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The UnusedPheonix Story and Abductions In General / ABDUCTION VIDEO

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posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 04:05 PM
To whom it may concern,

I recently read the whole thread started by a member named 'unnamedpheonix', in which this man who claimed to be 30 was continuously abducted from his home. In his story he informed the other members that he was narcoleptic, and that he was able to retain portions of his experiences.

I would just like to say that I think the whole thread was a facade, and that everything that person posted was a crock of sheet. What you people seem to misunderstand is that there are very sick people out there that would actually go through the trouble of concaucting stories like this one for attention.

If you notice, some 'new member' registers and all of a sudden they just 'happen' to share the same exact experience and then mr pheonix gets all flustered and exited and nither of the members are ever heard from again?

I would seriously suggest that the administrators check the connection hostnames and ip addresses of these two members to see if they correspond, and if not, if they are dialup connections that would still point to this 'pheonix' character simply registering a second login and making a post, and replying to himself.

I'm very sadddened that people such as Paul Richard and others went through the trouble of blindly helping this person while overlooking such logical evidence that suggests the guy was a nut job.

In any event I would offer this advice to persons who have been legitimately abducted against their will:

Please post here, please dont assume this paranoid angle that 'pheonix' used. Give many details, and be honest with your material. The only way you will be accepted as an abductee is if your story is honest from the begining. You will find that some of the members here share your experiences and can help you in more ways than you know.

p.s. Once again I have to type this, I really cant believe you guys sat there and read that bullsheet and beleived it. The guy was a serious nutjob, he mentioned the same 5 details in 20 different ways, every time. He wanted attention. He wanted attention so bad that he had to go to the extent of giving himself the attention.

My suggestion to TRUE ABDUCTIES with CIRCUMSTANCES similar to pheonix's claims:

Obviously you are distressed, you feel helpless, and you need some kind of change. I would take a serious look at Paul Richard's suggestions to avoid Paralysis Beams, and also One Sided Locks for your doors. Covering your windows not only would protect you from beams, but also prevent the Greys from seeing what the current situation is inside of your room or home. They are beings and what they cant see or understand will frighten them away.

A simple suggestion to the re-occuring problem of Video Recording of an actual abduction.

It's my understanding that a vast majority of alien abductions happen at night, and also in remote or countryside settings. One would undoubtly feel alone, and without help but do not dispair. Together a sollution could be found by sharing information (as much as you could provide).

I would simply place a Video Camcorder SOME DISTANCE from my home, facing the window which is my bedroom window (or supposed most used entry point of the alien beings). I would hook this camera up to a series of several car batteries and let it run all night, every night.

Aliens are smart, but not that smart, there is a way to trick them and we can find it together.

FYI, I have seen a legitimate video recording of alien beings storming a farmhouse during a thanksgiving dinner. I cannot swear to the legitmacy, but what I can say is that after is aw this video air on TV late night about 3am. I never saw or heard of it again, nor was I able to remember a "Title" to the video.

I have since searched the internet high and low for this video to no avail. It was by far the most vivid and convincing video I have ever seen in my life and if anyone is interested or remembers any of the details I provide below, please help us all track this video down.

Video Footage from Camcorder (Handheld Unit)
Thanksgiving Dinner Sceanario with a Family @ Farmhouse setting, remote
Dinner starts, lights go out in the house
Man and child venture to shed or other area to check cicuit breaker
Party notices (Grey) aliens working on cattle in a ravine roughly 200 yards away, red lasers eminating form fingertips.
Grey aliens hear one of them say 'oh my god' and immediately look up the raven, party flees to the house screaming
Aliens end up sending "light probe" into house and also enter house themselves
One alien is shot via SHOTGUN thru a door in the upstairs of the house
Footage is also caught of one alien leg going in attic window
At the end of the video as party members end up missing as confusion spreads and panic, boy goes up stairs into a bedroom
Boy opens bedroom door, enters, finds it empty turns around and Grey was behind door, grey takes camcorder places it down on dresser, boy is shown frozen stiff (paralysed) video ends.

The only part of the video that I found to be wierd was the fact that they gray simply takes the camcorder from the boy and places it on the dresser, leaving the tape to be discovered later.

Whole family truely goes missing in real life and never heard from again.

If anyone has any info on this video please post IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you in advance.

posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 04:08 PM
You're talking about that UPN "Alien Invasion" video, with the crappy special effects and Blair Witch-style camcorder?

You may have noticed that the people in the costumes for "Alien 1" and "Alien 2" were credited at the end :p

posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 04:13 PM
That explains why i didnt catch that part, it was 3am, i was tired heh.

Thank you for that, atleast we know it was a crock.

Please refer to the thoughts on the posting by this pheonix character, as they were my original intent for this thread.

(please disregard the video reference from here on out)


posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 04:15 PM
Thanks for that, as i stated it was really late at night, i thought it was some real video and i never saw it again because of some government conspiracy!!!

LOL thank you so much.

