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Cop Shoots Handcuffed Suspect In Police Car In The Face

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 01:49 PM
First off: You don't aim a rifle at someone squirming wildly in close quarters at their head and not expect there is a very good chance you will kill them. Nobody is that good with a rifle. (Okay maybe a few but a very rare few). This particular officer suffered from a severely bad judgement call in the stress of the situation and has proven that he does not have what it takes to serve society as an armed law enforcement officer.Regardless of if the perpetrator was armed or not.

A police officer is, and should be a servant whose sole job is to enforce the laws created by the people and the representatives the people elect. Should they feel you have broken one of those laws their job is to bring you into the justice system where you will face due process from your peers or negotiate within the system.

I get pulled over regularly (I have severe issues with authority and refuse to licence or register anything until the bitter end of the fight) and have never had a single issue with law enforcement. Why? I recognize they are just public servants providing the service of enforcing the laws our society has agreed on. It is not their job to make the laws, that is our job as a people. If I disagree with why I am in trouble it is not their fault. As such I treat them with respect and politeness.

If you are calm and respectful when dealing with law enforcement you will greatly increase your chances of a pleasant encounter.

Perhaps it is time for the people to OUR jobs and lay out clearly what we expect of our elected officials and our social servants. If you're working at a service call center and a person calls and insults you you have to be polite and assist them or you get fired. Lets make sure we expect the same decorum from our law enforcement.

Finally I am not a fool and I recognize that power does corrupt, and often the stress of the law enforcement career is too much for some officers and they act inappropriately. We just need to make sure those officers are identified and removed from service. I personally would like to see LEO salaries doubled or tripled and expect only the highest caliber of professional being the wheel of a police cruiser. This would allow for much more job competition and make it easier for captains and sheriffs to select only the creme of the crop. Also require individual accountability for actions rather than being able to hide poor judgments behind a department.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 02:46 PM
As an ex police officer with some experience in this I have to say something. Some things on the surface are not as they seem.

I lost a good friend who got killed (shot) by a handcuffed suspect. He was my shift supervisor with 20 yrs in service and was getting ready to retire. He left behind a wife and kids.

This shooting does seem suspicious and may be an unjustified shooting, but I want to show the other side of the cop hating that goes on here. They are not all bad. just that the bad ones stand out more!!! I can say with certainty that 99% of cops I have known are good people trying to do the right thing. Unfortunatley, when you are a Police Officer you can get a little biased towards most people as most of your contacts with people are not under good circumstances.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by Screwed

Screwed, is this a personal problem...? just curious... : )- forget the China comment, we have over half a million cops and far less than 1% of them cause egregious acts...yes the cops an arse and yes he deserves severe punishment but come on it is by no means prevalent in the US....why do people drink the thread coolaid without understanding how infrequent these things happen.

I guess living in my ivory tower gives me a different perspective than you...or its all the tequila under the sun in Cartagena at the moment...: )

There are far worse things and places in the world and atrocities occurring than in the US...but it is an free forum so I will just laugh at your responses and look at my 21 year old Colombian coastia beauty...!


posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by TSSCI

You have to learn about the hatred a lot of people have on this site have for the establishment...seizing their marijuana and writing them tickets for the tail light out in their pinto's...

This has become an ANTI anything American site which is a shame...

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by marinesniper0351

Actually.. If you look on the boards it's usually several times a week AND I would say that many more cases aren't reported AND I would say that there are a lot of unknown and minor corruptions that go untold.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 04:22 PM

This is worthy news and with all my heart I agree we got to get the bad cops or (("The Ones who this job/career is'nt for them",,,)) ouuta their career and off the streets.

The big picture is how do we find ""nice gentle cops"" to work these infested ghetto area's,,,very violent domestic disputes,,and plain out evil nut cases they have to deal with...???

I think after a few years some officers do become more aggresive,,,in the bad area's,,,,and violent individuals they encounter,,,

Kinda funny,,,we will beat each other and do this to ourselves yet suprised/ 360 it////etc,,,etc,,,etc,,, on a evil doctor,cop,teacher,

Id like to know what we can do to stop this ,,,,???

Its COMMON scense that in ALL groups there are bad apples,,,,

But I must say 95.9% of cops are good......
Theres 100's of good deeds done by them DAILY and even off duty

Maybe more of the (?),,should become a cop,,,its very acheivable and help....

