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Whence Judeo-Christian values?

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 08:49 PM
As an opening disclaimer, I am not attacking Jews as I see attacking any one ethnic or cultural group as a generalization that would never be provable. Also, to attack all Jews based on labeling or based on true incorrect actions by a mere segment of the group itself would be hypocritical of me based on what I am about to say.

Judeo-Christian is the preferred term over my lifetime. It's a quasi academic term because it has the hallmark clipped form of the first nation or ethnicity (obligatorily ending in 'o'), hyphenated and connected to the second element in full form (consider: Franco-American, Anglo-Russian, Afro-Cuban, Islamo-Fascist). If I were a deep-seeded linguistic relativist, I would say there is an inherent pattern there, but I digress.

Judeo-Christian implies something, especially recently when juxtaposed with these protests in Egypt. My question is two parts:

1. Why Judeo-Christian and not just Christian values? And, if not merely Christian; rather, if we are to accept the shared aspects of the three:
2. Why not Judeo-Christo-Islamic values?

Argument agains: But Islam does not have the same values as Christianity. Ok, well, I see a lot of overlap. Maybe not "you need 4 people to witness a rape for the woman not to be stoned," but I don't hear about this happening everyday (I acknowledge that it happens, mind you). If I remember correctly, there's a rather nasty story in the old testament about Jewish troops spearing little infants. I also seem to remember a few stonings.

Now, maybe these things are in the Quran, but they are also peppered throughout the Bible, and certainly if they are in the Older part of the Bible, I can assume they are in the Torah.

So, I guess my thought is, at what point should this be considered pro-Israeli propaganda?

And then, to follow up, at what point are we going to stop making false equivalences and realize that in supporting Israel, we are really supporting a extremist, right-leaning, religious-based state? A fascist state based on religious doctrine...why, that sounds an awful lot like why we invaded Afghanistan... S

So, where is the line? At what point can we call it like it is: hypocrisy?

EDIT: I justify putting this in Media and Education because I am specifically discussing why it is that personalities in the media preface our culture and values as Judeo-Christian, rather than say, Christian or Western or, for the sake of argument, Capitalist.

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