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To ALL American BASHERS! Read!

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by Brianegan

Did you really sign up just to post that? Paranioa is setting in on me i guess. Bait? I'd give you 1000 stars for that if it was posible.


posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 08:56 AM
and i'll be gone soon. all in one shot is hard but in steps anything can be done. Since we are running out of time taking a step might be a good choice.

Its only not possible because not one person contacted me but i'll keep trying to link with others another way instead. As you said too many people complain big time and its a shame but it only says one thing when they are given a chance. Even someone with as much conviction as you sounded to have will give in to a gdamn emotion. Our emotions are whats out of control. The definition of caring for me must mean something different than it does for most others because to me caring does not exist without action. If you care for something it will make you act. No exceptions. If you do not act then you do not care. period. I understand that you are afraid but if you do not really care 100% then im sorry but shut the # up. I hate to say something like that but its not easy for me to write what I did and see my brothers and sisters back away in fear of their jailors. The reason the ones who are in charge are in charge is because they care. You are not the only one. its in the high 90 percentile in my opinion. The problem is when someone that cares becomes selfish and addicted to power driven by some story that they took a leap of faith to believe. # a leap of faith. I will be training myself in a public park everyday even if it gets me a small amount closer to defending this earth and my god given abilities. Who do the few rulers think they have become when they decide which god given abilities they can decide to be are legal and which are not.

The simple truth is that you don't really care and neither does anyone else that reads my prior post not followed by contacting me. You only care enough to talk about it hoping to inspire another to wake up in an area that you are unwilling to go to.

Paranoia is a normal reaction for a child afraid of his punishment. I don’t give a # if there is no heaven when I die, I don’t care if god will send me to hell for making this choice to fight, I don’t care if I’m tortured, murdered, or made fun of. None of it will matter if my children or children’s children have to live with a real sense of paranoia bc whatever we didn’t prepare for, came and took over with the people not even putting up a fight. I do not dislike you or wish you any ill will but you can not continue to poke at issues when you are one who would do nothing.
I have been planning for a long time now. I began 10 years ago thinking people would listen but I was naive. They didn’t like what I was saying and put me in a mental institution. It wasn’t long before the doctors let me go with nothing to do for me. I got smart, quick. From then on I kept quiet in my planning. I’ve always known that something bad was coming and have tried to prepare the best I could without knowing what it is exactly. So this wasn’t the first place I joined. There are others. Just as afraid though im sorry to say. I put my name, email, area in which I live to allow research on me. Paranoia is just an easier way out. I cant blame you with all of the other members doing the same thing when in reality they are just easing their own guilt bc they know they are cowards but just too afraid to admit it.
Am I wrong? Prove it.

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Brianegan

From where I stand, at the moment, you are but another faceless name on the internet. I'm the fool for not 'contacting' you? Please do tell, what is your megaplan? Im a firm believer that if something is supposed to happen then noone will be harmed. You get on here talking about taking action and all, what action? I havent seen you location or your email. All i have seen is that you signed up on this site the other day and only posted in this thread and no others. Thats an automatic red flag in my head. You'll have to excuse my rudeness. It seems that you are trying to goad me into something. Im no nutter, No plan will ever reach fruition untill enough people start seeing what the hell is going on around them. So do tell, seriously?


posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 11:14 AM
I came to this sight from searching the internet for places to find people who were speaking about topics that matter. I joined after reading the thread because it seemed as if there were finally some that would actually do something instead of just writting about it.
I am trying to get you to do something. I never hid that. Im very sorry if it seems as if it is for a bad reason because it is so not even close to that. I am affraid as well but I know that I have some ideas to protect us from whatever it is that is coming and with others we could come up with more together. In the first post I wrote that my name is Brian Egan just like my sign on name. My email is *snip* and I live in Philadelphia yet I am willing to travel if I am needed some where else to get the ball rolling. If it got cut off I apologize but in deed I did include it. To add to it I am just a regular guy that started a window cleaning business to pass the time and support my family. My hobby is singing songwriting when I need to calm down. I am willing to divulge any and all info needed to help prove my honesty. What I do not want is to eet someone only for them to be looking for an argument. I want a solution. A master plan it is. Only because the desired result is for the benifit of many and includes many steps and many people needed.
The last thing I meant was to offend anyone. Although I do see what you mean. Maybe meeting under the reason of getting ready is too high of a place to begin and spurs too much fear. I only meant to show how seriously emotional that this gets me. Ive lost all my friends and family because they couldnt deal with my preaching anymore and couldnt handle the level of energy that I bring on a constant basis.