Anyone care to comment on Pheonix and his false claims?


posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 04:16 PM

[edit on 13-7-2004 by Durden]

posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 05:16 PM
I think he's for real. After I, and other people, started posting information about how to make the abductions stop occuring, it was predictable that they were going to memory scan him and leave him with a suggestion that he had done something wrong by comming here.

Any expert in abduction cases could have told you what his next encounter was going to be like before he even had it. If he's making all of it up, then he has sure done his homework on abduction cases.

I got very angry at one point and had to delete my own post, because I could see that everyone posting (including unusedpheonix himself) was only out to satisfy their own curiosity, like suggesting setting up video cameras and such. I believe this kind of behaviour is very dangerous for an abductee, and doesn't help get rid of them.

Aliens are smart, but not that smart, there is a way to trick them and we can find it together.

How much do you know about abductions? Do you know what an I.C. is?

I have openly admitted to having encounters with 7ft creatures some 15 years ago. My purpose here isn't to troll, convince anyone about the reality of abductions, or tell everyone about my own experiences indepth. If people want to know the truth about this subject they're quite capable of finding it themselves.

posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 05:25 PM
That particular person seemed more terrified than trying to get attention.

There are many abductees that go through the material in this forum and never post out of fear of ridicule. In light of this, any guidance given, even to someone who may not be totally sincere, is helpful to the silent crowd of quietly tormented abductees -- and there are many of them.

Regarding the video camera idea, keep in mind that the aliens have often used EMP technology to turn car engines off as a precursor to an abduction. They could easily do the same thing to any video camera, electronic security system, computer, etc. -- without having to know exactly where these items are hidden or based in the home.

posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 10:16 PM
What do I know of abductions?

Well its very strange...

I would not openly talk about this but you asked and so I speak.

As a child I had numerous nightmares about grey aliens, and as I began to see more of them on TV they scared the living hell out of me. I cant say that I have been abducted, but I am not sure.

I do know that I show many of the signs of being adbucted but it was so long ago and never re-occured that I assume it did not happen.

The only thing that disturbs me is that about 2 years ago, my mother told me that she was infact visited a few nights by aliens, and it truely disturbed me because I know her very well and I honestly thought she was lying. However she was crying to me on the phone and her recollection was very scarry.

When I was younger the simple sight of an authentic looking grey litteraly scared me to the bottom of my soul.

Ever since that time i was always interested in the ET UFO subject.

Perhaps I could get into more detail if you asked specific questions.

Also, I did so much reading and questioning on the topic that I would definately consider myself knowledgable on the subject of ALIENS/UFO's in general.


posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 10:28 PM
yea I don't believe unnamedpheonix. All of a sudden some just happened to reply and have the exact same experience as him...whatever.


Nice try...

I hate it when people mess around on these boards.

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 03:29 AM

That sounds very similar to my own story. Except I have a few recollections of actual encounters.

If that is the case then I'm not sure why you'd be so quick to dismiss unusedpheonix. Abductions are very common, as you would know.


If you're going to be skeptical then why not provide some credible information as to why you think he's not telling the truth? Using someone else's post to discredit the original poster is not very good evidence.

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 04:03 AM
You're right, in a sense. It would be hasty to claim he is a 'fake' or fraud, claming to have had a re-occuring abduction happening to him (also his wife involved?).

However, I just flat out did not see eye to eye with him, I found his story to be very strange and nothing was supportive of what he said.

Also, the fact that I beleive that he manifested a secondary membership to give himself the 'attention' he was looking for makes me think that he is a little loony.

The only plausible theory that would in effect help him 'save face' in my book, would be that he was using that secondary membership to disclose the information about his abduction indirectly, for whatever reasons (perhaps to help him vent, without being subject to riddicule).

The only problem with that is, I'm making up explainations for what he did and filling in blanks of why.

The movie contact said it best when refering to Achems Razor (spelling?)...
The simplest answer is usually the correct one.
(hey if someone knows the exact formula, that'd be nice to post since i messed it up)

In any event, I'm totally against people who I believe are fakes, and to be labled a fake in my book all it takes is a little bit of insanity, or one simple lie.

Maybe I was hasty...

Thanks for your feedback eletric, perhaps we could talk more about your experiences and I could gain some insight on what may or may not have happened to me.


posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 07:54 AM
I believed him up until that other guy posted with exact details of wherever he was being abducted to it dosent seem right and you are right than we never hear from them again I would like to see a mod or admin or somebody check their ip addresses and see if they match that would be interesting

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 09:44 AM

Originally posted by TheGrey

The movie contact said it best when refering to Achems Razor (spelling?)...
The simplest answer is usually the correct one.
(hey if someone knows the exact formula, that'd be nice to post since i messed it up)


Occam's razor is abused!
It basically states "Do not multiply unnecessary entities."

Sadly for the movie Contact, Occam considered God to be the only necessary entity. Although, it also harms the UFO community: Adding unknown objects to the natural world is a practice in adding an unnecessary entity. This is why scientists always look for natural causes of all UFO/Alien encounters.

