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What Causes Gravity Waves

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 12:24 PM
Found this on a site called askville, very interesting read and explanation of what a gravity wave is with the existence of HAARP, changes in the magnetic field of the earth, the so called GPS experiments, and the new term and phenomena of thunder snow. Come to your own conclusions after reading this.

Answer from Sarian
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Ripples in space-time caused by the motion of objects in the universe. The most notable sources are orbiting neutron stars, merging black holes, and collapsing stars.
A more massive moving object will produce more powerful waves, and objects that move very quickly will produce more waves over a certain time period.
Gravitational waves are usually produced in an interaction between two or more compact masses. Such interactions include the binary orbit of two black holes, a merge of two galaxies, or two neutron stars orbiting each other. As the black holes, stars, or galaxies orbit each other, they send out waves of "gravitational radiation" that reach the Earth.
Nasa finds that gravity waves can exhibit a wide range of behaviors, even for a single atmospheric profile. The waves can significantly accelerate or decelerate the background mean flow, depending on the difference between the wave phase and mean flow speeds. In addition, the waves can provide significant heating (~100 to ~1000 K per planetary rotation), especially to the region of the atmosphere above about 10 scale heights from the excitation region. Furthermore, by propagating horizontally, gravity waves provide a mechanism for transporting momentum and heat from the dayside of a tidally locked planet to its night side.

(the mean flow is taken to be the purely zonal flow of the atmosphere which is driven by the temperature contrast between equator and the poles)

Sarian 4 months ago


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As far as I know gravity waves have not yet been DIRECTLY detected, but they believe that they are making some pulsars spin faster and are having an impact on thunderstorms on earth. As for G. W. explaining planetary motion no one is really sure. As least that I can find.

Sarian 4 months ago

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