You do not have to meet me. I dont demand anything. Plus it wouldnt work unless we were all on the same page. I make no claims to def know anything but I do have a strong feeling that I cant shut up for the life of me. If it ends upo being something that wont harm anyone then thank god and now we have a strong group of friends. That is just one possibility. The problem is that if nothing happens or it doesnt hurt anyone are only two options in sooooooooo many other options that include a bad scenario. I want to be ready no matter what it is and I cant do it alone even though my dumb ass will still try. I dont blame anyone for not getting as alarmed as I am because its not easy to see through the fog and takes a lot of dedicated effort that many people just dont have time to begin. I am full of love and will never act on any other feeling. Its my love for the ones that I care about that has made me love you as well. I see why I feel the love that you feel for your family and I love you for loving your family. I will try to do the best I can alone but dont expect any miracles.

I will train in a public park alone or with many. If many I will train them to defend against multiple attackers an be more aware of their surrounding and possible threats. I will teach them respect and honor. I will teach them what I feel and let them choose for themselves as free will users. If my views are shared then a plan to recruit new members will begin and we will pull our money together to purchase land. Dig bomb shelters and stock them protect our borders of our property and hang a welcome friends sign. We will grow our own food and raise our own meat and clothing. We will build our own shelter and be a community getting ready hoping that we have enough time to make a difference. I dont care if Im looked to as a leader or not but at least I will stand up when no one else would. I have a family and would try my best to make it so my time with them is not sacrificed. If we were large enough we could take shifts of an hour or two leading and taking training classes and working our land switching out so everyone could experience a small change in lifestyle instead of huge and complete upheveal.

Look it does bother me that you think me a liar but I understand why. Its been a long road of manipulation from so many sources that how could I really expect you to believe anything anymore. You might get close to a belief but we have been backed into such a whole that the leap to get out seems to high for a mere human to reach.

Get on my shoulders and climb out! Together its easier! I dont know what else to say really other then good luck with how you chose to get ready or cope with what ever the world is beggining to wake up to seeing. I wish you safety and the ability to smile even in the darkest of times. If it gets bad my advic would be to look at their eyes. The eyes will tell you who cares and who will take what you have for their own.

I dont wish to meet with people who are affraid of me but it seems like there wont be any so my invitation is still real and open. If you are worried that something bad is coming then join me in preparation. Eventually we will have a voice that will be taken seriously. Not by force but by the love in our hearts being evident for all to see lacking the sense of being naive and willing to help at all costs. One thing in mind. Real Freedom.


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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by Brianegan

I agree with your post my friend. I too feel something BIG is goign to happen, at least within my lifetime, if not in the coming years. Preparedness is a must. But more than that is getting the general populus to 'wake up' out of the haze that blinds them.

What we are talking about here is a 10 step process. You are prepareing for step 8 when we are only at step 2. Wake the masses. True freedom will ensue. Thats what we have to do if we ever want a change. If you slap someone in the face who is asleep, they will get up looking for a fight. If you ease them out of their bad dream, they will thank you.


posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 12:46 PM
Your heart is in the right place and it just might be that you’re not ready to make a choice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. All I ask is for you to save my information and if or when the time comes that you begin to see the patterns that society follow making what I'm saying real enough to get you afraid for the right reasons, contact me and hopefully the internet will still be supported by free speech and not locked down by the excuse to "keep us safe". I read your posts and I heard anger and sarcasm when I read it the first time. I read it a second time and see now that you could have been just testing the water which is smart and i applaud you for it.
Although if you re-read my posts then you might have different reactions as well. I am backed by good intentions and my words should express that. If you have taken something else from it then maybe read it again just in case you might come to a different result.
I'm not good with computers at all. My knowledge is really limited to a Google search and control alt delete. Forgive me if I don't understand your paranoia because I might be missing the possible threat I might be able to cause. I know that I’m speaking from my heart so its hard for me to really see what your talking about. I’ve tried and the best I came up with was - I might trying to rob you - i might be a cop or military person trying to flush out possible revolution starters - or I stand you up.
Forgive me but for the first one don’t bring any valuables because others might show up that have bad intentions but they would be in for a big surprise making the trip to rob people with nothing on them (to me worth the risk to get started). Obviously if we are even close enough as I would think it would be easier to begin closer to where I live
2nd one. correct me if im wrong but meeting to learn how to defend ourselves on public ground not causing a disturbance is perfectly legal as long as there is consent from those involved and we have no intention of ever initiating physical harm to anyone. With multiple people showing up there would also be witnesses to what ever is said and done. At this stage we are not even close to a threat and are not trying to become a threat either. In my eyes we are only trying to prepare ourselves to be able to defend ourselves. If it is our own government that we need to fear then a cop or agent of military would be outing themselves as an enemy of their own people. Since that is yet to be a proven fact I dont think that they would be willing to put their cards on the table for such a small reason if in fact they are the root of the problem which I so hope is not the case. (to much of a risk for them and not enough of a risk for us not to get started)
and third- If I stand you up then you wasted your time. big deal. at least you would then know that you are willing to act and maybe you will be the one to start it using ideas that you have heard and thought of yourself.. (it only takes a small spark to start a huge unstoppable forest fire and so shall it be here. no risk in my opinion)