Some here think with their LOGIC/IQ all cops are bad,,they ALL should be fired...and there would'nt be a celebration on the streets but follow up on rape and murder in the streets from the few bad apples of course,,,,

When theres coruption and wrong doing we got to stop it,,,,

When a car needs a tune up you just dont junk it,,you tune it up,,,we got to do that,,,and even the far left politicals cant do a thing,,,,

Sorry to reply on this being a in-between,,,,

But,,,to say,,I know its a mess and probly has been,,,this didnt start last year,,,probly even from the 1900's,,,

Its going so CRAZY if a person breaks into your home you cant use any means to defend yourself ???,,,If you have a baby and a wife,,,???

This is my opinion/thought on this,,,

Im sure justice or a rational explanation of the facts will come forward on this,,,

Wrong doing,,or the rifle sharp shooter wanted to just graze him???,,,most likely here wrong doing,,,,,

I myself am not going to make up a sceniero because I dont know..

Theres right and wrong,,,,

We all know,,,

I know theres a lot of wrongs that need fixing,,,but alot of cops are good ,,,and not all the cub scout den masters are gay,,,alot of this is like hair palm phobia...

I dont need to debate my beleif on this..

And Im happy to know we will get the bad apples off the streets,,they will loose their career and be charged...

Its nice to dream someday we dont need police,,

,Im in California,,,and WE NEED THEM!!!!

Kona over and out!!

just my opinion...

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by marinesniper0351
reply to post by Screwed

Screwed, is this a personal problem...? just curious... : )- forget the China comment, we have over half a million cops and far less than 1% of them cause egregious acts...yes the cops an arse and yes he deserves severe punishment but come on it is by no means prevalent in the US....why do people drink the thread coolaid without understanding how infrequent these things happen.

I guess living in my ivory tower gives me a different perspective than you...or its all the tequila under the sun in Cartagena at the moment...: )

There are far worse things and places in the world and atrocities occurring than in the US...but it is an free forum so I will just laugh at your responses and look at my 21 year old Colombian coastia beauty...!


I just get tired of the same worn out arguements. I happen to think that you are in good company though, which is one of the reasons things have gotten as bad as they have in this country (USA).
The Government with the help of their P.R. firm (the media) bombards us DAILY with exactly "HOW BAD" it is in the rest of the world for a very good reason. So that the more simple minded (lowest common denomenator) amoung us
will overlook the GANG RAPING of our constitution and realize that...........IT'S SOOOO MUCH WORSE "Somewhere"

You fell for it apparently. But don't feel bad, so did MOST of the functional retards in this country.
Being a member of a forum like this I hold YOU to a higher standard than a functional retard. Which is why I know you'll be able to see my arguement here. You may not agree with it but certainly you can see where I'm coming from on this?

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 08:50 PM
You wouldnt find it so prevalent,but you do.This is a Police State,if you don't know.

* A Kershaw County SC deputy has been convicted of violating a handcuffed detainee’s rights when he repeatedly beat him with a baton, breaking his leg in the process as seen on the surveillance video shown above. [0]

* A Goodwater AL police officer shot a man twice inside a courtroom after he became angry when the judge refused to allow him time to call his wife to get money for the fine he was sentenced to over a dispute he had with a neighbor. While the officer and a lawyer claim the man attempted to reach for a gun that the judge pulled on him, other witnesses claim that the man, who’s leg was in a cast and used crutches, was not posing a threat when shot. No matter which way you look at this one, it’s a bit crazy for a court of law. [3]

* Four Ottawa ON police officers are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that they injured a man during arrest for drinking in public even though he claims he wasn’t drinking. Then, allegedly, they mistreated him in jail by stomping on his head and kicking him in the crotch and ribs when they threw him head-first into a cell. Assault on an officer charges against him were later dismissed. [3]

* Three Las Vegas NV police officers were found to have used excessive force by a federal jury that awarded a $2,100,000 judgment to a man who had to have four operations on his neck after he was choked and pepper sprayed by the officers after one of them tripped when he went to detain him and they mistook it for a struggle. [0]

* A Lawrence MA police officer was sentenced to 10-12 years in prison after found guilty of repeatedly raping a woman he offered a ride to in his cruiser while it was parked behind the police station. [0]

* A Fort Valley GA police officer was arrested on enticing a child for indecent purposes & violation of an oath of office charges when he was caught trying to arrange to have sex with what he thought was a juvenile in an undercover sting operation. [1]

* A Provo UT police officer has been sentenced to 180 days for forcible sex abuse & obstruction for coercing a woman to lift her shirt and allow him to grope her under threat of arrest. [0]

