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6 Terrifying New Weapons Being Created by the Pentagon

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:17 PM
It's not off topic:

They are injecting Toxins into Veterans to see what happens. Maybe they'll find it can be used as a weapon.....maybe they'll find it can be used to do something medically.

Win-Win! well except for the thousands of Veterans who got injected with Toxins for experimental medical testing and likely didn't even give their consent. They don't need your consent.

DARPA isn't the only game on the block with funds for Weapon Research.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 07:29 PM
sounds pretty cool to me, and nothing to be worried about, but thats just what we "know"

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 02:30 AM
Okay question:

I know someone who served in the US Army.. Or tried to. They were sent to the base for basic training but never did a day of it. Instead they were held at the reception area for 3 months and then sent home on a medical discharge. Here's the thing..
They were in perfect physical health when they went. Upon first arriving on the base they were issued their shots like every other soldier. On their second day they and some other new arrivals were told they would be getting additional boosters to ensure that they were healthy and would remain healthy and be the best soldiers that they could be.
They were then handed waivers to sign which they all did.
My friend was then told that they would require these shots periodically. When asked what the shots were they called it NORM or something? (Nano Organic Robot Mechanisms??? I'm not sure exactly)
And was told that without the shots NORM would break down and eventually die after 7 years if they did not receive the shots. They were told that this could lead to health problems for them.
Two weeks later according to what I was told my friend began having problems with their knees, two others that had gotten the shots had back problems, one ended up pregnant and got shipped off, another had a huge growth appear almost over night. All were released from their contracts shortly there after.
I am just curious if anyone here has heard of or knows anything about this.
My friend is not eligible for any type of benefits from the government and now has learned that she is sterile. She claims prior to 2008 she could feel this inside her moving around and that on New Years 2008 she got very sick and was in severe pain. According to her she could feel her NORM dieing..
Is this just a bunch of crap my friend was telling me? I should probably let you know that the only ones she is aware of getting the injection were female and she went in to the Army January 2000.
I should also let you know that she was my best friend for a long time and it took me an even longer time to get this out of her. I could tell she was scared to talk about it and that it bothered her in the same ways it hurts a rape victim to talk about that. So I don't think she was lieing and if she was I don't think she knew she was, if that makes sense.

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