I am very sorry for writing as much as I do, but to a point. Either way just know that I will not give up on this and eventually it will become a work in progress turning into a reality. If nothing else stay in contact with me to be aware of at least one safe place to go when # hits the fan.
"wont hurt any of us"? did you mean just physically. In my head taking all my rights away is hurting me just as much as a bullet and comes along with many other ways to harm me and my family. From your keyboard to gods will. (and I dont even claim a religion). I just dont know if I can agree with that and feel like I listened to the warnings out there for all to see. If they are warnings then who ever put them there would be wiping off the spit from their face from people all over the world who ignored the their effort. I applaud their persistence and commitment. If something should in deed happen that I am worried about but I choose to believe that I was just crazy, what then?

I am urging you and any other to get out of being neutral under the reason of being unsure of the truth. What the truth is doesn’t make any difference. Just use a mental scale and way out the good possibilities against the bad ones. Good and bad is a matter of perspective but we really know the difference in our hearts. See for yourself that the bad is way heavier and continuously growing in size and pace. We as a race are on a path leading toward the bad. It doesn’t matter what exactly it will be. What matters is that we use our free will to make the good choice every time and help others to do the same hoping to change the balance of the scale into the right direction NO MATTER THE PUNISHMENT. Please don’t be afraid of pain because its only a signal from your body to let your brain know that something is wrong and to what degree and that you should take notice. You made up the feeling as kind of smoke detector, to go off when you need to pay attention when you were smacked on the ass as a baby. The level of pain is fabricated by your mind. Death is only the beginning but there is so much to learn before we get there be able to exist peacefully that I would like to have the FREEDOM to live on a planet that none of us created and make up my own mind on what to learn. It was our history that decided that we should have ownership of this planet and we fought/ killed to get it. Now the rulers of the countries split up on the planet seems to be not enough power for them to be satisfied. People of power want more no matter where it comes from. If they can't invade and take another land right now, then somewhere someone is planning out how, and until their plans are operational they will seek power elsewhere. If not able to be gotten from outside our boarders then they will turn inside to gain more power over its own inhabitants under the excuse that we don’t know any better and they need to save us from ourselves. The only way they can do that is if we are dumbed down and pretty much sedated by food, medicine, TV, lies everywhere we look, and its done over a long period of time to appear not deliberate but by natural cause. Until they can take what they want they will continue to take away our rights until they are all powerful. At that point we all will be subject to serve without free will. They will force us to join their army and lead us to a new world war where we will overthrow every other country until there is a one world government that probably was agreed on by already existing leaders in each country in secret so that they could be at the top when it all goes down. They would sacrifice us if it meant getting closer to the power of god that some seem to envy so much.
That last part was not my belief of what is to come but just a possibility that seems plausible enough to worry about what else could go wrong.

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 01:39 PM
They seem to have already done the edit for me. I didnt even think that they would have an issue with it but thanks for the warning.

If you have a plan including 10 steps I will listen and follow your lead instead. I dont care how it happens as long as it does.

Just please dont say things that have already been done.

Im honest in saying that I will listen to what you think should happen at worst it will alter my own and better the effort as a whole anyway.

I do have a tendency in my life to hit something head on not worrying about the "small stuff". I do reach success this way but it could have been a smoother ride. So lets begin.