* A Paterson NJ police officer was arrested on possession and distribution of child pornography charges after a 3-month long investigation. [0]

* A Jeffersonville IN former police officer‘s fight to get unemployment benefits after he agreed to resign while under investigation has revealed that he was under investgiation on allegations that he had been blackmailing a young woman into having sex with him over traffic tickets and that he had been recorded leaking information to a drug dealer. Allegations which, under agreement in exchange for his resignation, were kept secret and for which he never faced charges for. [4]

* A Nicholas County WV deputy has been arrested on three wanton endangerment charges for firing his gun inside his apartment in the presence of two other adults and an infant. [0]

* A Fort Worth TX police officer has been suspended for 30 days after he admitted to breaking a man’s nose at a party he was hosting because the man kept talking to the officer’s girlfriend. He is still the subject of a criminal investigation over the incident. [1]

* An Orange County CA deputy who had already been charged with domestic violence has been arrested again for violating the protection order and bail conditions by attempting to obtain a fully automatic weapon from a friend and for allegedly attempting to contact the victim. [0]

* A Coles County IL chief deputy had resigned before he was arrested on allegations that he threw an unspecified female down and kicked her during a domestic dispute at his home. [1]

* An Orange County CA deputy has been suspended after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse for allegedly injuring wife during a dispute. [1]

* The police chief of Bristol CT has been suspended while he’s the subject of an unspecified investigation that was requested by the mayor’s office. [2]

* A Gallatin TN police commander has been suspended for 5 days over racist remarks he made describing certain state troopers & state agents. [0]

* An Ottawa ON police officer has pled guilty to discreditable conduct for harassing and stalking a female officer that he broke up with. [0]

* An Ottawa ON police officer was arrested and charged with uttering threats after he was accused of threatening his ex-wife. [0]

* A Harford County MD sheriff’s major has been sentenced to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty to theft and official misconduct charges for shoplifting on two different occasions. The major made over $107,000 per year on just his base salary. [0]

* A Macomb County MI deputy was sentenced to a fine after he pled guilty and payed restitution for stealing from the department’s teen explorer program. [0]

* A Liberty County TX sheriff’s captain has been convicted on mail fraud and firearms charges for selling about 100,000 rounds of police-issued hollow-point ammunition in order to purchase guns that he sold through his personal business, some of the leftover ammo was sold along with the guns he sold as well. [0]

* Two New York NY police officers face numerous charges on allegations that the wrote numerous fake tickets in order to pad their overtime and keep their assigned patrol duty that was considered “cushy” because they didn’t have to answer radio calls while doing it. [0]

* And finally, the Toccoa GA police department is under investigation after an officer allegedly stopped the police chief’s daughter on suspicion of DUI outside of town, waved off a responding deputy, but then never arrested her even after she failed a breathalyzer test. [2]


posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 09:38 PM
Cops,,,,They all think they are better than the rest of us. I know this as fact.
edit on 4-2-2011 by MisterWho because: misspell

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 10:05 PM
The man was abusing his wife. I have zero sympathy that a cop shot him in the face. Hell if I was the man's wife I would of shot him myself. Why does no one seem to care about the woman in this story? Hello, she was being assaulted by a drunk [enter own explicit word].

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by Hardstepah

I assume this is Elk Grove, This is ridiculous! And why isn't this "officer" in jail.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by leelo

Don't be so sure as to assume this guy was beating his wife. Under local enforcement guidelines an arrest must be made under a domestic abuse call in sacramento county irregardless of the spouses. Bottom line - handcuffed in the back of a squad car and shot. A trained police officer? Really this is who you want enforcing the law?

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 12:43 AM

I'd imagine this is a small list of the nasty violations police have committed against citizens... That said I can come up with a list of any group of people who given a position of authority that they have abused. It is a dangerous thing to give any human authority and it takes a special person not to abuse it; that said many officers are good and never abuse their authority and many more behave responsibly everyday. While I'd like to see this sort of thing NEVER happen we need to recognize it IS rare when you take into account the number of arrests and violent perps they deal with daily.


It doesn't matter if this was the most evil person on earth eating babies and sucking the soul out of a person's neck. There is no reason for a law enforcement person to attempt to kill a perpetrator without IMMEDIATE danger to themselves or another. Not reaching for a gun but in the process of pulling the trigger. We can't give law enforcement any ability to deal out punishment and no ability to do any more than the minimum required to restrain and bring in where they can get a fair trial (granted it is more fair if they have money...)