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 09:54 AM
Oddly enough, I share your gray-phobia. It is an irrational fear, and I don't know how I came to fear pictures of them.

Here are some psychologist thoughts to why phobias occur:

1. Early childhood trauma (Abduction?) [Freud]

2. Physiological disorders (Perhaps we're just crazy?) [biologists]

3. Genetics (Later found to be not very convincing)

4. Social conditioning (Maybe we're coniditioned to fear grays?)

5. Inappropriate learning (Learning that Abduction = Pain) [Behaviourists]

posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 11:41 AM
Wow, very informative. Thank you for posting in this thread.

Thug69, yes as I stated the strage thing was:

A new member, with only 1 post, happens to post a comment which he then states is exactly what he is experiencing, then neither is heard from again.

Also previously stated, I would like to see the mods check the IP addresses to see if they correspond.

Also if both accounts were registered under a dialup connection with similar IP's I would make an educated assumpiton based on the context that they were the same person.

Is there any way we can requestion this information (not the actual addresses) but the cross referencing of the two accounts from the mods?

Thanks for those who have posted feedback, and a big shout out to Paul Richard, one of the best on ATS who got one of my 3 votes


posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 12:33 PM
As far as unusedphoenix goes: I don't believe his story yet but I'm not inclined to disbelieve it either; I'm tossing it into the "let's wait and find out more" pile for now. I also would like a moderator to go ahead and check if the other guy who came on used the same (or even a similar) ip address as unusedphoenix, because it sure is suspicious.

If unusedphoenix is making stuff up I'm less inclined to say that he's pulling our legs so much as he's somewhat fritzed, whether from fear (of something, not necessarily abductions) or just life stress. In addition, if he is narcoleptic the usual treatments for that can make you go a bit nutso after awhile -- most of the time narcoleptics get prescribed some kind of amphetamine or amphetamine derivative, and those over time can lead you into a sustained low-level version of dopamine psychosis.

My idea on the best approach was to take what he said at face value and offer suggestions to address his concerns, which were to find a way of getting evidence. I'm not sure how good my suggestions were, but I figured that's the best approach under the circumstances -- constructive advice without either behaving too credulously or reacting too negatively. My general rule of life is to always keep in mind which mistake I'd rather make, and when dealing with people I'd rather be too nice than too cynical, even if it means I get taken for a fool sometimes.

Electric: if my advice is in fact dangerous/harmful, then I'm sad to have given it and would like to know what some actually helpful advice would be. Any suggestions? (suggestions also welcome from people who know their stuff).

Everyone (particularly thegrey and radardog): same with the grey phobia, though I've since mostly outgrown it. When I was younger, though, some pictures of them were absolutely terrifying; it seemed to depend a lot on getting the angles of the face/eyes "right" for them to be terrifying, as a lot of the pictures didn't do anything. I'm generally not easily frightened or disturbed by much of anything, but certain "grey" pictures were amazingly frightening.

Once I got into my teens I basically forgot about the aliens/ufo thing for a while, but then I started getting crazy nosebleeds, usually once a day, sometimes more, always in the same nostril and always without any real provocation; I mean, I'd just be sitting there, or out eating somewhere, or sleeping, or whatever, and then my nose would start drip-dripping and I'd lose about a cup of blood -- it was severe enough that I started measuring it. This lasted on-and-off for about four years, until I got my nose cauterized and it's mostly stopped (I get maybe 1 a month, tops, now), but while it was going on I literally tried EVERYTHING to get it to stop: humidifiers, saline gel for the nose, various herbal remedies, etc., and looked into every remotely possible reason for the nosebleeds.

Among those were of course the abduction scenario -- if you google frequent nosebleeds you'll eventually hit alien/ufo related links -- and so I figured I might as well look into the possibility, since nothing else was working, either. The fact that I had that irrational grey-phobia was for me evidence at least somewhat suggestive of an abduction (or at least alien encounter), but there wasn't anything else conclusive. The only other "evidence" for an abduction/implant scenario in my case is that I'm somewhat more sensitive to EMF than most people; I have to ask my roommates to turn off lights and appliances, sometimes, because they're irritating, and walking through magnetic things (like at airports or when you enter/exit large stores) is pretty uncomfortable, though I'm not sure I can put my finger on the exact sensation.

Because I don't have any real evidence beyond what I've mentioned I've basically come to the conclusion that I've never been abducted, and if I have I have no memory of it and it certainly doesn't seem to be at all an ongoing thing. But, I got interested again in the overall abduction phenomena in investigating my own "case," so here I am. It does seem like "something" is going on with ufos/aliens, etc., but it's hard to get a clear picture of what that "something" is.

One thing that'd be interesting to do, though, is to do a rigorous study and see what % of kids of what age groups have "grey phobia", and have a good set of data to try to draw some conclusions from. It'd be particularly useful to do this comparatively to see the #s for, say, snakes or spiders, so we'd have some kind of "phobia baseline" for our comparison. Now that that Rockefeller's dead, are there any big-money ufo researchers who might put up the money for such a study?

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