can still see the stamps (there was a strip of 5 of them, they were green and white with a bit of red coloring in them.) and hear and feel the crinkle of the cellophane today. I went and sat on our back steps for a few minutes, staring at this stupid trash and crying. It looked so much like money and it was just sitting there, mocking me. My mom came out and asked me to make up my mind whether I was going to the party or not and I just pouted no and she shrugged and went back inside.

One last time I walked over to the wrapper and scooped it up. I was going to take it inside and give it to my parents. I about dropped dead right there on the spot because I was now holding a $5.00 bill.

I don't know how the money got there, if someone had been watching me and felt sorry for me or what but this really happened and I can't explain it to this day. I ran inside in an excited frenzy, so happy and my mom took me to the store, I bought a gift for my friend and it was a happy ending to the day.

Maybe my dad was inside watching me and somehow snuck outside but there's only one way out to the back yard and he would have had to walk right by me. Unless someone hopped over the fence and back without me knowing.... It still gives me chills.

I used to find money a lot when I was a kid. I found $20 under the school bus seat once and found a bank envelope with $80 in it. No one claimed it and I got to keep it.
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When I was 5 or 6 years old, I lived in a house in Mt. Vernon, Ky. I was always scared to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. One night, I just HAD to go. I walked out my bedroom door, ran down the hall, and the bathroom was on the right, at the end of the hall, just before the hallway opened up into the living room. My step-dads recliner was right there with the back of it facing the hallway, at an angle. On this one night that I was so scared to go to the bathroom. I remember getting to the end of the hall and seeing George Washington sitting in my step-dad's recliner. I could see the back of his head, and some of the side of his face. I remember his hair braided in the back with a bow at the bottom. I quickly ran in the bathroom, did what I had to do and ran back to bed.

25 or so years later, I hadn't forgotten the incident, but had chalked it up to childhood imagination when my sister, who doesn't really even believe in the paranormal, was talking about how she had never really seen a ghost. Then she said, "Well, there was this one time, when we lived at that house in Mt. Vernon, that I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and saw George Washington sitting in the recliner." I could have fallen over!

What was the first president of the US doing in our living room in Mt. Vernon, Ky? I have no clue, but I saw what I saw and my sis did too apparently. I had never told her what I had seen before that, so I know we both saw the same thing. Maybe he just thought my step-dad's recliner was comfy.

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Yes - me too - around the age of 6 or 7 except mine was while awake and only down the stairs. I was flying slowly and gently because I could control the speed by thought. As I'm typing this, I still have the sensation it gave me - exhilarating and why could no-one else do it?

I had a lot of nose bleeds during this time (about a year) but don't know if there's a connection.
Also, around this time, I had a vivid dream of skyscrapers on fire. I told my father that very tall buildings that reached into the sky were on fire and he said that they have buildings like this in America. 50 years ago, I did not know about skyscrapers but when I saw the twin towers on fire on TV, I was reminded of my childhood dream.

I have had a lot of psychic experiences throughout my life - precognition and seeing spirits and though I work with the public every day, I prefer to keep to myself in my private life. I think I do this subconsciously because I have a tendency to be too empathetic towards others and take on their problems.

I am someone who is never ill and races through life with an abundance of energy - I have more energy than my 29 year old daughter - and know I'm blessed in so many ways.

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