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Brianegan

I don't have a process, per se. I was just alluding to the fact that without awakening the masses our efforts are useless. Wake people up if you want to help. Thats wht im trying to do now. Thats the only way to take this place back.


posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:06 PM
Okay, i will, not that i havent been doing that already. I will be training still though, so if anyone would like to know how to defend themselves, or just talk, I will be at least one more willing to help. I still dont have 20 posts yet but I am going to try to reach that today so I can start a thread for just that purpose. i have been working hard on writing up what i think is needed to be said. Im not to sure how to navigate this site well yet so I will check back here to find you when I do.

Can you check something that I was looking at that confused the hell out of me at the end of the video. It alex jones' web site info wars, which I'm sure you know about. It's the video right on the front page of the new 9/11 helicopter footage. It's about 17-18 minutes in length but something wasn't sitting well with me while watching it. The damn thing is in fast forward but leads you to believe that its not by an audio track that is perfectly slow and steady. I picked up on it at the towards the end when the water caught my eye. It's obviously in fastforward because, well, you can see the damn water moving so fast, that it cant be denied, yet its the main video being pushed right at this second on info wars.

further more I went to try and contact someone from that site by registering and using a few different emails that I have, all came back with the same error message. It said that my system had blocked messaging. I check it over and over again, even sending emails to friend and asking them to reply to make sure it wasnt on my side that the problem was. It seems as if his sight has been, either temporarily blocked from gaining and more of a following, or that sight has been completely taken over, and they are posting fake videos as a diversion, blocking registrations, and making it seem like the information is coming from someone on our side! (we think).

I then went on you tube, to try to contact his page there but again was unable to post a comment, send a message, or find any way to contact anyone from his team without using info wars, that has been blocked anyway.

Please check over me and get back to me if I'm just being paranoid. possible info wars spreading false "leak devoted information"

Sorry for putting it here but you are the only one that has responded to any my posts in the threads I have visited and responded to. I dont care if I dont get a response becasue, I need to be heard. I care because they need to hear me.

There is so many big shi* going on that soooooo many smaller things are slipping right through and is misleading everyone in the wrong direction.

To me that video is undeniable proof that someone or some group is trying to hide things from us, but this they were carless and missed something obvious while mixing that regualr speed audio track with a video that is in fast forward. At least towards the end when the helicopter landed on a nearby roof.

Keep going!

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:12 PM
OMG. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG....... I just went back to check on it again! The whole aduio track that was there, ( I swear to God), has been totally taken out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:19 PM
You could always protest against the wars and the military Industrial complex and Wall Street, issues both the left and right can agree on. You need to find some common ground, then move from there.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:20 PM
and sorry for the sloppy first message. I was writting it as fast as I could. I hope you or someone else got it in time. I dont know maybe the fact that I saw what I saw can lead someone to find what has been hidden because that video has been messed with with a not so good intention behind, caught their mistake, and fixed it so fast that it was gone fixed before I clicked the video again. 10 minutes max had only passed from the first time I saw it.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Brianegan

If I could add a little. Just my 2 cents but you need to calm down. I feel what you are saying but you have to be careful how you go about looking and saying things like revolution readiness. You probably flagged ten different agencies rambling on like that on the internet. Notice the mods response. Yes I am paranoid and we all should be as such paranoid.

Relax, brother and things will work out. Start preparing yourself slowly. You do not have to do it all at once.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by liejunkie01

Very well said. I completely agree, and trust I could def. pick up my pace. Honestly, I'm all for them looking my way, because i'd like to speak with whom ever would actually come after citizens based on what I have said. If they came to me I would go happily with them. If they kill me, i've duplicate my work man times over, so they cant shut me up even past death. They shouldnt want too because they are just as innocent as we are, so let them look me in the face with the guilt right behind their eyes. You cant hide from your own heart, and humans have a conscience. I am so disappointed in our representation, and they know why. It's really not their fault either when they were lied to as well, and being ready just in case of anything is just good sense. I am willing to die for my family to be safe. I do not fear death so what can they take from me. If we are sreaming I just want to talk, and they plow right over us, it will be a little late to be surprised. I am going to be ready, alone or not.
The chance that we all are wrong exists and that would be great, but the odds have changed, and being ready to defend was never called attacking in my dictionary ya know.

Some work slow and some work fast, and as long as it is in the right direction you wont hear a complaint from me.

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