Al E. Inn,

This officer is not in jail because he is not a flight risk and was never formally arrested for using excessive force at his job. If it is found that he acted maliciously and not in self defense he will go to Folsom and probably never leave (they don't like cops in there). Is it fair to hold an officer personally liable where no matter what it will never be able to be proven he didn't think the guy had a gun and was about to shoot at him? He made a severe judgement call error and should lose his job or be moved to a desk but I think it would be an injustice to make him serve jail time in a case that isn't clearly a malicious assault.

If there was video of an execution style killing then put him behind bars... but that clearly isn't the case here.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by Jinglelord

Actually,its a big lists with MANY criminal acts,being perpetrated by the Law. Their are maps,and other useful information on that site. The Police State here,and in the rest of the world will only get worse.Lawlessness will be the norm. They should test officers every year,to see if they cracked,to find weakness. They should also hire the very best,and brightest. They do none of these things. I remember watching Officers in LOUISIANA looting,during Hurricane Katrina. I watched Officers in Egypt attack the very ones they are supposed to protect. I could go on and on. Yes,their are good officers. In the end though,they protect their own. Everyone is a suspect. Its all about power. The tin badge SHALL be respected by force,or intimidation. That's how I have been seeing it escalate. Do your own research,you will be surprised. Respect begets Respect.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 02:17 AM
Anonymous norcal law here.
It'sbeen a sad year, lots of abusive of power, no funds, no DA support, frustration high. But this is beyond the pale. Sad to see this.
I'm a conservative police supporter but these past 5 years I've seen police brutality that would make a new orleans cop blush.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by Little_Kona

You fix the problem, by making different classes for cops.
Don't have cops interacting with the general public during traffic duty the same cops that are responding to violent crimes.

We have a cop here that is simply vehicle enforcement. That is all he does all day long.
So you never have to worry about him walking up to your car all hyped up on adrenaline from busting up a street fight and then treating you like the previous criminals.
There should be completely different offices that don't even work out of the same building.

Traffic officers (which would be more akin to armed meter maids of course with higher pay and more training) and then "arresting"officers to respond to all other crimes. I would make it where Traffic enforcement officers actually had to call in an arresting officer if they came up on a real problem and the could detain but not arrest.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by GogoVicMorrow

Hi ..

You posted to my reply:

""""You fix the problem, by making different classes for cops.
Don't have cops interacting with the general public during traffic duty the same cops that are responding to violent crimes.

We have a cop here that is simply vehicle enforcement. That is all he does all day long. """"""

My reply:

good point on the different classes of cop "levels"???,,who should be able to do what....

But that sounds a lot easier than done,,,

so lets doulble the law enforcement and have a class 1 like meter maids do/handle the traffic vilolations,,,??????

hmmm,,,what about violent DWI people,,violent people in general who are behind the wheel,,,,,,,,just REAL BAD PEOPLE,I think most will understand where Im coming from on this...

So now we have the class1 gentle kind cops unarmed(highway helpers???) and no tazers of course who will take over traffic stops/highway patroll.......

((they pull over a helter skeltor look alike,,,gun in his glove department,,vodka from his breath,,a few warrents out for his his arrest,,,agressive,,high on meth also,,,


I dont think the idea of "A SHERRIF WITHOUT A GUN" is the solution here or METER MAIDS who replace the highway patrol...

I know we all have bad people in every career,,from the church to health care to cops,,,,(and so does every country in the world)

I no your point and see it,,,ok

We can throw barbs/opinions at eatch other on this,,,

The bad apples tend to weed themselves out till someone replaces them,,,,(on both sides),,then its a on-going cycle...

My point is with violence/crime on the rise,,,the criminals are released early,,,and we need to find a more gentle police force???

I think crime and vilolence has almost won againt the certain areas...

Im sorry but the balence does not weigh in,,,,,on anarchy against the police...

Funny the ones who hate the police so much call them several times a month in certain areas??
domestic problems,,,IRONIC

Im in LA,,,and there is a war going on here....

Its a breeding ground for murder in some areas,,,,neighborhoods are taken over by violence and we CANT cand in send in "ICE CREAM TRUCK COP CARS"..

Fixing the problem,,,???
Im open for suggestions...

Id prefer a Miricle though,,,

Oh,,i'll sighn off saying those cops should be fired and charged,,,,,any prison time they'll do a 1/4th of it,,,,,,just like most crimianals do anyways,,,

Im sorry on my opinion but it my opinion.


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